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VELVET REVOLUTION MARCH DATE 23rd of March 2015: Update.

Lyn Bennetts15 February 03:12

The condensed constitution copy that you can get from your local politician is the corporate governments copy, watered down with many pages eliminated from it's contents so you are brainwashed into thinking they are lawful and you have no rights.

This is the Original Annotated Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia 1901, written by Quick &
PDF File:

Below is a video of our Constitution Act 1900, which was brilliantly developed by Larry Hannigan and is also available on our Facebook page and our Website.

Constitution Act 1900 (UK)

There is no time limit on reading the Constitution, however, if you read all 15 of the FACT SHEETS you will know as much as l do about our constitution and your questions will be answered, you will know enough to make your blood boil and you will be like a sponge wanting more information.
Unfortunately there is no easy way of learning the constitution other than to read it yourself, which is why l have created 15 X 10 minute reasonably easy reading FACT SHEETS, to explain in layman's terms your rights and the deception around our constitution.

Please read and share all of the FACT SHEETS with all your family and friends as no doubt you would want your family to be protect well into the future, and also share them with 20 Groups outside of your normal friendship group so we can educate the Nation to bring about the necessary and long overdue changes that our country so desperately needs.

Please UNITE with us on the
23rd of March 2015 in a
to deliver to every sitting member in parliament "The People's" decision to lawfully remove them from our Parliament.
Czechoslovakia did it in just
48 hours!
MARCH DATE 23rd of March 2015:
Meeting at the Main Park at 10 am Brisbane time in Every City and Major Town across the Nation of Australia.
VELVET - meaning Non Violent
For an actual time sheet please see our website.

Please join our group and share everything you receive from "VELVET REVOLUTION".

For more FACT SHEETS and further information you can contact us via:




Lyn Bennetts
National Organiser of
UNITED WE STAND SIDE by SIDE against Tyranny, Fraud and Political Corruption!

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  1. What is the purpose of this "Velvet Revolution" - Australian style? Do you want to split the country in half , giving SA NT and WA to the indigenous people, as your picture suggests? Please explain ....