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Greatest Speech Ever Made Charlie Chaplin The Great Dictator W/Time Ince...

Fellow Australians, PLEASE support this peaceful Revolution.

Citizens, please get behind this, please support this peaceful Revolution. If we are to get our freedoms back, if we are to be a democratic society again, then we MUST ALL support this effort to get Australia back on track. If we let the present Abbott government continue to destroy our freedoms, destroy Australia, then it may be too late to save.
Keith H. Burgess.

Don't just shut me down without knowing our plan.
l sent out a GROUP info post that explains the following: (Not in these terms but along the same lines)
We are asking groups to stay in their groups; as we will need groups like yours to advise the new independent government (or to run as independent candidates) on issues that groups have researched and have evidence on, these groups normally have a well researched PLAN to combat the problem; which is more than what any government parties have had for decades.
GROUPS will be an asset to the future of this country including Fluoride, Farming, Lock the Gate (Fracking), Reclaim Australia, Wake Up Australia, Taxation Reform, Australian Constitution, Veteran Affairs, Climate Change/Solar, Indigenous Rights Groups, Health & Medical Marijuana, Australia Says No, VLDA, Banking Groups the list is endless. However, the research these groups do is of utmost importance and is done on a scale like no other political party has EVER done; with some groups as big as 40k members strong.
When the government won't listen to groups with this much proof and research behind them; there is obviously a major problem.
So what will it take to get the corporate government to act on information provided at these levels when they don't listen now?
When we hold this "VELVET REVOLUTION" we will call in independent candidates from groups just like yours, we need people who work in these fields and who have the knowledge and more importantly A PLAN to bring Australia out of the hell hole it has fallen into by consecutive incompetent governments.
Why do we need each other?
Because every group only know about their own issue that they have been studying. Our group REVOLUTION: United WE STAND have researched and studied and understand OUR/ YOUR Constitutional Rights and we have have come up with A PLAN to overthrow the corrupt unlawful unconstitutional Government.
We have already issued Prerogative Writs of Mandamus on all sitting members in Parliament in Western Australia, these same Writs have also been filed into the High Court of Western Australia who lawfully have to file them with the Queens Bench. The sitting members now have 14 Days to resign their positions or defend themselves in the High Court Queens Bench against our charges; some of which include but are not limited to
1. Violation of the use of public monies under violation 44s of the Constitution.
2. Misuse of their parliamentarian offices.
3. The Dominican Republic alliance and the unconstitutional invasion of Iraq.
4. The endangering of the safety and wellbeing of the general community by the Iraq unconstitutional invasion.
5. Failure to provide in appropriate time Appropriation Bills & Taxation Bills.
6. Unconstitutional taxes such as council rates, tolls, fuel taxes, infringement notices, income taxes etcetera
7. Unconstitutional property rights and acquisitions.
8. Deregulation of Australia's own industries.
9. Unconstitutional Government Retirement Funds and Perks.
10. Treason and Fraud.
And so this list also seems to be endless but never the less are constitutional grounds for every sitting member's instant dismissal.
We are currently preparing thousands of Prerogative Writs of Mandamus, one for each sitting member in every other state of Australia and they too will be served in the coming weeks.
The government spend tens of millions of dollars on disinformation, they lie to us to keep us under their control, they dream up and implement unlawful, unconstitutional legislation and Acts to steal our money to fund their big lie!
To fight every issue individually will take a huge effort and the government simply aren't listening, and in addition many issues cannot wait.
So why not UNITE and implement "Citizen Initiated Referendums" which will deal with all issues in a very short period of time in comparison with the unlawful system we have now? Together we will create a TRUE & FAIR DEMOCRATIC SYSTEM!
We need to come together and overcome our differences.
We don't need to play the elite's game, they divide us so they can conquer us.
If we stand together we will be strong but divided we will all fail and if we do come together we will be the 99% and an unstoppable wave of change will occur.
It is really important that we overcome all the ism's, the government use these as a way of splitting us up (Divide and Conquer)
But once this wave takes place even the Military and Police will join us as the TRUTH SPREADS LIKE WILD FIRE.
Please UNITE with us on the
23rd of March 2015 in a
to deliver to every sitting member in parliament "The People's" decision to lawfully remove them from our Parliament.
Czechoslovakia did it in just
48 hours!
Your truly
Lyn Bennetts
National Organiser of

The Sunlight Revolution.

