Thursday, March 26, 2015

Australian Police The Citizens Enemy In A SHTF Situation.

Disgusting behavour. Obviously the police are no longer there to protect us, they are here to do whatever the government tells them to do. Their uniforms have taken away their humanity (though some never had any before they wore that uniform). So in a SHTF situation, we now know where we stand in regards to police protection. We are on our own.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

The Government Dictatorship Makes New Laws, We Lose More Of Our Freedoms. AUSTRALIA 2015.


The very people who are supposed to be protecting Australian citizens, are now being told by the Abbott Government to penalise Australian citizens. This is a dictatorship, Abbott is a dictator ruling the lives of honest law abiding Australian citizens.
Abbott introduces new legislation to remove more of our freedoms & give police the right to arrest citizens/farmers.

Indonesian police shoot Papuans fundraising for Vanuatu after Cyclone Pam

Indonesian police shoot Papuans fundraising for Vanuatu after Cyclone Pam.

Statism: The Most Dangerous Religion

This is the problem we have in Australia right now, we are being governed/ruled by the Abbott government & we don't wan to be!!! This is a corrupt government.

Friday, March 20, 2015

AUSTRALIAN REVOLUTION 2015. Attention, New Date. 10th Of July.

10th of July 2015
Did you know that the 9th of July 2015 is the 115th Birthday of the Australian Constitution Act 1900 whereby Royal Commission of Accent by Queen Victoria II signed off on our Constitution Act 1900, the signing of this document on 9 July 1900 gave Royal Accent and this Bill providing for the creation of the Commonwealth of Australia became law, enacting the Australian Constitution and the founding of the Commonwealth.
The Commission of Assent, with the original Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act and the Letters Patent establishing the office of Governor-General, are thus the
'birth certificates' of the Australian Nation, the key instruments of the Commonwealth.
We are changing the date of our "VELVET REVOLUTION MARCH" to the 10th of July 2015 so as in the future we as a NATION who are UNITED can celebrate the Birthday of our Constitution Act 1900 on the 9th of July each year and on the 10th of July each year we will celebrate "The People's VELVET REVOLUTION" that RESTORED our Constitution Act 1900 and RE-EMPOWERED "the SOVEREIGN PEOPLE of the COMMONWEALTH of AUSTRALIA" to their lawful SUPREME position in the Constitution.
We would have liked to have held our VELVET REVOLUTION MARCH on the 9th of July 2015 as a tribute to and to honour the signing of the Royal Commission of Accent of our Constitution Act 1900 by Queen Victoria the Second. However, we truly believe that this day should be celebrated and honoured on it's own merit and be provided it's own celebratory ceremony; this year the signing of our Constitution Act 1900 falls on a Thursday.
You will also notice that the
10th of July 2015 this year is a Friday which will be a far better day for "AUSTRALIA'S
as people can then UNITE with us on the Friday and use the weekend to celebrate "The People's Achievements"!
This day will be acknowledged and celebrated in the future as "AUSTRALIA'S VELVET REVOLUTION DAY" that
• REMOVED the corrupt corporate government,
• RESTORED our Constitution and
• RE-EMPOWERED "The People of the Commonwealth of Australia"!
Each year from this year forward the Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be a Public Holiday long weekend that will be a celebration of Australia's Royal Commission of Accent of our Constitution Act 1900
Tyranny, Fraud, Treason and
Political Corruption!
The Royal Commission of Accent by Queen Victoria II has never been HONOURED in celebration as it
should rightly have been throughout the history of Australia, due to the fact that the corrupt corporate government would rather it was forgotten and who have tried tirelessly to bury our CONSTITUTION and our INHERENT RIGHTS along with it; so they could force Australians into becoming a Republic and therefore become DICTATORS in their own right.
ROYAL COMMISSION OF ACCENT: Is outlined in this link along with many other documents, however, for easy reference l have copied and pasted the relevance of the Royal Commission of Accent below for your convenience.
When Queen Victoria signed this document on 9 July 1900 the Bill providing for the creation of the Commonwealth of Australia became law, enacting the Australian Constitution and the founding of the Commonwealth. The Commission of Assent, with the original Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act and the Letters Patent establishing the office of Governor-General, are thus the 'birth certificates' of the Australian nation, the key instruments of the Commonwealth.
