Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Could this become a Pandemic!!! Coronavirus

 130 people have died from it and over 6000 cases have been confirmed in 17 countries. Those numbers are climbing by the day. 
The World Health Organization (WHO) has just changed its ranking of the virus's global threat from 'moderate' to 'high'. 

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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Experts take Bishop’s to school on global warming at La Jolla forum

“All of you are going to need a stiff drink when you go home,” he addressed the audience of 300 mostly adults. “My concern is this. I’m sitting here in a school. The kids are in high school here. In 10 years, they’re finished their college education and settling into a job. And that’s when this thing is going to go into dangerous territory.”

Greenpeace invites world to attend ‘last Australian Open’

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

The Coming Pandemic, Only a Matter of Time!

Outbreak from Wuhan coronavirus rises to 440 in China, with 9 dead
Officials in China are racing to contain the outbreak of a new virus that has left at least nine people dead and sickened more than 440, after it was confirmed the infection can be passed between humans.
The spread of the respiratory virus to Thailand, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and now the United States, is fueling fears of a broader epidemic, as China enters its busiest travel period of the year.
Wuhan, the central Chinese city where the coronavirus was first detected, announced a series of new measures Tuesday, including the cancellation of upcoming Lunar New Year celebrations, which had been expected to attract hundreds of thousands of people.
With our modern fast transport systems, diseases can spread worldwide in hours!!!

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Thursday, January 16, 2020

What steps can we take to protect the environment at home level?

What steps can we take to protect the environment at home level?
1)      Turn off the coal power mains electricity to your home & install solar power.
2)    Use any fossil fuel motor vehicles as little as possible.
3)    Grow your own food (if you are keeping ducks in the garden you will need to use raised garden beds or fence sections off & let the ducks in during off season).
4)   Keep chooks & ducks for eggs & meat.
5)    Free range your ducks in the garden area to kill the slogs & snails.
6)   Start a compost heap in your garden.
7)    Feed all your veggie scraps to the chooks & ducks, or, add them to you compost heap.
8)    Grow fruit trees & bushes.
9)   Remove your water toilets & install composting toilets.
10)Install a grey water system that takes the water from the laundry, bathroom & kitchen into deep trenches under you garden beds.
11)   Purchase & install rainwater storage tanks for house & garden & turn off the mains water supply to your home. If you need to conserve water, use containers in your kitchen sink for washing up & use this water on your trees.
12) Recycle as much as possible yourself as recycling collection by the council may be just going into landfill!
13) Try & avoid purchasing food items in plastic wrap.
14)Try & avoid purchasing anything in plastic bottles, choose glass over plastic.
15) DO NOT purchase or accept any single use plastic items.
16)Choose glass or ceramic containers over plastic when practical.
17) DO NOT purchase poisons to kill weeds. Either dig them up by hand or use urine.
18) Only purchase environmentally friendly washing soaps.
19)DO NOT use spray cans of insect repellent or air fresheners.
20)                       DO NOT burn coal.
21) DO NOT burn gas.
22)                        Install a wood burning cook stove ( & heater if you need to heat the house). Burning wood does create carbon emissions, but not as much as coal, gas or using mains electricity. If you plant trees this should offset these carbon emissions.
23)                        DO NOT use an incinerator; put all biodegradables such as lawn grass cuttings, weeds, leaves etc in the compost heap.
24)                       Avoid purchasing anything that has to be transported by truck, ship or plane.
25)                        Avoid flying anywhere.
26)                       Use a push mower if you have lawns to mow. A better option is to turn your lawn into a veggie garden.
27)                       Purchase second hand where you can.
28)                       Move out of the city & live off grid if you can.

Monday, January 13, 2020

Australian government Corruption. Big Coal's network of influence over the coalition government

The coal industry has infiltrated Australia's federal government through a secretive network of ties, working to influence Australia’s political decisions at the highest level: right up to the office of the Prime Minister, Scott Morrison
Big Coal's network of influence over the coalition government
Why is this so horrifying?
Coal is the number one cause of climate damage. It causes more frequent and intense natural disasters like bushfires while also polluting our water and air. By pandering to the interests of the coal industry, the Coalition Government is putting dirty profits ahead of the health and wellbeing of Australians who want our nation to run on clean energy.
From furthering the fossil-fuelled agenda of current Prime Minister Scott Morrison, to helping to bring about the swift downfall of former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull: the coal industry has infiltrated the Australian Government at the highest level.

Thursday, January 9, 2020

Bushfires threaten drinking water safety. The consequences could last for decades

Bushfires pose serious short- and long-term impacts to public drinking water quality. They can damage water supply infrastructure and water catchments, impeding the treatment processes that normally make our water safe to drink.
Several areas in New South Wales and Victoria have already been issued with warnings about the quality of their drinking water.
Short-term risks
Bushfires can damage or disrupt water supply infrastructure as they burn. And the risks can persist after the fires are out.
Long-term risks
Bushfires can damage drinking water catchments, which can lead to longer term threats to drinking water. Drinking water catchments are typically forested areas, and so are vulnerable to bushfire damage.

Sunday, January 5, 2020

Australian Government Corruption. Global Warming and Climate Change: what Australia knew and buried!!!

Australians persuaded to doubt what they knew!!!
What happened in the 1990s? Most dramatically, the fossil fuel and allied industries got into gear. The momentum to support and expand the existing fossil fuel economy was boosted by neo-liberal think tanks and insistent sceptics, in sympathy with free market economic ideology. They mounted a potent and high-level lobbying campaign aimed at federal politicians. Coal, oil, natural gas and other extractive industries, along with other multinational corporations, such as the energy-intensive aluminium smelting industry, got organised and exerted considerable influence on government, particularly after 1995 (Hamilton 2001; Pearse 2007).
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Friday, January 3, 2020

Stopping Global Warming, avoiding a worldwide mass extinction of all life on earth!

Stopping Global Warming, avoiding a worldwide mass extinction of all life on earth!
So what is it these protesters want? They are asking the government to act on global warming climate change, to stabilise it, to stop it before it goes any further. But in order to do this, the government would have to shut down all coal powered electricity generators, they would have to stop the destruction ( burning, clearing, logging) of all native forests & woodlands, & they would have to ban the further use of all motor vehicles excepting those for essential services. Are the people really prepared for this? Do they really expect the government to do this?

If we do not stop burning fossil fuels completely NOW, & stop destroying our native forests & woodlands, then Australia is going to become uninhabitable, global warming will cause teotwawki, & after that quite possibly a mass extinction of humankind! Yes this will cause chaos in the cities, UNLESS, the government fast tracks solar power to the electricity grid; this can be done, we have the technology, we have the solar panels, & we have the massive battery storage facilities required.

But solar power is not a magic wand; solar power cannot stop global warming if we are going to continue to burn fossil fuels, if we are going to continue to use coal powered electricity, & if we continue to use combustion engine vehicles.
Society needs to change, & it needs to change now. We do not have enough time left for reductions, for cut backs, for promises of what we are going to do by the year 2021-2022-2023 etc etc. We have literally run out of time, we have left it too late to act. Ten years ago we could have started a progressive program to change our society, to change the way we work & live. Ten years ago we could have started working on solar & wind power for the grid. But this was not done. The government was totally focused on the economy, focused on keeping corporatism on side, focused on attracting votes, & the general public kept on demanding more & more. More jobs, higher wages, more housing, lower taxes, better health services; all of these wants & needs were totally justified, but amongst the clambering for a perceived higher standard of living, the majority of people forgot about the cost to our environment, they forgot that humans are just another species of animal that relies on the earth’s environment to keep us alive!

Humans have polluted the earth, contaminated the natural environment. We have built cities that shut out the natural environment & the people in those cities have lost contact with nature. Until these present bushfires filled these cities with smoke, they had completely forgotten about the world outside of their city. They have become totally dependent on modern technology, & if that technology should now come to an end through global warming, then society will collapse, & the people will die! It is as simple as that. You now have to choose between life or death. Life in a changed society that may not be to your liking, or life living a “Stone Age” lifestyle in a world that is coming to an end. More heat, more storms, more droughts & perhaps more floods. In some places more intense cold, because that is what climate change is doing, it is creating more extreme weather conditions worldwide.

Australia is going to become uninhabitable if we do not stop global warming NOW, & with global warming affecting the whole of our world, there may be no place for us to migrate to. Think about that, but don’t take too long, we are fast running out of time!
Keith H. Burgess.