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When coal mining companies buy a town and buy a Govt: $700k donated to L...

This is what Australia is fast becoming. Like something out of a sci-fi movie where big corporations mine another planet, killing off what lives there, their only concern being profit. And when they have taken all they want, they leave behind a desolate planet. Well in this case that planet is earth!!!

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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Firearms Legislation. What Do We Need?

Firearms Legislation.
What Do We Need?

By any type of firearms legislation, what is the main goal? What do we want to achieve? Firstly I think we need to achieve a reasonable level of safety for Australian citizens, without impeding the freedom & rights of Australian gun owners. Note I said “reasonable level of safety”. I say that because there will always be a criminal element in our society that will ALWAYS have access to illegal firearms, no matter what our government may legislate. You simply can not expect criminals to obey the law; that is why we call them criminals!
At present in New South Wales, a person wanting to own a firearm must pass a written & practicle exam before they can obtain a firearms licence. When they want to purchase a firearm, they must apply for a “permit to purchase”. This permit must show the exact firearm that the licensed person wants to acquire, & this is done by recording the serial number of the firearm that is for sale. If that firearm is sold by the time the permit is issued, then the licensed person must start all over again, finding another gun, & applying for another permit to purchase.
Once the gun is purchased & in the charge of the licensed gun owner, it must be at all times, other than when in use or being cleaned, lock in a secure firearms safe that meets all legislation requirements. Next this firearm must be registered with the New South Wales Firearms Registry. Only two of these requirements do anything to partially secure the safety of the Australian public, & that is the licensing of the would-be gun owner, & the requirement that the firearm be secured in a gun safe. Permit to purchase & firearms registration does nothing except add more cost for the gun owner & the Australian tax payer, & of course more work & cost for the NSW Firearms Registry which is a part of the NSW Police Service.
air rifles
rimfire rifles(other than self-loading)
shotguns (other than pump action or self-loading)
shotgun/rimfire rifle combinations.

muzzle-loading firearms (other than pistols)
centre fire rifles (other than self-loading)
shotgun/centre fire rifle combinations.

LICENCE CATEGORY C: (prohibited except for occupational purposes)
self-loading rimfire rifles with magazine capacity of no more than 10 rounds
self-loading shotguns with magazine capacity of no more than 5 rounds
pump action shotguns with magazine capacity of no more than 5 rounds.

LICENCE CATEGORY D: (prohibited except for official purposes)
self-loading centre fire rifles
self-loading rimfire rifles with a magazine capacity of more than 10 rounds
self-loading shotguns with a magazine capacity of more than 5 rounds
pump action shotguns with a magazine capacity of more than 5 rounds
any firearm to which a category C licence applies.

pistols (including blank fire pistols and air pistols).
Special licensing requirements apply for Licence Category H. They are not addressed in the Handbook. For information on pistol licences contact the NSW Police Firearms Registry.