The Australian Constitution Bill was drafted at a series of Constitutional Conventions in the 1890s and taken to London in 1900 by a delegation led by Edmund Barton. The Bill to establish the Commonwealth of Australia had to pass through the British Parliament and this was achieved after some struggle about allowing appeals from Australian courts to the Privy Council in Britain. At the request of the jubilant Australian delegation, Queen Victoria signed her Royal Assent in duplicate so that a copy could be brought back to Australia. The Queen presented this document with the pen, inkstand and table used at the ceremony in Windsor Castle to Edmund Barton, spokesman for the delegates.
The writing table, of brass and ebony, with gilded ormolu decoration and a surface of tan morocco leather, has been used for rare ceremonies since. It can be seen in photographs of the Commonwealth inauguration ceremony in Centennial Park, Sydney on 1 January 1901.
Brooks, Herbert (ed.), The Federal Story: The Inner History of the Federal Cause, 1880–1900 Alfred Deakin, Robertson & Mullens, Melbourne, 1944.
Garran, R, Prosper the Commonwealth, Angus & Robertson, Sydney, 1958.
Irving, Helen, To Constitute a Nation: A Cultural History of Australia's Constitution, Cambridge University Press, Melbourne, 1997.
La Nauze, JA, The Making of the Australian Constitution, Melbourne University Press, Melbourne, 1972.
This is a single vellum sheet 51 x 66 cm with a beautiful pearly sheen. Attached by a crimson and silver bullion cord and tassels is a round silver case containing the wax seal with the Royal insignia. On the reverse, folds around the wording are clearly visible. Conservation treatment now enables the document to be kept unfolded.
A facsimile of this document, made for the Australian Bicentennial Exhibition which toured Australia during 1988, is displayed in Parliament House Canberra.
This silver case contains the wax seal with the Royal insignia.
Long Title: Queen Victoria's Commission of Assent to the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 9 July 1900
No. of pages: 2
Medium: Vellum sheet
Measurements: 51 x 66cm
Provenance: Presented to Australia by Queen Victoria on 9 July 1900. Kept in the National Library of Australia (then known as the Commonwealth Library) before being moved to the first Parliament House. The National Archives was given custody of the document in 1988.
Features: A beautiful document with cord, tassels, silver case and wax seal in good condition
Location & Copyright: Parliament House Canberra
Where ALL GROUPS and ACTIVISTS are concerned we are requesting (for a very short time) that you lay aside your ISSUES OF CONCERN and UNITE with us as ONE to RESTORE our CONSTITUTION AND TO
As previously stated we need groups to stay in your groups for referendum purposes as you know more about your issue than any of the politicians in parliament today.
But do you realise that the majority of issues that Groups are rallying for are Constitutional Issues and are laid out as our inherent rights within the Constitution?
Therefore, if ALL Groups and Activists lay to one side your issue and MARCH with us on the
10th of July 2015
on Our Constitution Issue alone to implement the most important
3 R's TO
• REMOVE the corrupt corporate government from our Parliament
• RESTORE our Constitution Act 1900 and the Annotated Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia and to
• RE-EMPOWER THE SOVEREIGN PEOPLE of Australia with our INHERENT RIGHTS as was so gifted to us by Queen Victoria the Second on the 9th of July 1900 and the Framers of the Constitution to ensure that "The People" will forever more Rule Supreme and the FACT that our Constitution is indissoluble!
Then ALL issues that your group are rallying and marching for will be dealt with by Citizen Initiated Referendums
OF "The People"
FOR "The People"
BY "The People"
and that will forever more provide a
TRUE & DIRECT DEMOCRACY for The People of the Commonwealth of Australia!
10th of July 2015:
Meeting at the Main Park in
Every City and Major Town across that Nation of Australia.
VELVET - Meaning Non Violent
Please join our group and share everything you receive from "VELVET REVOLUTION".
For more FACT SHEETS and further information you can contact us via:
Lyn Bennetts
National Organiser of
UNITED WE STAND SIDE by SIDE against Tyranny, Fraud and Political Corruption!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Building an Earthbag Dome

60 Minutes Australia - Fracking - The Coal Seam Gas Land Grab

Tony Abbott is obviously out to bring Australia down on it's knees. Why I can't tell, other than the fact that Abbott is getting richer by the minute, but there has to be a much bigger picture.
I simply fail to see why the Australian people are letting this happen, it makes no sense. Footy clubs continue to play, all sports are still actively engaged, there are no walk-outs, business as usual. What on earth do people think is going to happen when all our farm land is gone? All our drinking water polluted? Our Aboriginal communities destroyed?
And those of us who have no leverage what so ever must stand alone & watch this destruction of our country happen day by day knowing that we alone can do nothing!!!

