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Blackfulla Revolution Video.


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A Woodsrunner's Diary: A New Ramrod For My Pistol.

A Woodsrunner's Diary: A New Ramrod For My Pistol.: I have made a video on making ramrods this afternoon. Not one that shows the actual making, but a description of the process & a talk on...

"Turn On A Light" by Shane Koyczan and The Short Story Long

Earth's Long-Term Warming Trend, 1880-2015

Medical Research. VIDEO.

Medical research in Australia is being quashed by our government. Just another move to put Australia behind the 8 ball & a little closer to being a third world country.

This orange has the power to change perceptions of dementia. But it all starts with you. Watch our video featuring Christopher Eccleston to find out how you can be part of #sharetheorange

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The Survival Connection By Keith H. Burgess.

The Survival Connection By Keith H. Burgess.
I will tell you a little about our group, who we are and what we do. Firstly we are an 18th century living history group, called the New England Colonial Living History Group 1680-1760. I started this group some 30 odd years ago, and we have an online presence in our official forum. Living History is about interpreting and recreating  past lifestyles, a little like Historical Re-enactment, except that we do not generally put on displays for the public and we go into the skills & equipment far deeper than the re-enactors do, and we emulate common personas in everyday situations rather than just military as re-enactors tend to do.
Part of our activities is Experimental Archaeology. That is the using of equipment, clothing & foods to establish exactly how an item was used. Sometimes this involves actually making that item. This can be anything from making fire in a primitive or period manner, to building a ship & sailing it on a trade route. Now there is another side that has been added known as Experiential Archaeology, which is the continuing use of the skills that we learn in experiments. We only wear period correct clothing, and we only use period correct equipment.
Not so much in Australia’s colonial past, but more in the New World colonial past, life was all about survival for those colonists who chose to live in the wilderness. They had to find or make some of their own tools, they had to often travel on foot to their destination carrying these tools and other supplies. On the way and once there they had to deal with the threat posed by natives and criminals. Everyone who was strong enough to hold and aim a gun was expected to know how to shoot. Plus there were a host of other skills needed to construct a dwelling, grow and hunt for food and to complete certain chores.
Now it does not take a total genius to realise that the above situation is very much in line with our needs as modern survivalists. All the more so because modern equipment rarely teaches us anything other than this is a throw-away society that we live in. Where as primitive equipment teaches us much about flora, fauna and our environment. A typical example would be the difference between using the “real” flint and steel method of fire lighting that has been in use for hundreds of years, and using a ferocerium rod. Many people do not learn about plant tinders when using the ferocerium rod, or the difference between plant tinders and kindling. Making fire in the rain can be difficult with a ferocerium rod, but not with a flint and steel. The skills learnt by using the flint and steel extend to the making and use of the fire-bow, flintlock fire lighting and reading glass fire lighting.
With the 18th century knapsack and contents I carry, along with other simple tools, I can survive a lifetime in the wilderness. Can a modern survivalist with what is considered mostly camping equipment claim the same? I very much doubt it. So what we have in 18th century living history is tried equipment and primitive skills. But it gives us something else that is of the utmost importance in survival, and that is a reasonable level of comfort. I will gladly admit that most of what I carry on my person is for comfort and not necessarily required for my survival. I can survive without carrying any equipment with me into a wilderness, but it is a very hard life until one manages to make a collection of primitive tools to make life easier, and even then we are talking about a Palaeolithic lifestyle.
By carrying 18th century equipment combined with the period and primitive skills, I can at least guarantee that my level of comfort will never drop below that level. Where as if I were to carry only modern clothing and equipment, slowly over time as items failed to work or broke and clothing wore out, I would be cast into a very primitive lifestyle regardless of the skills I may have learnt over time. If I were using a modern firearm it too may have ceased to function, or I may have simply run out of ammunition. Those using modern compound bows would be no better off, as these tools require special arrows, bow strings and parts.
However, do not think that I am totally against the use of modern technology; I believe that if we are able to carry some modern items as well as our period gear, then that would be an added advantage. The more people you have, the more you can take with you, but if I have to leave something behind, it will be the modern firearms etc that will in time break down and constitute a lot of weight for little gain. Modern medicine is an absolute must carry, despite what you may know about primitive methods and herbal use. Regardless of what you carry, you must keep one thing in mind. There must be a compromise between maximum self-reliance, and minimum weight.
If you have to leave the city or if you are forced from your bush retreat, you will need to make the right choice of equipment the first time. You may never get a chance to correct any mistakes, so choose wisely. IF you are serious about preparing for survival, and for you this is not just a game or a pastime, then you need to forget about looking like someone in the military. The military always has relied on back-up supplies and equipment. You, we, will NOT have that option. Whatever we take with us must be practicle, hard wearing and last us the rest of our lives.

Our group's forum. Anyone is welcome to join.  http://eighteenthcenturylivinghistory.freeforums.org/

My 18th Century Blog: http://woodsrunnersdiary.blogspot.com.au/

A Woodsrunner's Diary: Supplies for Virginia colonists, 1622

A Woodsrunner's Diary: Supplies for Virginia colonists, 1622: http://www.learnnc.org/lp/editions/nchist-colonial/5338

Environmental Video. Worth Watching.

