Saturday, August 22, 2020

Lost Survival.

Lost Survival.
In an ordinary lost situation if you did the right thing & notified several people in regards to WHERE you were going & WHEN you intended to return, then all you have to do is sit tight & wait for someone to find you. This is of course providing you STOP as soon as you realise that you are lost, & do not stray too far from your intended route.
IF you feel that you have strayed too far from your intended route, OR you failed to tell anyone where you were going, then there are practicle things you can do to stay safe & perhaps find your own way out.
1) If you are low on water, find some if you can without straying too far from your present position. Low ground is generally better than high ground, though a rock plateau can often hold water in holes & basins in the rock. In flat terrain look for greenery growing. Usually this is trees or bushes. This could prove to be a water hole or a water course.
2) Remember that providing you keep yourself safe & have water, TIME is not an issue. Staying alive is more important than losing your job! Concentrate on staying alive & getting out, relax if you can & don’t panic.
3) You may need to construct a simple shelter from the sun or bad weather. With this goes making a fire, but make sure the fire is SAFE & can not spread! Clear an area of 5 paces all around your camp site, but only make fire if it is safe to do so. In extreme hot & dry conditions you should not light a fire.
4) During the day listen for the sounds of people; vehicle engines, car doors shutting, dogs barking, house doors closing, the sound of chainsaws or axes cutting wood or the sound of a generator or water pump.  Look for smoke from camp fires or house chimneys. This will give you a direction to follow, but make sure you do NOT go round in circles. Line up three trees or land marks or a combination of these in the direction you need to go. When you get to the first marker, put your back against it & line up the remaining two markers with another third one. Continue on & repeat.
5) At night listen for the same sounds, but unless they are close-by, just mark the direction with rocks or sticks or mark trees & wait until daylight unless you have a torch or are fairly certain you are on safe ground. Travelling in the dark can be dangerous & you do NOT want to injure yourself. Look for vehicle headlights, radio tower lights, house lights, camp fires, lighthouse lights if you are near the coast. Watch for aircraft lights, there may be an airstrip not too far away.  
Low ground can be good for finding water, but high ground will give you the best chance of seeing something that will help you get out. High ground will also make you more visible if you keep a fire going. Adding green vegetation to a fire will create more smoke. Passing aircraft may also spot your fire. 
THREE is the S.O.S. signal, three whistle blasts, three gun shots, three fires (keep them safe), three COOEEs (a shout), three air horn blasts, three flashes from a torch at night, three flashes from a mirror during the day. You get the idea.
IF all else fails, going down hill SHOULD eventually lead you to a water course/source. EXAMPLE: you are on high ground, you go down. When you reach the lower ground, say a valley or gully, it too should go downward in one direction. Follow this downward & continue doing this until you find a water course. Mountain areas at their highest points produce what is called "Header Streams". These are where the water source starts from & these eventually run into streams or creeks which eventually lead to lakes & rivers. Water is also a source of food, & communities are usually built close to a water source.
If you do not expend too much energy, you can survive roughly 3 weeks on water alone, no food. But you can only survive roughly 3 days without water.

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Extinction or A Dystopian Future? Will Today's Children Survive Anthropogenic Global Warming & Climate Change?

Our corrupt Australian government knows what is going to happen if we keep burning fossil fuels, anthropogenic global warming & climate change are accelerating, & we may only have 30 to 50 years or less before society collapses, assuming that society will not change. After this TEOTWAWKI, & then possibly the extinction of the human race.
Now this makes no sense to me, so I have been wondering if there is a plan behind not stopping anthropogenic global warming & climate change. Note that we have lost all the firearms that could match the fire power of the arms that the Police & Military have. Note that all items specifically made for self defence have been banned, made illegal in Australia. No one is even allowed to carry the traditional pocket knife anymore. New Zealand have enacted the same gun control legislation as Australia, & now they are trying to ban certain guns in America. England has already got strict gun control.
So lets just say for arguments sake that these corporate heads & politicians actually do care about their children & grandchildren & do not want them to die from anthropogenic global warming & climate change, if this is the case, then WHAT is their plan?  If we are not to face an extinction, does this mean that we could be looking at a dystopian future such as depicted in "The Hunger Games"??? Too far fetched? Then I would like to hear your views, your thoughts, because we are fast running out of time, & it is obvious that a majority of people are not going to do anything to stop the burning of fossil fuels any time soon!!!

IF the future is the collapse of society, teotwawki, then if society collapses early enough, preppers may still stand a chance of survival. It won't be easy, & it won't be pleasant, but we might survive. But if we are looking at a dystopian future brought about by corrupt governments, then we will be in a lot of trouble.

Thursday, August 13, 2020

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Why everything will collapse

Why everything will collapse

Saturday, August 8, 2020

What will happen if I ignore anthropogenic global warming & climate change?

What will happen if I ignore anthropogenic global warming & climate change?
Anthropogenic global warming & climate change are accelerating much faster than previously predicted, & the world is still burning fossil fuels. Scientists have predicted that global warming combined with the destruction of wildlife habitats is very likely going to cause more frequent & more sever Pandemics.
It is now too late to stop anthropogenic global warming, & with the continued burning of fossil fuels, it is highly likely that society could collapse within the next 50 years. If this happens, then we will experience teotwawki, & after that, possibly the beginning of our extinction period.
When society collapses, that will be the end of payed employment, the end of our national economy, for many, it will mean the end of life itself. In the cities there will be no food, no drinking water, no sewage, no electricity, & no security. Gangs will form; there will be a massive rise in crime with looting, home invasions, rape & murder. There is also likely to be cannibalism, as the only food will be human flesh.
Many people will obviously be trying to get out of the city, but unless they have the appropriate survival skills & the right sustainable equipment & tools, they are not likely to survive for very long in the bush.
Between now & when society collapses, life for many is going to change. People will die in heatwaves & other disasters & of course the further Pandemics that are coming from the destruction of wildlife habitats which will put us in closer contact with other species of animals.  I know very little about the national economy, but I assume this will collapse with further disasters & Pandemics.
Is there any chance we can avoid the extinction of the human race?
If a majority of people were to rise up before the end of 2020 & sack our present corrupt to the core government & introduce a new non corrupt governing system, then we could stop the burning of fossil fuels & the destruction of our native forests & this may allow us to avoid our extinction. But bear in mind this is a global problem, one country alone cannot have much of an impact on global warming, but as Australia exports more coal than any other country in the world, we could make a significant difference to our climate.
Our only other chance of survival is if the collapse of society comes soon. If this stops the burning of fossil fuels, then those who have prepared (preppers) may stand a chance of surviving. Frankly, given that Australians are in general very apathetic, & given that the majority of people living in the cities are not willing to change their environmentally damaging lifestyles, I can’t see a majority of people doing anything to try & save humanity.
What can we do?
If you can, move out of the city as soon as possible & live off grid. Start preparing for what is coming. I think as things start to get bad in the cities, climate change protests will turn violent. Hangers on will take advantage of the situation & start a wave of destruction & looting. Living off grid you will need to be able to protect your gardens, your homes & your families. To do this you will need firearms. Raiders will have firearms, so you will have no choice but to be armed yourselves. The alternative is just not worth thinking about!