In all Licence Categories, the licensee is authorised to possess or use registered firearm(s) of the kind to which the licence applies, but only for the purpose established by the licensee as being the genuine reason(s) for possessing or using the firearm(s).
Please note that certain classes of firearms are restricted; every would-be gun owner MUST give a good reason for owning any firearms. This of course only applies to law abiding citizens; criminals have no restrictions placed on them at all.
Also note that Muzzle-Loading firearms other than pistols require a B Class licence, the same as centerfire firearms.
Shotguns require an A Class licence. But some Muzzle-Loading guns are also shotguns, but they are on a B Class licence.
Firearms made before 1901 are classed as antiques, & providing modern ammunition can not be purchased over the counter for these guns. These antiques require no licence, permit to purchase, or registration. It is interesting to note here, that modern made Muzzle-Loading firearms are no different in design or operation than an antique Muzzle-Loading gun, yet the modern replica requires a licence, registration & permit to purchase.
Let me give you a quick run down on how a Flintlock Muzzle-Loading gun works. Gunpowder must be loaded loose, down the barrel from the muzzle using a powder measure. The shotgun is then loaded with two wads down the barrel, then loose shot also with a measure, then another wad is loaded on top. Each wad load must be pushed down the barrel with a ramrod or wiping stick. Then you have to prime the pan with more loose gunpowder. Ignition is supplied by a piece of rock, yes rock as in stone. This rock is held in the jaws of a cock. When the trigger is pulled, the cock flies forward & the piece of rock strikes the hammer. This causes sparks to fall into the priming pan igniting the priming powder which flashes through a vent into the breech of the barrel & ignites the main charge in the barrel & the gun fires.
Now I am sure, even if you are a firearms novice, that you will see that not just anyone will know how to make this gun work properly. It is NOT the choice of criminals, it is NOT the choice of people wishing to commit suicide, & it is NOT the choice of mentally ill people wishing to slaughter their family or anyone else. This gun is the choice of Living Historians, Historical Reenactors & Muzzle-Loading enthusiast, & yet the same restrictions are placed on this primitive tool as is placed on centerfire breech loading cartridge firing firearms.
1.        I propose that the registering of all firearms be abolished. I see no reason for registration. It does allow the government to keep track of who owns what so they can be confiscated at any time, but this does not add to the well being of the general public.
2.       I propose that the Permit To Purchase be abolished. This too serves no purpose that I can see, other than to make it harder for a law abiding citizens to acquire a firearm.
3.       I propose that permit to purchase & registration be abolished for the ownership of all reproduction FlintlockWheellockMatchlock, & Tinderlock firearms, including; pistols, shotguns, rifles, fusils, muskets, swivel guns, wall guns, palisade guns, & blunderbuss. Compared to the array of modern firearms available on the black market, this type of gun poses no threat to the general public what so ever, & to suggest that it does is simply not sensible or practicle & shows total ignorance on the part of the law makers.
4. I propose that all muzzle-loading guns other than percussion locks & cap & ball revolvers require only a Category A licence.
5. I propose that percussion lock muzzle-loading guns & cap & ball revolvers require only a Category B licence.
6. I propose that the requirement for all muzzle-loading pistols & cap & ball revolvers be for Hunting  & that pistol club membership not be mandatory. These primitive arms have been used for a back-up for hunting for centuries, as the muzzle-loading long arm is usually only a single shot. Carrying a muzzle-loading pistol is a humane way of dispatching game if it is wounded, & carrying one when hunting wild boar is a safety measure for the hunter.

If anyone has any views or suggestions relating to this article & firearms legislation in Australia, I would welcome their comments.

The Matchlock is very similar to the Tinderlock. It requires a burning match cord for ignition.

The Wheellock requires a piece of Pyrite rock for ignition and a key to wind the lock up.

The flintlock requires a piece of flint rock to supply ignition.

The swivel gun must be mounted on a post and can not be used freehand. Ignition is supplied by a burning match cord secured in a linstock.

How Whales Change Climate

So the Japanese are adding to climate change by killing all these whales !!!

How Wolves Change Rivers

Federal Government gives greenlight for big bank super grab

Federal Government gives greenlight for big bank super grab

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Australian Abbott Government Harboring Terrorists, WHY?

The Abbott government are harboring terrorists. You have to ask yourself why Tony Abbott would do this. My theory is that he wants these Terrorists to make a strike on Australian soil so that he can justify stricter security laws, that may include the further restriction of our rights, and the confiscation of citizen's firearms.

  1. conduct or speech inciting people to rebel against the authority of a state or monarch.
    synonyms:incitement (to riot/rebellion), agitation, rabble-rousing, fomentation (of discontent), troublemaking, provocation, inflaming;

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Australian Councils Have No Legal Rights To Govern. Australian Constitution.

Wayne Glew
Post For Australia
Number Eight
All you have to do to prove that councils have no authority over your land and that the so called Government cant give it to them is read your constitution.They have no authority at all when it comes to your land nor can they tax it without you giving them permission.

