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Thoughts for The Week. By Ron Owen of Owen Guns.

 Thoughts for The Week.

What you do in your lifetime will echo down through eternity”,
Marcus Aurelius.

The World Is Turned Upside Down.
How The Good are Demonised and the Bad are turned into Angels by the Ugly.
In our Gympie surrounding area there has been a group of thieves breaking into Rural houses and Stealing, mainly firearms. They have stolen a few vehicles and they have taken the plates off and used them to break into houses and cut open safes with battery driven, diamond wheeled angle grinders. Most of the household have the power on so they could use the mains anyway, but turn off the electricity in attempt to cut off security systems. Sometimes they have cut the safes out of the walls and driven off with the safe and guns inside. Sometimes, the house holders have returned home and the gang threatens them with firearms. Some of the victims have followed them at a distance and been on the phone to the police at the same time. Hopefully it was hands free.
Up to now these 6 or 7 robberies have occurred in a certain vicinity over several months. Each time the house holder has been in possession of some valuable European brand name firearms, or pistols or semi automatic rifles.
One has to think, how do the Villains know that these specific firearms, or any firearms are in the homes on these properties. If they were just raiding houses ‘willy nilly” then there would be a huge trail of broken homes, but that is not occurring. Actually, this sort of crime is very rare in the Gympie District, so naturally for so many expensive guns to go missing in a row
the rumour mill has it that the ‘Villains’ are receiving information from the register of Weapons Licencing.

The World Is Turned Upside Down. Realities and Facts Forgotten.
There has been several examples of this phenomena in Australia since the introduction of Long Arm registration one corrupt policeman, or civilian who has access to the registry systems, sells the information such as in the Geelong Area of Victoria, (about ten years ago). Of course it does not help when the Police in Perth gave the addresses of firearm owners to the newspapers. Which caused front page, scare tactics, with head lines of “You Could Be Living Near a Firearm Owner”. Surely Historically, it has been the corrupt copper selling information to the “Villains”, that has caused the specific robberies.

The Innocent are Made into Criminals.
Of course, this give the Police and the media the stick to beat us with, as they blame firearm owners for a lack of security, we firearms owner are made out to be the Villains and not the Victims. The real reasons are forgotten and we are never given the chance to defend ourselves.

Firearm Laws where Law ‘Verses’ Justice. Or it is Tyranny?
In my humble opinion I believe one of the definitions of tyranny, is where crimes are manufactured by government for control and not for addressing wrongs, we are not surprised, if a person is charged and convicted of having their firearms not locked in a secure enough safe. These days we are bullied to accept that the if a persons private property, a firearm, is stolen and used in murder then the property owner has to share in the guilt. Even worse, property owners who are burgled are given a conviction, fined and lose the ownership of their property even when the thief has not used the firearm to commit violence. Yet, when a Vehicle is stolen and used to commit violence, the vehicle owner suffers only sympathy. Where is the justice, where is the equity? If a person steals a motor bike and loses their life when they meet a telegraph pole, no one blames the owner of the motor bike but when someone steals a revolver and kills themselves the firearm owner is criminalized.
When a killer steals or buys a cigarette lighter and a litre of petrol and pours it over the Post Office lady behind the counter asks for her takings and burns her to death. No one prosecutes the Service Station. Again for Law to be Justice it has to have equality and consistency, here in Australia we blindly accept that it’s the law and has to be suffered.

Laws should protect the lives and property of the people, they should apply to all people on an equal basis. Laws, should not be created just to remove ‘Rights’ nor imposed to be a deterrent for firearm ownership. Police should be policing and protecting property owners from “Villains” not Harassing good people in their homes and properties, but remember the World is Turned Upside Down.

Populations only use is for taxation and cannon fodder.

Why do we Allow it?
It’s a part of the human condition, our master political parties know that we honest citizens take the path of easiest resistance. They have written countless books about it, so can instruct their disciples to use it to advantage. They treat us like Sheep and we beg for the sheep dog.

Civilian Soldiers will fill defend their country. Gun Laws go out of the Window.

Our Only Use to Government is Taxation and Cannon Fodder.
The only time that we are any use to our master political, besides being milked into poverty by taxation is when the country has an external threat from a harder set of political masters.
The Russian people who suffer only government opinion from all of Russia’s media outlets are finale waking up to that fact at the present time and free thinkers are leaving the country by the thousands. Like most of us they would fight to save their country but have no wish to invade a neighbour such as the Ukraine. The Ukraine Army has a maybe another three weeks to re capture their country back before the harsh winter sets in then the battle lines will be static for three months, before the country turns into a bog due to the thaw. During this time, Ukraine will train its troops in Britain and receive equipment from the west, the Russians will reinforce their positions with a million men, to hold the line.

When invasion has to be faced, the woke are put to sleep and the revision happens.