Friday, March 13, 2015

Declaration Of Indigenous Rights. The Abbott Government Illegally Evicts Aboriginals From Their Land.

Prime Minister, living on your land is not a “lifestyle choice” it is a basic human right.
Article 10 of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples states:
Indigenous peoples shall not be forcibly removed from their lands or territories. No relocation shall take place without the free, prior and informed consent of the indigenous peoples concerned and after agreement on just and fair compensation and, where possible, with the option of return.
Article 8 highlights the dangers of removing people.
1. Indigenous peoples and individuals have the right not to be subjected to forced assimilation or destruction of their culture.
2. States shall provide effective mechanisms for prevention of, and redress for:
(a) Any action which has the aim or effect of depriving them of their integrity as distinct peoples, or of their cultural values or ethnic identities;
(b) Any action which has the aim or effect of dispossessing them of their lands, territories or resources;
(c) Any form of forced population transfer which has the aim or effect of violating or undermining any of their rights;
(d) Any form of forced assimilation or integration;
(e) Any form of propaganda designed to promote or incite
racial or ethnic discrimination directed against them.
When communities live on their country and are properly supported they thrive. At Children's Ground we are proving that children connected to their land have a deep sense of well-being, can have the best education and an economic future.

WA uses mounted police and dogs to seize tents and valuables at Indigenous Refugee Camp after eviction from community.

WA police have used K-9 dogs and dozens of Mounted Police to seize the tents and valuables of Refugee's and their supporters. Djurin Republic of the Nyoongar established a 'Refugee Camp' for their displaced people at Matagarup (Heirisson Island) Perth, Western Australia, following the announcement that First Peoples living on their homelands would be removed


I ask myself, who's side are the police on? Their job is to serve & protect Australian citizens, & yet here we see them working against Australian citizens at the request of the government. So is this what all of us can expect if push comes to shove? Is this why the government is so keen to remove firearms from law abiding citizens?!!!
Where does the military stand on this? These police & military are all Australians, but it seems that we are not the same Australians. If you wear a uniform, it gives you the right to go against your own people without any fear of repercussions or feeling guilty.

I think we need to bear this in mind. The police & military may not be our protectors anymore, but in certain circumstances could become our enemies.

Abbott Government Targeting Aboriginals. How Far Is The Government Prepared To Go??? They Have Already Gone Too Far!!!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Story Of The Continued Genocide Of West Papuans By Indonesia.

When you see this video & hear how West Papua became ruled by Indonesia, you will understand why Australia's scum bag of a Prime Minister, Tony Abbott condones this genocide & refuses to help the West Papuans. America, Australia & the UN are all complicit in this continued slaughter of West Papuan men, women & children.  

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Abbott Backs Plans To Evict Australian Aboriginals From Outback Communities !!!

Tony Abbott has backed the West Australian Government's plans to close nearly half of the state's 274 remote communities

Australia's prime Minister Tony Abbott supports Genocide in West Papua by the Indonesian Government !!!

This one would think would be the final nail in Tony Abbott's coffin, & yet he publicly admits that he supports genocide in West Papua without any hint of conscience what so ever & knowing that no one will oppose him. Is this what Australia has come to, & total disgrace? Is this what our world has come to with no one speaking out against the Australian government's support of the Indonesian government? Australia has trained Indonesian troops, & Australia is backing this Genocide against the West Papuans. 
If this was not so real, it would be totally unbelievable. I can not think of any words that adequately describe what I think of Tony Abbott & the Australian government as a whole, I am lost for words.
Tony Abbott supports the genocide in West Papua.

Men, women & children being slaughtered by Indonesian troops in West Papua. This is happening on Australia's doorstep, just 200 klm away, & Australia is allowing this to happen !!!

People & Power - Goodbye Indonesia

Political Corruption & More Mining.!!!

February - Swinburne study into youth homelessness reveals majority spent time in out of home care - Swinburne University of Technology

February - Swinburne study into youth homelessness reveals majority spent time in out of home care - Swinburne University of Technology

Rosie Batty's advice to women living with violence

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Domestic Violence is Rife In Australia, Please Sign This Petition.