It all stems from Federation. Section 51 sub section 38 in the annotated Constitution Quick and Garren. It states that with the proclamation of this act the old entities known as the Australiasian council and the colonies cease to exist, that is under the provisions of clause seven of the Constitution. Because we didn't go into Federation until January 1901 we had five months without any laws from the old entities. It then States even if this wasn't so there were only seven legislative areas excercised by the Australiasian council and even less by the colonies and all seven are contained in section 51 of this Constitution. Chapter one page 346 states if an authority isn't granted by this Constitution to the Parliaments it is denied and remains with the people. There is no permission granted in the Constitution for the Government to have control over our land, and Chapter two of the Constitution authorises the Governor in council and only him to issue tittle deeds and transfer land.
This means that all the Council's are lying thieves and the idiots that gave them any authority are stupid thieves themselves.
Please share to everyone..... Thank you

Firearms Ownership In Australia.

Australian National Firearms Lobby.

I would like to see all flintlock Muzzle-loading guns, pistols & longarms, on a separate licence, & available to anyone without having to join a pistol club. These guns are in a class of their own, & I think it is unfair to restrict ownership.
At present, antique guns are available without licence, without registration, & without permit to purchase. I think the requirement of a licence should be mandatory for replica Flintlock Muzzle-Loading guns, but I do not see the necessity for registration & permit to purchase. This involves unwanted expense for the firearms owner & the taxpayer. In fact I do not see the need for a licensed individual to have to register any legal gun, or require a permit to purchase.

The Ultimate TRUTH About The Failed Gun Ban Control Experience (Document...

PLEASE NOTE: Since this incident in Tasmania, new information has come to hand which seriously questions who the shooter/s were & who organised it !!! Government involvement is suspected !!!

Friday, January 16, 2015

GETUPTV0156B QLDElection2015 YouTube

Police union opposes brawl payout

This cuts no ice with me, Australian police are notorious for bullying and unnecessary violence, especially in West Australia. When citizens are driven to defend themselves against the very people who are supposed to be defending them, then the police deserve all they get. No sympathy from me.  

Injured: Sen. Const. Matt Butcher. Picture: Ben Crabtree/The West Australian

Mehdi Hasan - Non Muslims live like animals

Australian Judge Finds Muslim “Cultural Differences” Valid Excuse for Rape!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

7News - Policeman stood down over arrest

Missing Persons File. Australia. Please Help. Have You Seen This Child?

3 year old William Tyrell.

This is 3 year old William Tyrell, missing in Australia since before Xmas 2014. William may have been snatched from his home, and could be anywhere in Australia by now. If you see this boy, or even think you have seen this boy, please contact the police in your area or call 000. William may be with an adult, DO NOT assume this adult is the parent or a family member. Call the Police.

Police State in Australia

People will tell you that there are some good cops in Australia. Whilst this is undoubtedly true, they are far and few between, and the good cops are unable to blow the whistle on the criminal force in the police service without losing their own jobs. Obviously the police department, and the Australian government condone such violence and criminality, otherwise these crook cops would no longer be in the service.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Australian Police brutality against disabled man

These are what Australian police are like. This man has no legs. Note also his female companion is being treated far too roughly, she was simply trying to protect the man on the ground.

Australian Police Officer Committing Common Assault On A Juvenile.

This private video can not be posted here. Please go to this link to view:

Australian Police Punching A 14 Year Old Aboriginal Boy, Reportedly With Mental Health Issues.

This is not just a one off. These are the sort of people we have in our police service in Australia.

Selling out Australian land to Islamic governments.

Education In Australia. Reducing Opportunity For Students And Australia.

Please Sign This Petition and share this post.
Thank you.

Queensland Government Corruption. Australia.

Do you like me wonder how corruption like this is allowed to continue? What the hell is our Governor General doing? What are we paying him for if he won't step in and remove these people from office?!

This is no future for Australia

Monday, January 12, 2015

Australian Government. More Lies, More Deceit, More Corruption.

Vote Abbott out the first chance you get !

The Abbott Government is committed to undermining and ultimately destroying Medicare.
From January 19, doctors seeing patients for six to 10 minutes will have their Medicare rebate cut by $20.10 to $16.95 per short visit. This means that many patients will be paying at least $20 more when they see a GP.
The Government is sneaking these changes through during the holiday season because they think Australians aren’t paying attention. Please let your networks know what they’re up to and prove them wrong.
Australian Unions fought hard for Medicare, we need to fight to save it.

A Woodsrunner's Diary: Gear On A Budget. Videos.

A Woodsrunner's Diary: Gear On A Budget. Videos.

