Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Climate change report predicts Armageddon by 2050

An Australian policy paper outlining a doomsday scenario for humans if there is no action taken to deal with climate change suggests that by 2050, there could be irreversible damage to global climate systems.
This would result in a world of chaos where political panic is the norm and would see us on a path facing the end of civilisation.

Scientists say intensifying heatwaves will soon make Australian cities ‘uninhabitable’

Climate scientists are warning that if these conditions persist, a number of Australia’s capitals will become uninhabitable in the very near future.
Heatwaves form when high pressure in the upper atmosphere stops air from rising and traps the heat, similarly to how a pressure cooker works. Extreme heatwaves wreak havoc on the environment and threaten power, traffic and water infrastructure.

“If climate change keeps accelerating the Top End will become uninhabitable”

“If climate change keeps accelerating the Top End will become uninhabitable due to extreme heat, catastrophic storms and sea level rise.”

'Many parts of Earth could become uninhabitable': Study's grim warning!!!

Earth is at risk of entering an irreversible "hothouse" climate, according to a new study
Many parts of the planet could become uninhabitable, scientists warn
The point of no return "could be only decades ahead"

Too hot for humans? First Nations people fear becoming Australia's first climate refugees!!!

Aboriginal people in Alice Springs say global heating threatens their survival
The town had 55 days above 40C in the year to July 2019
Central Australian outstations are running out of water
Poor quality housing in town camps cannot be cooled effectively
Indigenous leaders fear extreme heat will cause influx of internal refugees

Climate change evacuation planning needs to start now, scientists urge

Some people will become stateless, and will need to find homes in new countries, while others will need to relocate within their own borders.
Researchers writing in Science today argue that it's time to begin preparing the retreat of people living in regions that will become uninhabitable due to climate change.
By preparing now we can manage retreat in as equitable a way possible, and minimise paternalism and disruption to culture, according to author AR Siders from the Disaster Research Centre at the University of Delaware.
"People need to think about it right now," Dr Siders said.

Aljazeera. Climate Change Extinction.

Aljazeera. Climate Change Extinction.
11,000 scientists just announced that climate change has us on track for 'untold suffering', while the UN says the collapse of our ecosystems could wipe out a **MILLION** species.

And, we could be one of them.

There used to be many "environmental issues". But now, it's all one struggle. For life itself. We’re not separate from nature -- we ARE nature, and in this struggle we can find our true selves: not a virus that plagues this planet, but a species that protects all life.
Catastrophic climate change could end life on Earth. But our most powerful protection against climate change is life itself - vast forests and grasslands that turn our carbon emissions into water and oxygen. But since 1970, we've destroyed vast habitats, wiping out 60% of mammal, bird, fish and reptile populations! Only by saving both the climate and nature can we ultimately save ourselves.
I don’t know if there are any organizations out there that can organize a peaceful revolution, but if there is, then you better do it NOW, because we are fast running out of time!!!

Monday, December 30, 2019

Global Warming 2020 Australia.

It is early summer here in Australia; the temperature outside in the shade today was 35 degrees C. Fire season started here in New England in winter, & the bushfires have increasingly got worse. People are still talking about what we are going to do before 2050, but don’t you think that by 2050 the temperatures here will have reached such a height that we will not be able to go outside!!! The human body shuts down at 50 degrees C. !!! At these temperatures road surfaces will be melting, & this includes airport runways! Railway tracks will be buckling, transport will be at a standstill!!!
What do you think is going to happen to the electricity grid when everyone turns on their air conditioners? Is the government going to cater to this with more coal power generators?!!! The government says that Australia has met its carbon reduction target, but this is absolute bullshit, & on top of this Australia is exporting more coal than any other country in the whole world!!!
Bushfires are already in the extreme, & summer has only just started. Each year Australia will get hotter, my dam is the lowest it has ever been, leaves in the garden burn from the sun without shade cloth. The forest trees are dying fast, & the more trees that die, the faster global warming accelerates!!! Our tanks are not empty yet, but with no decent rain they soon may be. I am not likely to live until 2050, but my sons will, & my grandchildren will. Imagine what life is going to be like for them in 30 years time?!!!
We all know what needs to be done, we need to stop burning fossil fuels, & we need to stop destroying the native forests & woodlands, but this is not going to happen is it? The government certainly won’t stop selling coal or stop the burning of fossil fuels, will the people do it? No of course they won’t, they will sit on the fence until global warming really gets bad, so bad that those city lifestyles are affected, then they will start to winge & wine & some may even join the street protests, but will they do anything? Will they take control? No they won’t.
Eventually global warming will get really bad, and then the street protests will turn violent. People will get hurt & arrested. Things will get worse & this may start a revolution, but by this time it will be too late. Global warming will have past the point of no return, society will collapse, climate change will cause TEOTWAWKI, & after that possibly a mass extinction! WHY? Why is the Australian public sitting on the bloody fence waiting for this to happen? It makes no sense to me what so ever. If the government were to ban the drinking of beer I will wager the whole of Australia would be up in arms, but tell them that there is going to be a human extinction & they totally ignore it.
I don’t have any answers for the minority like myself who can see what is coming but are unable to stop it. All I can advise is that you start to prepare for what is coming. Get out of the city, go off grid. Grow your own food as best you can, be as self reliant & self sufficient as you can given the present society restrictions. Teach your children what to do. Start preparing now while we still have time.