This is one of the best adverts I have seen - Enjoy

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Queensland police violence

QLD police respond violently to Indigenous woman

QLD police respond violently to Indigenous woman: Amnesty International Australia - Promoting and Defending Human Rights in Australia and around the world.

The behavour of these police officers is disgusting. They are in this woman's house. Can you imagine them treating you like this in your house?! These officers need sacking, & we need a complete

overhaul of the policing system. How people are chosen for working in the police service for one. How people are treated by police officers.

Members of my family including myself have experienced the rudeness & provoking attitude of police officers with absolutely no reason what so ever. This NEEDS to be stopped or I strongly suspect it is going to get worse.


Don't Get Distracted From The Real Problems By BULLSHIT !!!


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Something To Think About. What If By Ron Owen Of Owen Guns Australia.

Do we work for Parliament, or does Parliament work for us?
Who is the slave and who is the Master?
Questions to Provoke Thought and Action.
Personal liberty is the birthright of all persons and our Constitutional documents recognize that liberty is personal and cannot be sacrificed by a majority vote of representatives, but only by individual consent? What would change if powers  given in our Constitutional documents no longer limited parliament but were actually used as a justification to extend parliamentary authority over every realm of human life? What if our Monarchs, first Minister in Australia, Prime Minister Turnbull made himself a Monarch? What if the Prime Minster assumed that everything he did was legal just because he has the numbers in the House of Parliament? What if he could interrupt your regularly scheduled radio and TV programming for a special message from him? What if he could declare war on his own? What if he could read your emails and your texts without a search warrant? What if the violation of the right to privacy is a gateway to all other government violations of personal liberty? What if the High Courts, Justices no longer looked to the Constitutional documents to determine the authority of a law, but rather simply to what other Justice’s who preceded them thought about it? What if the rights and principles guaranteed in the Constitutional documents were so ignored that our grandparents would think they were living in the old Soviet Union? What if the States were mere provinces of a totally nationalized and fully centralized government. What if the Constitution was amended stealthfully; not by Constitutional amendments dully ratified by the people in a referenda but by the constant and persistent expansion of the Government’s role in our lives? What if our parliaments decided that its own powers were above the Constitution? What if the Constitutional document were no longer the Supreme Law of the Land? What if you believed that our Constitutional documents represented the moral principles of our forefathers who valued our rights and freedoms at a higher in price than the parliament powers to interfere with them? What if those who wrote the Constitution believed that personal liberty is the default position and parliament power the exception? What if the Constitution means that our rights should be maximum and governments control minimum? What if the greatest right protected by the Constitution is the right to be left alone, the right to be oneself, the right to answer only to one’s own free will? What if our parliament is essentially the contradiction of that liberty?
What if you needed a license from the government to speak, to assemble or to protest against the government? What if the government didn’t like what you planned to say and so it didn’t give you the license? What if the right of law abiding firearm owners to defend their families and homes, their property only applied to government employees! What if parliament considered the police an adequate dispenser of justice and removed your recourse to a Trial by Jury and the Rule of Law? What if the Police looked and acted like troops and you couldn’t distinguish the military from the police?

What if parliament could remove your rights and titles to real estate property? What if parliament could legislate to remove you from your businesses and places of work with no compensation. What if the parliament could send Police to your homes and remove legally owned property from law abiding citizens who had done no wrong. What if Police could write out their own search warrants in defiance of the our Constitutional documents? What if parliament could continue prosecuting you, in its courts until it got the verdict it wanted? What if the parliament could force you to testify against yourself, simply by labeling you a ‘domestic terrorist’! What if the government could torture you until you said what the parliament wanted to hear? What if the parliament allowed your children to be tortured so they could get to your property? What if Police, Judges and lawyers intimidated juries into convicting the innocent? Would it be a cruel joke to call a country like that a ‘Free’ country? What if those who love power defeat those who love liberty in a parliamentary election? What if there is no one left to enforce the Constitution against those in power?
What if every parliamentary witch hunt never stops until it finds or creates a witch? What if every government inquisition never stops until it finds or creates a heretic? What if government does create modern-day witches and heretics and then arrests them and seeks credit for keeping us safe from them? What if they never posed any threat? What if we fall for this?

What if half the people in prison had never harmed anyone except the government? What if the whole purpose of the Constitution is to limit the government, not to unleash it? What if the people had no rights except those that parliament chose to allow? What if our elected officials didn’t really ‘live among us’ but instead all had their hearts and homes in specially guarded compounds. If it was proved that taxation was really theft, and un constitutional would you still pay it? What if voting didn’t mean anything anymore because both political parties stand for one Big Government? What if parliament could write any law, regulate any behaviour and tax any event and all Constitutional protections were meaningless. What if you knew that parliament had slowly engineered the removal of all of our Constitution protections. What if all of the above has already happened? What if all this is happening right under our noses? What if you could love your country but despise what parliaments have done to it? What if , to love your country, you had to change or abolish it? What if I am RIGHT, and what if the parliament is WRONG? What if it is dangerous to be RIGHT when the parliament is WRONG. What if a parliament that rejects its own Constitution was to be rejected by the people? Is it better to live as a slave, or to suffer fighting for FREEDOM? What if Australia greatest hour of danger is right NOW? What do we do about it?
Ron Owen  
Please Sign the Petition to Protect your Firearm Rights. This one is one is on the Queensland Government page and will be tabled in Parliament at the end of February 2016. Please Hurry.