Corrupt Australian Government. CALLS FOR A ROYAL COMMISSION:

For those hundreds of thousands of you who have been completely shocked by the expose we posted on Tim Mulherin and the massive destruction of the Darling Downs by mining, here is the next part of the series. And it only takes up a few lines.
Because this is no longer about politics, or whether you wear a red tie or a blue tie.
This is about the complete corruption of the State of Queensland and the sell-out of the Queensland people.
This is all about ugly politicians who, together with their greedy mates, want your hard-earned assets to make themselves rich – your farms, your houses, your investments, whatever - and they don’t even bother to tell you what they are planning next.
They just slip in amendments to bills and change laws at their own whim at two minutes to midnight.
So here’s the big question: while Mulherin and his mates might have set up the grubby blueprint to destroy the Darling Downs, did Newman and Seeney then come in and clean it up?
Not on your life. They grabbed it with both hands. Worse still, they put the plan for total destruction into overdrive.
Since Newman and Seeney came to power only two years and ten months ago, they have:
• Removed all farmers rights to prevent a mine going on his farm. That decision is now being made by the Co-ordinator General, whose office is located right next door to Jeff Seeney.
• They have removed all rights of protest by a neighbour and a community to a mine.
• They have handed over the right to mining companies to use all the water they want from the Great Artesian Basin – and at absolutely no cost to them. (once again, the people of Queensland are left footing the bill for the mining companies)
• They have announced new plans to divert Northern rivers into dams especially for mining companies (they even used the term ‘and for farmers’ as a clever little diversionary tactic).
• They have shamelessly stolen land away from farmers and given mining and CSG companies all the rights they want.
• For example, they have recently removed Strategic Cropping Status from 90% of the land in the Bellevue area north of Wandoan.
• They approved the application by a coal seam gas company QGC to have the SCL status removed from more than 25,000ha out of a total of 29,680hn applied for in the Wandoan area on the basis it fails the slope criteria. Just days before changing the SCL rules, the government ruling was that it considered Queensland Gas Company’s parent company British Gas International (Aus) Pty Ltd to be an owner of the land it applied to have SCL status removed form, not the rate paying farmers.
• Under the definition in Schedule 2 of the SCL Act, holding resource authorities makes the company an “owner” of the land and therefore an eligible person under section 41, and entitled to make a validation application, according to the DNRM decision notice given to landholders last week.
• Basically, the resource company can now make applications over a farmers land without their input.
• They approved Wagners Airport without any Impact or Environmental Assessment. It is also being allowed to operate during high-alert terrorist conditions without full security.
• They have approved Stage Three of New Hope Acland mine, despite all assurances to voters at the last election that it would never happen. New Hope has donated $700,000 to the LNP, while their subsidiary company Brickworks donated $384,000. Their other major subsidiary company WH Soul Patterson donated $250,000. Read this sentence again- because this is what corruption is.
• The LNP created the Gasfields Commission - and then they stacked it with their mates. It is now little more than a tick and flick for gas companies but more of a Star Chamber for farmers being run by a modern version of the Brownshirts. There have been thousands of cases put before it by farmers trying to block coal seam gas on their farms – yet hardly one case submitted by a farmer has succeeded. It is not surprising when you realise that the Chairman of the Gasfields Commission, John Cotter's own immediate family have become mega multi-millionaires from doing sweetheart deals for Coal Seam Gas companies
• The LNP have done nothing to help the children from the poor community of Tara: they have swept all health issues under the carpet, despite children experiencing severe headaches, vomiting and bleeding from both the ears and the nose. Health Minister Lawrence Springborg assured Queenslanders that all health testing was normal and offered them little other than platitudes.
• Yet the truth was that Government did not do any environmental testing to address health complaints: they simply relied on a limited data-set provided by Queensland Gas Company.
• Whistle-blowers claim that the quality of the drinking water in the house tanks at Tara are Chernobyl quality from leaking coal seam gas and the chemicals involved.
• The LNP have announced that $2.5 billion in taxpayers money will be diverted to the Indian Gutam Adani to build his railway and port. This to prop up an un-commercial mine that no bank will finance - and the owner has no money to do so either.
• The LNP have deliberately ignored the skyrocketing youth unemployment rates in Queensland – now the highest in the nation at 6.9% and set to go much higher – because they intend to bring in cheap human ‘$2 a day slave cargo’ from China, India and Korea to work in the mines. This is part of the special deal they have promised to Adani as well as other coal and CSG companies.
• They have introduced special retrospective laws to protect mates (and major party donors) who own quarries from prosecution: this is in relation to the Karaman quarry that is filling the Wivenhoe Dam with mud and severely affecting the flood mitigation ability of Brisbane major flood prevention Dam.
• Allowed party donors to not only mine where they wanted – but also write the conditions for the mine – in particular, the environmental conditions – for that mining to take place.
• Introduced the draconian VLAD laws, overtly written to control bikies but covertly framed to prevent any form of protest from the general public
• Appointed Tim Carmody as Chief Justice, despite the massive and widespread resistance of almost every other judge on the Queensland bench.
• Deliberately watered down the Crime and Misconduct Commission (now the Crime and Corruption Commission)
• They have left Dr Ken Levy, a proven perjurer in place as the Chairman of this handicapped critical crime busting body.
Nothing the LNP does is based on merit – rather, it is only about money for themselves and their mates.
The people of Queensland are now all suffering because of their greed, brutality and incompetence.
Campbell Newman and Jeff Seeney have declared that Queensland is a mining state – but that is not true.
Queensland is a people state – first and foremost. That’s what makes us different and so proud to be Queenslanders.
Unless we find the courage and determination to stand together and remove this rotten and deeply corrupted Government from office, it’s all over for Queensland and its people.
Source: The Man in the Spotted Bow Tie and A Finch and A Wren. Thank you for all your hard work and diligence. Sir Edward trained you well.
PHOTOS: Premier Campbell Newman, Tim Mulherin and Deputy Premier Jeff Seeney.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Elderly Vic couple tied up during burglary