How deadly is 50-degree heat? Australia's cities face the new reality of climate change

Buckled train tracks, grounded planes, melting bitumen and massive blackouts: the dystopian vision of the 50-degree city is closer to reality every day.


So what happens when transport comes to a standstill in & out of the city?!!! Even 4WDs can't move with a build-up of melted tarmac on their tyres!!!

Thursday, December 26, 2019

A Woodsrunner's Diary: A Hand Carved Wooden Spoon for Xmas.

A Woodsrunner's Diary: A Hand Carved Wooden Spoon for Xmas.: My youngest son carved this spoon for me for Xmas. Carved from pear wood.

Climate Change Is Driving Insect Extinction

Climate Change: Are You Scared Enough? feat. David Wallace-Wells

A ScoMo Christmas Message

This chocolate bar may contain deforestation

How sea creatures control the climate | Life Support | 04

How coral reefs save lives | Life Support | 03

How bugs put food on the table | Life Support | 02

As dangerous as climate change | Life Support | 01

Thursday, December 12, 2019

Climate Change Emergency is Real. Our very lives depend on us acting NOW!!!

This was Wychwood Forest some years ago, now it is dying. There is no longer any green grass & the wildlife is suffering. The trees are literally dieing from the heat & the lack of rain. On top of this we are now threatened by catastrophic bushfires. All this is caused by human made climate change. 

Long before the cattle industry, the world was populated with large numbers of ruminants, but the world seemed to have no issues with methane. American plains Africa and other continents had millions of buffalo, so how & when did the problem arise?
The world was a different place back then, large grassy plains managed by the indigenous peoples, huge wide spread forests, & healthy oceans. All these were producing oxygen & absorbing methane/Co2.
Then came the industrial revolution & the invasion of America & Australia. The industrial revolution marks the time steam engines were invented & coal was being burnt for energy. The invasions killed off many of the indigenous peoples & changed their lifestyles for ever. The grassy plains were no longer being managed to produce more green grass for the wildlife, now it was overrun by cattle & sheep. The forests were being logged for timber & destroyed & cleared to make more land for settlement & farming. The oceans lasted a little longer, but eventually humans also managed to pollute & contaminate with radio active waste, oil spills, garbage disposal, & single use plastics.
The herds of herbivores were mostly killed off & replaced with cattle & sheep in far greater numbers. The world was/is no longer green & the carbon dioxide levels rose & the oxygen levels in the oceans reduced. Now we have human made climate change, which is further destroying our forests through creating catastrophic conditions for bushfires. We have the internal combustion engine churning out Co2 into the atmosphere. We have coal burning electricity plants churning out more Co2 into our atmosphere. The planet is warming which is melting the ice & the permafrost. Melting ice has created black water which absorbs more heat. Melting permafrost is releasing more carbon into the atmosphere & releasing long buried pathogens & viruses.
Our world can no long keep up with the massive production of Co2 from livestock & other sources. The planet will survive when most, if not all humans have died due to climate change.
The world's people, the Australian people, need to act now. If they do not take control of this human made climate change situation, then we may all quite possibly die in a mass extinction event!!! This is NOT paranoia, this is NOT sensationalising, this is NOT bullshit! This is REAL! If the people wait for someone else to fix this, they are going to find themselves trying to survive TEOTWAWKI, & after that possibly a mass extinction!
I have done all I can through popular media channels to warn the population about climate change global warming, apart from preparing my own home in the forest off grid to help my children & grandchildren survive, there is nothing else that I can do. You NEED to take control of your lives, you NEED to take control of climate change by stopping the burning of fossil fuels, & by stopping the logging & destruction of our native forests & woodlands. Your future & your children's future depends on it!!!