English Warning "Our Gun Ban caused 40% jump in Gun Crime" DONT GIVE UP ...

Gun Control in Australia. Recent Gun Claims Pt. 1

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Gun Control Video.

I don't care what blowback I get from this, I share this opinion completely. Admit a total ban is what the Left wants. #Gunconfiscation #martiallaw

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More Police Corruption.

Unions and bikies - explosive evidence at Royal Commission

BUSTED: the truth about unions and bikies revealed at the Royal Commission. You won't believe this performance from Assistant Commissioner of the Victorian Police, Stephen Fontana, until you see and hear it for yourself.

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The NRA Just Sent Obama A BRUTAL Warning That He Will Never Forget....

Same here in Australia, the government refuses to come down on criminals, including the wealthy that refuse to pay their taxes. But the government does punish law abiding citizens in many ways including firearms restrictions which even includes primitive matchlocks, wheellocks & flintlock muzzle-loading guns. Crazy, unjust & corrupt to the core.

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On Firearms Control In Australia. By Robert Borsak.

Today I was asked by Fox News in London to comment on whether or not Australia's firearms laws work to stop crime in light of the decision by President Obama to reform American gun laws.
Our advocacy is being internationally recognized and it is about time that law abiding firearms owners get a fair go.
The show will air soon and we will get a copy of the segment as soon as we can get our hands on it.
In the meantime, here are my thoughts as an Australian law abiding firearm owner:
As President Obama attempts to reform America gun laws, the issue of gun control and violence is yet again in the spotlight. My thoughts and sentiments on this are not centred around American gun control or gun culture per se, but rather the Australian experience.
It is deeply disturbing that every time the issue of gun control is debated in America or other jurisdictions for that matter, Australian guns laws are hailed as the gold standard – a benchmark for leaders to achieve. Well, they are not.
As a starting point, we are not America, we do not have a constitutional right to bear arms, and in fact our constitution does not afford ordinary citizens many rights at all. Instead, what we have is an array of draconian and impractical state and national firearms laws, underpinned by a ‘Howard’ mentality that somehow regulating law abiding people will deter crime.
But the facts and evidence fly in the face of many of these ‘anti-gun’ lies and misinformation.
In late 2015, following intensive discussions with Robert Brown and I, the NSW Deputy Premier and Police Minister, Troy Grant, rightly pointed out what the Shooters and Fishers Party have been saying for over 20 years, “Greater than 97% of all firearms incidents reported in NSW relate to unregistered, or unbranded, or unmarked firearms… NSW has an illegal firearm problem”.
This has been the reality in Australia for decades. The vast majority of firearms crimes committed are done so with the use of an illegal or unregistered firearm by an unlicensed individual.
Logic dictates then, does it not, that the Government should focus the vast majority of its time and resources on curbing the illegal firearms trade and tough sentencing measures? Rather, successive governments have spent over a billion dollars on targeting law abiding firearms owners through failed registration schemes, confiscation and pointless “tough gun control” measures.
Further, independent and statistical research indicates that the regulation, including banning, of firearms, has little to no causal effect on the rate of crime. The Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research published a working paper on The Australian Firearms Buyback and Its Effect on Gun Deaths, which ultimately concluded that the NFA did not have large or long-term effects on reducing firearms homicide or suicide rates in Australia.
Our gun laws are nothing to be proud of. In fact, they represent one of the most vile and draconian attacks on personal freedoms and culture. They have been formed, and continue to be formed, on lies, political mileage and misinformation.
In 1996, the Howard Government decided that we couldn’t be trusted with semi-automatic rifles and pump action shotguns anymore, yet it seems criminals didn’t get the message?
Even today, the ordinary Australian citizens cringes or questions me when I tell them I love shooting and hunting. I don’t blame them though. I blame the collective efforts of politicians like John Howard, anti-gun groups like The Australian Greens and Gun Control Australia, and most of the media. This atmosphere of paranoia and ignorance was created by them. It is our job to unwind the damage and further our rights in the process.
Licensed firearms owners are among the few classes of people that are acknowledged and endorsed as fit and proper persons. Criminals are not allowed to obtain firearms licences period. Ownership and use of a firearm is a highly held privilege. With that privilege we have the right not to be associated with or disadvantaged by the action of senseless cowards. Relaxing firearms laws to make it easier and more practical for law abiding citizens to enjoy their sport and cultural pastimes is not going to result in a mass shooting or spike in gun crime.
To my fellow law abiding firearm owners, and to anyone who truly values personal freedoms and fact based decision making, I say this: The fight for the roll back of these firearms laws will be a generational struggle, but united, we have a strong and growing voice that will not be silenced!