Within a few months the Ukraine will have a million combatants as there population has been gearing up for this since July. Russia will look to China and North Korea for arms and equipment to fill the gap of its losses, while its factories gear up to produce thousands of a tanks and artillery pieces. The Western Arms might be more accurate for specific targets but the Russians will have more of it, historically they have employed artillery wheel to wheel to blast a hole in their enemies lines in which they can pour in mass attacks of poorly trained men. As in the 20th Century Wars Russian casualties are always enormous, they seem to have little regard for there own men, with the idea that they more they sacrifice the stronger will to prevail in the survivors .
Unfortunately, this war is set to grind on for years, with its only hope being a more humanitarian leader replacing President Vladimir Putin. That is doubtful at present as his two ‘next in line; are harder hearted than Putin.

China every year another Aircraft Carrier.

This is all good news to China ambition on invading Taiwan.

Meanwhile, China looks at the war in Ukraine as just a skirmish, a place to test the latest equipment, and nuclear strategy, and have taken great heart and noticed that the United States nor any other country has put boots on the ground to help the Ukrainians. They have watched Vladimir Putin succeed in bullying the other countries saying, “if you intervene we will make a nuclear bomb strike against your country.” President ‘Sniffy’ Biden made a statement last week that he would intervene to protect Taiwan from China, but again did not promise boots on the ground fighting.

If the USA allows China to take Taiwan.
It being a huge loss for the western world economics, with irreparable damage to the world’s best and unique semiconductor industry concentrated on the island. An armed conflict around Taiwan would mean a grinding halt for many sectors of the world economy, ranging from smartphone and car production to making TV sets and refrigerators. Taiwan is responsible for 63% of the market, worth USD 147 billion, and in addition, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, controls 90% of the state-of-the-art segment of chip manufacturing. The company produces chips of less than 10 nm in size, which is 10,000 times thinner than a sheet of paper, all other western countries will finally understand that they can only look to their own defence and not depend on the USA. China will own the Pacific Ocean and the Countries on its western perimeter. Australia will then know that they are the next meat in the Chinese sandwich.

Revision on the Way, One Way or Another.
Russia’s assault on Ukraine, has at last made Taiwanese society much more attuned to the risk of war, and provided an incentive to revitalise civil-military connections. It has boosted civil defence initiatives. Last week, tycoon Robert Tsao pledged NT$1bn (US$33mn) to help finance two initiatives for training civilian fighters. But such plans will wither unless the military agrees to integrate them into its strategy, experts said.
“Some of the most heroic images coming out of the [Ukraine] war, the very images that have secured massive support from overseas, are of civilians fighting the Russian invaders, “If Taiwan is to secure this same level of international support in the event of a Chinese attack, then the civilians can’t be seen just waiting to be saved by their military, or worse yet, by someone else’s.” Robert Tsao said “Today, Taiwan’s young people are proud of the society they’ve inherited and are willing to fight to protect their government and institutions. They must be given every opportunity to do so.”
Taiwan has unveiled plans for a record boost in defence spending, weeks after China staged unprecedented military exercises around the democratically governed island. The 13.9 percent spending increase, which includes funding for new fighter jets and other equipment, would take the total defence budget to a record 586.3 billion New Taiwan dollars ($19.41bn), or about 15 percent of total government expenditure. Yet they still need the USA to quickly supply them, but most of this equipment has to be produced from the factories they are not just off the shelf. China knows this and realises it has a window of opportunity, it would prefer of course to see the USA and its western allies fighting a European war in the Ukraine with millions of men on either side and the majority of the US Navy engaged in the Black Sea, but also knows that the weak USA window with President ‘sniffy’ Biden is only going to last another two years.

Power To the People comes from the Barrel of their Guns.

All Political Power Comes From the Barrel of a Gun.
A previous Chinese dictator ‘for life’ Mao Zedong said in his little Red Book “All political power comes from the barrel of a gun.” but he was not the first, nor the last. As since firearms were invented other have said, “as the police/army have the guns, and are loyal to the government, the government retains political power”.
Same with the sword and spear it worked for the Caesar’s and his Praetorian guard, it works today all over the world. All elections and media are sleight refinements, to keep the society stable and the economy running smoothly. Of course in a really radical social experiment such as the United States where the people not only have the vote, but also have more guns than the government, loyalty of the citizens becomes at least as important as the loyalty of the police. For example, in these days it would be very difficult to forcible call up Americans to fight in a war of invasion that they did not support, as what is happening in Russia at present.
Even the small relatively peaceful resistance to conscription in the Vietnam era, made the USA a voluntary army ever since.

Free Guns from the Government. They will only want them back, if you win.

We have a very troubled world, turned upside down at present, but as in Ukraine and Taiwan War brings a huge, costly necessary revision, it won’t be nice but nevertheless its coming. Unfortunately, it will not make ammunition, primers and powder easier to get.

“There is no Spring without Winter, without Mistakes there is no Learning. There is no Life without Death, without Doubts there is no Faith. There is no Peace without War, without Fear there is no Courage. For without Mistakes, Doubts and Fears there are no pathways to Wisdom.”
Ron Owen

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