Monday, December 9, 2019

Why Sweden is encouraging citizens to become preppers.

Thoughts for The Week by Ron Owen of Owen Guns.

Thoughts For The Week.
“As in nature, politics abhors a power vacuum.”
History has shown that weak, undefended countries are short lived experiences, until filled by a more violent power.
“We have between two and three years to go, before we have a major confrontation with China.”
History through the ages is littered with examples of Australia’s current demise. The pages of history prove to us that when presented with a power vacuum: there will arise a force; a country and Empire which will try to fill that void. History also shows that the force will be sinister. A force that will take away your liberty, your property, your happiness, and ultimately your life. I have seen the modern examples in my own lifetime, in the form of Communism, and have second generation knowledge of the scourge of Fascism in Nazi Germany, Italy, and the Imperial designs of the Japanese empire. Only 1 in a 100 examples are power voids filled by a benign power and China does not have a record of being benign.

Anson Chan, the former chief secretary of Hong Kong, occupied a position of trust unique in history. She was the last head of the Hong Kong civil service under the British and the first under the Chinese. She served four years under each, evidence that both powers trusted her impartiality and professionalism.
“I don’t think Australians understand the sort of country they’re dealing with. Look at the way they are infiltrating, even in Australia,” she said during a visit to Melbourne in 2016. “Australia is a very open society, so it wouldn’t occur to most people the designs of the one-party state. And it wouldn’t have occurred to the people of Hong Kong until we experienced it first-hand. No one should be under any illusions about the objective of the Communist Party leadership: it’s long-term, systematic infiltration of social organisations, media and government. By the time China’s infiltration of Australia is readily apparent, it will be too late.”
We’ve seen the pattern throughout history, with the empires, monarchies and savagery of forces seeking to conquer their known world, Babylonians, Greeks, Egyptians, Romans, Saxons, Danes, Norman, Mongols, the Spanish Armada, Napoleon, National Socialism, Hitler, Japanese Imperialism, Communism, Lenin and now Chinese Communism. They all have to try, as they know that if they fail to take an area someone else will fill the void. Power always seeks the ultimate in power. The opportunists are always rewarded, but not all win, some ultimately fail, but all leave behind them a total devastation, battlefields, personal human losses that in every instance the surviving common folk have to deal with until the next tyrant comes along. If there are any survivors at all.
Our Current Appeaser.
China’s ‘game-changing’ position will ‘reset the world order’, PM Scott Morrison says. China’s increased influence needed to be understood in terms of its rise.
“China in our lifetime has gone from a developing country, one of not great economic size or scale and not a large military, to the second biggest economy in the world with one of the largest militaries,” he said. “So it’s obviously been the game-changing country of our era and our generation. That’s obviously going to reset the world order. “We just need to understand that in its context. They’re a much bigger country than they used to be with much more influence, and that’s just something the system has to absorb and adapt to.”
Asked if the average Australian should be worried about China, he said “worry is not the word”.
Would “Petrified” be more of an honest response?
Is he mentally retarded, or is he a paid traitor for the Chinese like some of our other parliamentarians? Could he really be that blind to Chinese intentions.
Since 1949 China’s policy has been a never-ending pursuit of power, the relentlessly expanding influence and paranoid nature of the Chinese Communist Party invaded Korea, Tibet, Mongolia, East Turkestan, India, Vietnam means that it will continue to press outwards unless and until it meets resistance. It would be in Taiwan in a heart beat and is bursting to suppress Hong Kong. It has invaded Philippine’s Territory in the South China Sea and the world has done nothing. It has invaded Australian Antarctic Territory and Australia has not even asked them to leave. At home and abroad, it imposes one control after another until it is satisfied that it has total control. It is an ideology of authoritarianism animated by a psychology of totalitarianism.
The Appeasers are Sedated by this sort of Nonsense.
1. “No China can’t invade Australia.
China cannot break out of the first Island Chain or successfully invade Taiwan with a guarantee of success let alone Australia.”
Answer. The USA is not going to risk losing half its major cities to Chinese Ballistic Missiles to save Australia, South Korea, or Taiwan, or the Philippines. Once the threat of Nuclear War with the USA is removed, or fully cancelled Taiwan will not last a week.
2. “The distances are massive, 9,000km to Sydney, let alone Melbourne, Adelaide and the interior. China’s long supply lines can be easily interdicted by naval and air forces.”
Answer . China no longer has long supply lines it has bases all around us. Besides the South China Sea bases it has these as marked on the map.
3. “The forces required to invade Australia and secure it, are massive. Think of the Germans invading the USSR, Australia has great depth to fall back, hide, and counter attack at our choosing. No nation can successfully hold onto Australia with the deployments of hundreds of thousands of soldiers, perhaps a million.”
Answer . China has over 2 million men in its Army and millions more to call up. The Chinese also have a large well paid fifth column within Australia and subscribe to the creed to “Win Without Fighting”. Similar to Hitler’s strategy with the Appeasers he took the Rhineland, Austria and Czechoslovakia without fighting. Once they cut off our oil supplies and military goods our leaders will surrender and fly off to the South of France.
4. “The ADF would not engage in head on battles after a successful invasion, instead hit supply lines, logistics, hit and run tactics, use terrain and local knowledge to our advantage. Prior to the invasion force arriving which will need to traverse tight sea lanes and be visible to anyone who is looking.”
Answer. Amazing that people still see danger coming from the North of Australia, they imagine an enemy would be stupid enough to land in Northern Territory and march down to the southern capitals, when if all of their other ploys failed and they did have to fight they could either fly into the airports that they already own, or land anywhere between Sydney and Melbourne and drive to Canberra, or both. We have nothing to stop them. They have a Navy and Air force and we don’t.
5. “The Jindalee over the Horizon Radar System can track planes and ships in the South China Sea as far as Southern China. A large fleet headed to Australia would be tracked by this system or via satellite. Submarines and Aircraft would be used to either stop this fleet or reduce its effectiveness.”
Answer. More than likely China will take an off shore island like Lord Howe Island and one of the Chesterton Island and once supplied with J20 supersonic jet fighters and lots of missiles before turning off all our imports. From our six Collins Class Submarines we might get one to go to sea, as they are based in Western Australia it might take a fortnight to get to Torres Straits for its suicide run. China has 60 submarines and submarine drones even if we could send one or two destroyers or frigates they would be committing suicide again Chinese battle fleets with plenty of air cover.
6. “China would have limited or no air support. China has 1 Aircraft carrier with 1 locally built carrier soon to join the fleet. The limited numbers of aircraft they carry do not pose a significant threat to Australia’s air force which is also obtaining the F-35 Stealth Fighter. You only need to hit the air craft carrier to take out China’s air cover, then prevent China taking an airport/base as part of its invasion which would leave Chinese troops at the mercy of the Australian Air Force, it would be a slaughter. Australia would lose a number of F-18 Super Hornets to ship based defences, however combined with limited numbers F-35’s, P-8 Poseidon maritime strike planes, let alone the Australian Navy which would first use Collins Class Submarines.”
Answer. The Government stooge who writes the above clap trap has obviously not been informed of the two Chinese airport already here in Western Australia both controlled by Chinese State Corporations Citic and China Southern Airlines. The writer obviosly would not know that off shore Islands unlike aircraft carriers are un-sinkable, that China would not have to bring its carriers into the range of our air force, yet Chinese aircraft could dominate all of the East coast of Australia as the J20 has a range of 1100 miles. The J20 aircraft is considered a good match for the F35 maybe better, but no matter China has a lot more of them and has the factories that produce more when needed.
7. “Tiger attack helicopters would attack and landings and without air cover Chinese invading Ground forces would be decimated and easily repelled by the Australian Army. The US would also quickly resupply Australia with new aircraft, they have plenty of F-18 Super Hornets in the inventory to send us, plus the F-35’s will be rolling of the production line, they would be sent to the Australian air force to replace losses just as they did to Israel in its wars, we could also obtain resupply of smart missiles/bombs and other equipment we would require.”
Answer. Our 22 Tiger attack helicopter might have 12 working, China can draw on 1004, it also has 1500 fighter jets to give it as much air cover as it needs. The F-35s can role off the production line in the USA but Australia will have no means of flying or sailing them into the country. Re-supply of anything will be zero, as all sea way and air ways will be blocked by Chinese missiles or aircraft.
8. For China to successfully have any chance of invading Australia it would need to secure air bases and ports closer to Australia such as in Indonesia or PNG. This build-up of Chinese forces and bases would be seen and known well in advance and preparations would be made for a potential Chinese invasion. Without land based support from aircraft and a much shorter supply line an invasion would fail. Even with this the numbers of troops required to secure Australia’s population and hold the land against counter attack by Australian allies such as the US, Britain, NZ, Japan, Singapore to name a few would be immense and not possible.
Answer. We know about it already in advance anyway, we are surrounded by Chinese air bases and deep water ports. It has been seen, but our Appeasement Governments are too scared to alert Australia and place it on a ready for war footing. Defence problems happen quickly, China has land based support for its aircraft and short distances to its local ports and bases. China’s bases in Antarctica would assist with targeting Chinese missiles to knock out all government infrastructure. China has had much experience in securing civilian populations, it eliminates the none useful and makes slaves of only the ones worth feeding.
Good British, Canadian and American people would want there governments to assist Australia but they would be powerless to assist, China has its bases all in a row, it would control the Indian Ocean, the Pacific Ocean and the vast resources of the Southern Ocean, China’s southern flank will be secured they might be able to impose trade sanctions on China for a few years, they might stop the World Bank paying China a Billion US dollars every year in aid, but with all the resources from Antarctica, Australia and the South Pacific China will be an unstoppable world power. Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia. Indonesia, Africa and India will be the next ducks in the row.

China will not care about Global Warming, or Save the Whales, they want world domination and nothing will stand in their way. Ron Owen

The Last Time the Globe Warmed

Thursday, December 5, 2019

Got a gun? Meet the MP who thinks you're better off dead

Minister for Police Mr David Elliott.
Got a gun? Meet the MP who thinks you're better off dead
In late 2017, the Deputy Premier of NSW tasked a committee of the New South Wales Parliament to consider changes to the NSW Firearms Act to support the rights of homeowners trying to protect themselves.
The committee has just handed down its verdict.  In this blog we reveal the verdict, and why the NSW Police Minister seems to think:
 people are better off being Dead than Alive with a gun
Minister Elliott’s response
We have now received Mr Elliott’s advice. You can read it by clicking here (check your ‘download’ folder if you can’t find it).
To say it is astonishing is an understatement.  We have summarised what Mr Elliott's said below in bold, with our comments in brackets:
 The issue about whether you can use a gun contrary to your ‘genuine reason’ arises in the National Firearms Agreement  (Wrong.  Genuine reason is regulated by the NFA, but 'use' is not.  The 'use' of firearms is regulated by section 7A of the NSW Firearms Act which is out of step with every other jurisdiction and the NFA, and is something Mr Elliott could fix)
 Mr Dunstan acted outside the NFA (No.  If anything Mr Dunstan arguably used his firearm outside section 7A for the apparently trivial purpose of staying alive, but he was fully compliant with the NFA);
 "There is no intention to amend the genuine reasons provision" (We’re not asking Mr Elliott do that. We’re asking his government to amend 7A to allow for 'reasonable lawful excuse' so that courts can consider each matter on their circumstances and merit);  
 “… the use of a firearm in self-defence is a serious and lethal step which would not automatically protect the person from a criminal charge, despite the assertion they were defending themselves or their property” (Mr Dunstan was not charged with any offences, so Mr Elliott’s comments on this are not relevant);
 “In either case the use of a firearm is not endorsed as a means to self defend, given the potential lethality of a firearm, the risk to the person, the risk to any other person in the vicinity (including the criminal) in a highly volatile and emotionally fraught moment. The risk of escalating the violence is extreme” (Anyone who says this should not be allowed near guns ...); 
 “We also trust in our police to come to our aid and our criminal justice system to prosecute offenders and hold them to account for their actions” (Except that the police are 45 minutes away from Mr Dunstan’s property, and according Mr Dunstan, sometimes don't turn up to intruder calls. If you are going to wait for the NSW Police to come to protect you from a druggie with a knife, you will be dead by the time the police arrive)
Mr Elliott’s response is remarkable. It suggests the better outcome would have been for Mr Dunstan to have been dead, rather than be proactive and stay alive. 
… which is ironic given Mr Elliott was a captain in the army ….