Elderly Vic couple tied up during burglary

This couple should have been legally allowed to defend themselves with a gun. They could have both been killed.

Time to come clean, Tony Abbott.

Is Tony Abbott in office as Prime Minister illegally?
If so, he should be jailed and have all the public money he has been payed given back to the people of Australia.
"The essence of the query about Abbott’s position is that Section 44 of the Australian Constitution makes it clear that any person holding dual nationality is not eligible to stand for parliament. If Abbott did not renounce his British citizenship prior to entering parliament, he was ineligible."


PLANNED REVOLUTION FOR 2015: Please share this with everyone.
Our Commonwealth Constitution 1900 is indissoluble and contains all our RIGHTS, LIBERTIES and FREEDOMS. Our Grandfathers fought in WW1 and WW11 to protect those rights, the current corrupt corporate governments are whittling away our rights, liberties and freedoms by implementing unlawful Legislation and Acts that undermine our rights and it is up to us to bring honour back to our Parliaments of Australia! We are calling on ALL AUSTRALIANS to UNITE for just 3 days to achieve this.
WE are having a NON VIOLENT REVOLUTION, to remove the current political parties and to implement Independent Candidates as the Constitution so states. The Constitution 1900 never intended to have political parties or swapping of preferences, it has always been intended to be one vote only per person for one Independent Candidate, the Candidate with the most votes becomes Prime Minister.
We intend to re-instate the Constitution 1900 and all major laws are to be voted on by "The People" by way of a Citizen's Initiated Referendum, the majority of votes from each state determines if it is to become law, it is only then that the Constitution can be changed, it is a True Democracy System which is what the Framers of the Constitution intended and this will continue to protect "The People of The Commonwealth of Australia"!
Join our REVOLUTION and take back our RIGHTS!
For more information go to the site below, leave a message and we will get back to you ASAP.
Thank you Lyn Bennetts

Friday, January 9, 2015

ANONYMOUS - Capitalist Crisis in Australia

#operationPOW Anonymous - Australian Human Rights Abuse Tony Abbott

Message to Abbott Govt

Anonymous - Australia Getting Ready for The United Nations TakeOver

IMPORTANT!!! Organizers Wanted Australia Wide.