He punched me until I was unconscious, strangled me four days before my son was born and again when I was 7 months pregnant with my daughter, punched me in the face whilst me children screamed, terrified – we fled when my daughter was just 6 weeks old, then police applied for IVO.
But despite 30 breaches of domestic violence orders, my attacker is still free.
He's been convicted and sentenced three times, since first conviction in 2011 yet is on bail right now and hasn't spent a day in jail. Despite charges of threat to kill, and threat to cause actual harm.
Writing all this down in a petition is terrifying. My mind re-lives the fists, the choking and thinking i would die with my baby growing inside me, seeing my little boy hitting the ground in my home and his smashed up room. Living in fear and always looking over my shoulder,. But I'm doing it because right now we have an opportunity to fix these laws leaving women at the mercy of domestic violence abusers.
I tried to leave, called the police, and showed up to court for trials, I cried as he walked out of court, after being being found not guilty, as there wasn’t 'evidence beyond reasonable doubt', while he looked at me and laughed
The police’s “intervention orders” didn’t stop him. They weren't enforced and he found me at a safe house. Unbelievably – legal aid was offered to him and so representing me was denied as a "conflict of interest".
Just trying to escape the abuse left me broken. I was left in $30,000 in legal debt for ensuring he didn't get custody of my kids, and forced to move interstate, for my own safety . He hasn't paid 1 cent in child support so all my kids' clothes, medicine, nappies are paid for from my student allowance and centrelink.
All I want is to move on, but financially and with my attacker still free I can't do that. I just want the government to act – and fix the laws that are doing this to people by:
  1. Create a law that says breaking a domestic violence order sends you to jail, with immediate effect
  2. Force domestic violence perpetrators to pay child support
  3. Allow family violence victims to move with their children interstate away from their perpetrators, so they can feel some kind of safety
  4. End the crippling debt for domestic violence victims by making legal aid free – and force Legal Aid to represent the victim over the perpetrator
Please help me change these laws that leave domestic violence victims stuck in terrifying limbo – and in huge financial debt.
Please sign & share. 
Thank you for reading. Dani x

Friday, March 6, 2015

Homelessness in Australia, & The Abbott Government Don't Give a Damn !!!

On any given night, there are 105.000 homeless people in Australia, 42% are under the age of 25 !!!
This situation is now made worse by the Abbott government cutting funding to community services.

Executions: Indonesia kills over 500.000 Papuans during an ongoing silent Genocide..

What sort of a deal has Australia made with Indonesia to allow this Genocide to continue? We give aid to Indonesia, we have allowed Indonesian forces to hold trials on Australian soil !!! 
Tony Abbott absolutely disgusts me. Him & all the people who keep him in office illegally.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Tony Abbott Refuses To Save Our WW2 Allies From Genocide!!!

The Papua people were our allies in WW2, & now we are letting Indonesia exterminate them!!! We send troops to the middle east into a war, but we can't help these people??? Shame on you Abbott you gutless wonder!!!

‘Trophy’ photograph taken by an Indonesian soldier after he and his comrades murdered Ninuor Kwalik and his 12 year old nephew Daugunme. April 1998
Jeny Badi, an 18 year old Papuan student who was gang raped by the Indonesian military and then shot dead. July 2012
Papuans return to find their homes in burnt to the ground by the Indonesian army

This is happening NOW on our own doorstep!!! Why in hell are we not helping these people? Why does the Abbott government let this happen & refuse to help the Papuan people???!!!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Don't trust Adani with the Great Barrier Reef

WARNING !!! IMPORTANT !!! Is Radiation Contaminated Fish getting Into Australia???!!!

Australia does not have a decent level of checks on foods coming into the country, because Tony Abbott has don a deal with overseas countries on trade. He is prepared to risk the lives of Australian citizens to line his own pockets!!!

A Woodsrunner's Diary: How to Identify, Harvest, Extract and Process Amad...

A Woodsrunner's Diary: How to Identify, Harvest, Extract and Process Amad...: Please note that this is NOT a period way of charring tinder. Tinder materials were charred directly in the fire, & then the smouldering...

A Woodsrunner's Day By Keith H Burgess Part Four

A Woodsrunner's Day By Keith H Burgess Part Three

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A Woodsrunner's Diary: A Woodsrunner's Day Part One.

A Woodsrunner's Diary: A Woodsrunner's Day Part One.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

The Exposure within Australia of Political Corruption

This was exposed back in 2010, & bugger all was done about it !!! Now we have Abbott in charge, & his position as PM is also illegal. What is it going to take to pull ALL Australians, black & white together & rise up against this illegal government that is screwing us over???!!!!