Friday, February 13, 2015

Australian Revolution 2015 !!! Are You Ready? Please Join Us For A Better Government.

From here on will be known as

To be shared with everyone.

We have dozens of groups already aligned with us and we would be honoured for you to join us too. 
We encourage you to remain as your own group as "The People" will vote in those people who are experienced in their field and who have done the RESEARCH with EVIDENCE to back it up and who have a PLAN to put in place different systems to make Australia
• Economically Sound
• Healthier, and 
• Enriched 
This will be achieved with the help of good strong evidence and a plan to improve our countries core problems.

We will rely on groups such as yours to present researched evidence and a plan to deal with major issues such as Economy, Farming, Manufacturing, Import/Exports, Banking System, Climate Change, Coal Seam Gas (Fracking), Water Flouridation, Aged Pensions, Aboriginal issues, Military - Veteran Affairs and Police Issues, Laws, Health, Education and on and on it goes. 
If your group have done the research and you have the evidence and a plan to implement; that is far more than the current government have, but it needs to be translucent so "The People" can understand what they are voting on.
Therefore, we encourage you to chose a candidate to run as an Independent in every state against the major parties and put forward your plan. your knowledge of the Constitution and your promise to reinstate our Constitution and to hold Citizen Initiated Referendums will be high on the criteria agenda and expected from our future responsible government.

However, this PEACEFUL or VELVET REVOLUTION that as has been suggested we call it, requires us all to UNITE as ONE for a short period of 3 Days. 
Please Note: This is NOT going to be won by any one single person or any one single group - 

This NON-VIOLENT VELVET REVOLUTION to overthrow a Complete Government WITHOUT VIOLENCE OR WAR will go down in history and WE CAN and WILL ACHIEVE IT with UNITY!
Let's put PEACE before WAR for a change!

Please consider joining us under your own banner, but we must be UNITED as ONE on the following Constitutional matters:
There are elections coming up in some states, tell everyone to vote independent, if everyone did that we wouldn't need a VELVET REVOLUTION, but we only vote for Independents who promise to reinstate our Constitution 1900 and who promise to initiate Citizen Initiated Referendums on all major issues.

Independent Parties also need to realise that political parties are unconstitutional and so is our two party preferred voting system, so candidates need to run as true Independents. 
This current TWO PARTY PREFERRED voting system is ONLY PREFERRED by the two preferred parties and it just so happens that (LIBERAL and LABOUR) are classed as the two preferred parties due to unconstitutional swapping of preferences (surprise, surprise). 
This ongoing pingpong voting system is unfair, unconstitutional and corrupt to the core and they are whittling away our RIGHTS, LIBERTIES and FREEDOMS as they implement unlawful and unconstitutional Legislation and Acts against our own people and they MUST BE REMOVED!

So too is their Unconstitutional Government Retirement Pensions which will cost the "Australian Tax Payers" A$833,886,220 over the next 20 years, this is a government system we can't afford and as stated by the Liberal Government in their own words
"The Age of Entitlement is OVER"!
These government retirement pensions will be stopped and used to pay down Australia's deficit, No-One receives a pension after they are sacked from their position and now neither will they. We don't mind paying them a very decent remuneration while they are implementing "The Will of The People", but this Retirement Pension Rort must come to an end!


Our Commonwealth Constitution 1900 is indissoluble and contains all our RIGHTS, LIBERTIES and FREEDOMS within it, it must be read in conjunction with the Hansard Constitution Convention Debates; during these debates the meaning of every word and every sentence was debated to understand it's meaning.
The Framers of our Constitution set it up that way so that
"The People Rule Supreme" and the Government Ministers were intended to ONLY represent 
"The Will of THE PEOPLE"!

Please see: Threads of some of the many Hansard Constitutional Convention Debates that are posted on our Facebook page.

Our Great Grandfathers and Grandfathers fought in WW1 and WW11 to protect these RIGHTS (OUR RIGHTS) and our Soldiers still fight for our FREEDOM, LIBERTY, INTEGRITY, JUSTICE and HONOUR.
The consecutive and current corrupt corporate governments practice NONE OF THESE MORALS and are whittling away our RIGHTS, LIBERTIES and FREEDOMS. 
This Unlawful Corrupt Corporate Government" are a registered US Corporation. They have Registered US on the Security Exchange Certificate as "Commonwealth Australia Registration No is 0000805157" as a corporation and they have committed Fraud, Treason and Unconstitutional Acts against the "SOVEREIGN PEOPLE OF THE COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA They have been implementing unlawful and unconstitutional Legislation and Acts that undermine our RIGHTS, LIBERTIES and FREEDOMS and it is up to us to bring FREEDOM, LIBERTY, INTEGRITY, JUSTICE and HONOUR back into OUR Parliaments of Australia!

We are calling on ALL AUSTRALIANS to UNITE for just 3 days to achieve this.

WE are having a VELVET REVOLUTION NON-VIOLENT show of UNITY. (The date to be set, but hoping it will be around the end of March 2015) This is being held to officially remove the current corrupt political parties from parliament and to issue Writs to hold new Elections to vote in Independent Candidates as the Constitution so states. 
Writs of Mandamus are being issued to EVERY MEMBER of Parliament as we speak and the Queen has also been served Notices which she has not responded to within the lawful time frame.
The Constitution 1900 never intended to have political parties or swapping of preferences, it has always been intended to be one vote only per person for one Independent Candidate.

Hansard 1-3-1898 Constitution Convention Debates 
Mr. HIGGINS.-Suppose the sentry is asleep, or is in the swim with the other power?
Mr. GORDON.-There will be more than one sentry. In the case of a federal law, every member of a state Parliament will be a sentry, and, every constituent of a state Parliament will be a sentry.
As regards a law passed by a state, every man in the Federal Parliament will be a sentry, and the whole constituency behind the Federal Parliament will be a sentry.


We intend to re-instate the Constitution 1900 and all major laws are to be voted on by "The People" by way of a Citizen's Initiated Referendum as was intended by the "Framers of the Constitution" the majority of votes from each state determines if it is to become law, it is ONLY then that the Constitution can be changed or altered and this is the True Democratic System which is what the Framers of the Constitution intended and this Lawful and Constitutional system will continue to protect "The People of The Commonwealth of Australia" well into the future!

So please Join our REVOLUTION and take back our RIGHTS, LIBERTIES and FREEDOMS!

For more detailed information go to the site below, leave a message and we will get back to you ASAP.

Please note: White Ants, Trolls, Trouble Makers and Abusive Language will be deleted and BLOCKED, we DON'T need to fight each other we just need to UNITE, everything else will be put to a Citizen Initiated Referendum!

Welcome to REVOLUTION: United WE STAND:

Thank you 
Lyn Bennetts






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