Lyn Bennetts

We need YOU to help make this happen, will you be an Organiser? Please share this with EVERYONE, as we need a lot of volunteers.
We need Organisers for every City and Larger Town in Australia, many people can't travel to the city for whatever reason so we are asking that they show their support in very Large Towns, we therefore need Organisers for your Large Town and Every City in Australia. WILL YOU STEP UP AND BE AN ORGANISER? Your job will be easy!
All Organisers will be presented with the exact same lawful documentation that is to be read out to "The People of the Commonwealth of Australia" and Parliament and Government Officials on the day of our March. Once these Documents have been read out your job is complete; it's as simple as that, you just read the script so that EVERYONE Walks the Same WALK and Talks the Same TALK!
You will not have to answer questions as EVERYONE being "The People of The Commonwealth of Australia" will all be there for the same reason and they will know that any major issues they have will be dealt with by Citizen Initiated Referendums after the Constitution 1900 has been re-instated. Government Ministers can deal with us direct if they have any questions, but in any case once the Notices are read out it is then official and is more for "The People" than the Government as they have already been served official notification.
The Mandate, Writ, Notices and Moratorium addressed to the Government will be to notify them that have been officially removed from parliament and lawfully set up 1. To officially remove the current corrupt corporate government from power. 2. To Reinstate the original Constitution of The Commonwealth of Australia 1900 and all it's RIGHTS, LIBERTIES and FREEDOM's back to "The People of the COMMONWEALTH of AUSTRALIA".
You will start your presentation with these words This is a "NON VIOLENT REVOLUTION of The People of the Commonwealth of Australia". You will be required to then read the following Lawful Notices on behalf of "The People of the Commonwealth of Australia".
1. A MANDATE: A Powerful Lawful Document that is to be read out on the day to put The Government on Notice to resign their seats by order of "The People of The Commonwealth of Australia", WE WHO RULE SUPREME!
2. A WRIT: Calling for a new Election of Independent Candidates.
3. INDEPENDENCE DAY DECLARATION: Notifying "The People and the Government of the Commonwealth of Australia" that, the day of our Revolution March is to be from that day on "The Commonwealth of Australia's Independence Day"! This day will be an OFFICIAL PUBLIC HOLIDAY NATION WIDE; INCLUDING THE DAY OF OUR MARCH AND EVERY DAY THAT; THAT DATE FALLS ON EACH YEAR THEREAFTER! Please Note: This declaration will NOT be the RIGHTS contained within our Declaration as that has to be voted on by a Citizen's Initiated Referendum which will end up being the actual INDEPENDENCE DAY DECLARATION and that Declaration will be used to open our Independence Day Celebrations every year there after. This will be a notice declaring the day as our Independence Day.
4. A NOTICE OF MORATORIUM: That "The People" will issue to government departments that places a moratorium on any payments of Infringement Notices, Tolls, Rates, Taxes etcetera, this notice will list what payments this can be used for. "The People" will be encouraged to download and use this notice and is for the period that it takes all Government Ministers both State and Federal to resign their seats and new Candidates to take their place.
We will provide you with all the information you require to make the Revolution from your end run smoothly.
After the Mandate and Notices have been read out "The People" can then go about enjoying the rest of AUSTRALIA'S FIRST INDEPENDENCE DAY and can disperse to their chosen areas where their children under the age of 18 can then join them.
We have received a large number of interested people for the positions as Organisers, can you please inbox me again with Your Name: Contact Details: Mobile: Email: Which City or Large Town you wish to be the Organiser of? We still require more organisers so please STAND UP AND DO YOUR BIT.
Please Note: DO NOT put these details on this thread. Please inbox me these details and they will be released all at once in the next few weeks. Also please consider getting a BAT PHONE, this is as simple as purchasing a $2 SIM card from your local supermarket, it is this number that you give out to your us and your group and once the Revolution is complete you can discard the sim and return to your usual phone number, this is ideal for protection of your privacy.
THE MEDIA: Will be invited to attend to air our Revolution on every TV Channel across the Nation, if they do so; this will be their first show of true patriotism to our Country; IF NOT it doesn't matter, it will make the Notices issued to government no less lawful.
Please join and share this information.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Royal Commission into Domestic Violence. PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION.

Tony Abbott has seen fit to take away funding to social services dealing with domestic violence. Many services have had to close there doors. This means more deaths from domestic violence, and more women and children put out on the streets with no where to live.
Tony Abbott, Australia's Prime Minister and minister for women did this. PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION.