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Thoughts For The Week By Ron Owen. 16th July 2019

Thoughts For The Week.
“Potentially, a Government is the most dangerous threat to man’s rights; for it holds a legal monopoly on the use of physical force against legally disarmed victims.”  Ayn Rand
Most of the world has been watching the valiant protests in Hong Kong, young people mainly who oppose the Chinese Governments policy of silencing criticism of Communist China by removing them from Hong Kong and putting them into a secret trial system within China’s mainland where nearly everyone is found guilty. Its basic Freedom, the David and Goliath story but Goliath might awake and smash the Hong Kong freedom protestors at any time.

Meanwhile in the Socialist republic of New Zealand Madam Prime Minister follows China’s lead enforcing a disarmament campaign on the good citizens and banning the people from watching a video supposedly of the killing of 50 people in a mosque, however on close inspection it is a farce similar to a video game, showing toy firearms with flashing torches to imitate muzzle flash. So why ban something that is not what its properted to be? None of the supposed victims are recognisable all have conveniently covered their faces after lying down. When other news media film clips on the six o clock news show mass murders, which are more horrific they are not banned, no one is threatened with 14 years jail for watching the Bali Bombers. The governments are not banning other video games so what is in this video that it makes the removal of the freedom of exchange of information so necessary?

The real objective is to have servile people.
The media and politicians rush with swords drawn to protect the integrity of the Freedom of Speech when it’s a Federal raid on the ABC, when people lives and national secrets are at risk, but not one of them offers to say a word in the defence of protecting the freedom of Speech on the internet. No one wants to glorify in any way the creatures who attach un-armed defenceless people, but to take away the right of people to send it about and say “hey this video is nonsense”, shows that governments and media have other motives. Motives that they are not disclosing.
” We can say that the challenge to protect freedom, is now a challenge the Australian parliament has failed to meet. “Senator Eric Abetz
Motives that are similar to the sinister suppression of the Freedom of Speech in China, are not too dissimilar to the restrictions of freedoms in Australia and New Zealand, while Israel Folau explores legal avenues, the broader fight for freedom of religion and belief continues. Supposedly, the new federal parliament is now in session and the government is promising religious freedom legislation. I will only believe that their intentions are honourable when not just 18 C of the Racial Discrimination Act is removed, but when all of this Act is removed, plus the all inclusive State Anti Discrimination Acts are removed. These Acts do not just suppress the freedom of speech, they create public funded witch hunt inquisitions that use the power of the State to create legal precedents that nullify any safeguards that were put in these Acts to sell them to the dumbed down majority.
Just recently, a man described as the “UK’s Israel Folau” recently won a similar case, the British Justice system must not be as polluted as ours in Australia.

One man with integrity can change the world.
Christian student Felix Ngole was expelled from his social work course at Sheffield University for posting comments critical of homosexuality on Facebook.
After fighting a four-year legal battle, the UK Court of Appeal has ruled in favour of Ngole.
The decision, which overturned an earlier High Court ruling in the university’s favour, found that “the University adopted a position from the outset… which was untenable” and that the university “wrongly confused the expression of religious views with the notion of discrimination.”
The presiding judges pointed out that “The mere expression of views on theological grounds (e.g. that ‘homosexuality is a sin’) does not necessarily connote that the person expressing such views will discriminate on such grounds.”
Ngole’s comments were made in the course of a debate on Facebook over the jailing of US marriage registrar Kim Davis. Davis, you might recall, refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples in Kentucky and was jailed briefly for contempt of court in 2015.
Our Australian courts have always taken the opposite view ‘that if any person could be offended, no matter how slightly then there is breach of the Act which has to be prosectured.
Senator Eric Abetz describes this sort of  discrimination correctly,
“In an exercise of Orwellian proportions, these sports stars were targeted for exclusion in the name of inclusion and discriminated against in the name of tolerance. You don’t have to agree with Izzy to agree with his right to express his religious views, or his wife’s right to back him.”The Senator then outlined why the Folau precedent is a threat to our freedom.
“Today it’s Izzy’s religious views and his wife’s loyal support. Yesterday it was the Professor Ridd’s scientific views. Tomorrow it might be somebody’s political view. The next might be someone’s environmental view. This is a fight for freedom of speech which impacts us all. The government must, and I am confident will, respond to the expressions of the quiet Australians on 18 May and ensure our freedoms, which were bought with the highest of prices, are not sacrificed and squandered on the altar of political correctness.”Any normal Australian who does not have the financial backing or profile of Andrew Bolt or Israel Folau stands no chance before government selected Tribunals, composed of one person. Their selection is not based on their knowledge but on their opinion and in most of the Tribunals the Rule of law and the Rules of evidence do not apply. One Tribunal member in my case bragged from the bench that he could take his opinion on evidence presented from what he read in the morning papers and ignore whatever I presented in my defence.
We do not have a Constitutional Monarchy, or a Constitutional democracy when we cannot comment or we are prevented from reading comments from others, without the freedom ot interchange information we are no better off than the Chinese people, or the Hong Kong people, the difference in the degrees of suppression we are in is just academic debate.
One Law For All.
We are either one nation with equal justice for all, or no justice for those without government support. Government now will support Muslins, homosexuals, and people with a darker skin colour, but won’t support Christians, firearm owners, and white skinned people. That is Discrimination in itself. If we had a correct justice system we are all at liberty to take any offence of Libel or Defamation to the civil courts, if the government wanted to do something right for once they could easily make the Justice system more affordable. Instead, they increase court fees and work to keep the legal profession exclusive. Without Justice we have nothing to fight for, we are just slaves and unfortunately very soon we are going to have to fight to exist in our troubled world.

This reminded me of someone, but when I remembered who it was, I felt that the Gorilla had been defamed.
“A Labor and Greens paradise would be a place where everybody has guaranteed employment, free comprehensive healthcare, free education, free food, free housing, free clothing, free utilities, and only law enforcement has guns.”
And believe it or not, such a place does indeed already exist. It’s called Prison.”
The War with China? Trade, or Missiles? Either could be terminal for Australia.
Australia is in a very vulnerable location with only a flea bite defence force that is more concerned with attracting more women and homosexuals than defending our continental shores.
Just these latest headlines should wake up our  politicians.
“On Monday, the US State Department announced the $2.2 billion potential arms sale to Taiwan, which includes 108 Abrams tanks and 250 Stinger surface-to-air missiles.”
The Reaction was.
“Beijing lodged formal complaints through diplomatic channels expressing “strong dissatisfaction and resolute opposition” and demanded the US “immediately cancel” the arms sale.”
“Taiwan stands in the frontline of China’s ambitious expansion and faces enormous threats and pressure from Beijing,” the Taiwanese foreign ministry said in a statement.
Lieutenant General Yang Hai-ming of the Taiwanese Army said.”Having the M1A2 to replace our older tanks will quickly and effectively boost our defence capability.” Meanwhile, Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen arrived in New York City on Friday- for an official visit. Tsai dismissed Chinese criticism of both her visit and the arms deal. “We don’t need our neighbour to make irresponsible remarks,” she told reporters in New York, according to Taiwan’s official Central News Agency. She has rejected Chinese pressure to reunite Taiwan and China under the “one-country, two-systems” framework that governs Hong Kong. She said the people of Taiwan stand with the young people of Hong Kong who are fighting for democratic freedoms in ongoing protests.””Hong Kong’s experience under ‘one country, two systems’ has shown the world once and for all that authoritarianism and democracy cannot coexist,” Tsai said.
China Threats, Trade Sanctions.
China has threatened trade sanctions and “Urges the US to abide by the “one China principle” and to “not allow Tsai Ing-wen’s stopover, cease official exchanges with Taiwan, and refrain from providing any platform for separatist Taiwan independence forces”.So the 2020’s presents a real risk of a US-China military clash, seeing as Xi Jinping has said he will not tolerate Taiwanese independence, and they’re not willing to let go of the South China Sea— which is fundamentally at odds with what the US wants.”

Insecurity of Australia’s Oil Supply.
The Coal-To-Liquids Imperative For Australian Fuel Security. (click to read full report)
Stocks in terms of days of consumption cover
Petrol: 20 days
Aviation Turbine Fuel: 18 days
Diesel: 17 days

We are living on a hair-trigger in maintaining supply. There are localised shortages of diesel due to bad import batches, but we have immense dangers to our import supply. (Seems silly as we have a underground lake of Oil Shale in Queensland, but no refineries for it)
Australia continues as is with potential for enormous economic disruption from supply squeezes and a ballooning trade deficit.Or:
Australia installs Coal-To-Liquids capacity, insulates itself from supply disruptions and generates a large amount of income.

This is a Chinese coal to petrol plant, they have 20 new plants. Australia has lots of Coal.
At 2 barrels to the tonne, one tonne of coal produces 318 litres
The Mazda 3 has a fuel economy of 17.5 km to the litre.
Thus one tonne of coal will fuel a Mazda 3 for 5,580 km.
The Gulf between the Straits of Hormuz and the South China Sea is Growing.The Trump administration is planning to send US Navy ships to help escort oil tankers in the Gulf in order to protect them from possible Iranian aggression

Plus more trouble in the Middle East with the
US-Turkey standoff.The US has strongly urged Turkey to pull back from the deal, the first such move between a NATO member and Russia warning Ankara that it will face economic sanctions under the Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act if it goes ahead with the purchase, reportedly costing more than $2 billion of Russia Cruise missiles.

The first shipment of the Russian S-400 missile system has arrived in Turkey, according to the Turkish defence Ministry, moving the NATO member closer to a new standoff with the United States.
“Once the system is completely ready, it will begin to be used in a way determined by the relevant authorities.””As far as we have been told, the systems will be operational by October 2019.”
Plus we have Trouble Brewing at Home.
The Australian Defence Force is closely tracking a high-tech Chinese spy ship as it makes its way towards Australia ahead of this month’s Talisman Sabre war games on the Queensland coast.
Australian military officials believe the laser attacks on the Navy helicopters came from fishing boats, but it has not yet been formally confirmed if the vessels were Chinese flagged. Beijing maintains a robust maritime militia in the South China Sea, composed of fishing vessels equipped to carry out missions just short of combat. “The Australian Government would view reports of military aircraft being targeted by lasers as an unwelcome and potentially dangerous development,” a Defence spokesperson told the ABC in July 2018.

These Chinese lads are not playing ‘Space invaders”, they have their finger on buttons with power.
The confrontations with the People’s Liberation Army are believed to have occurred as China was conducting its largest ever naval exercises in the hotly contested waters.
Defence sources have confirmed HMAS Anzac, HMAS Toowoomba and HMAS Success were challenged by the Chinese PLA Navy. The confrontations with the People’s Liberation Army are believed to have occurred as China was conducting its largest ever naval exercises in the hotly contested waters.
Hyper Velocity Rail Gun fitted to Chinese Navy Craft.

A Chinese navy warship armed with what looks like a mounted electro-magnetic rail gun has apparently set sail, possibly for testing in the open ocean. Chinese media outlets, such as the state-affiliated Global Times, revealed in March – nearly two months after the first pictures of what was dubbed the “Yangtze River Monster” showed up online – that the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Navy is “making notable achievements on advanced weapons, including sea tests of electromagnetic railguns.”

The Type 072II Yuting-class tank landing ship Haiyangshan and its weapon were spotted along the Yangtze River at the Wuchang Shipyard in Wuhan earlier this year.
Global Times reporting in March that Zhang Xiao, an associate research fellow at the People’s Liberation Army’s (PLA) Naval University of Engineering announced her research team was responsible for the “largest repeating power supply system in the world”.The sighting, which comes as China marks the 70th anniversary of the Chinese Navy in 2019, appears to pre-date US intelligence estimates that Chinese railguns would arrive by 2025. A US intelligence report found that China’s weapon would be able to strike 200 kilometres away with a projectile velocity of 2.5 kilometres per second (9,000kph — greater than Mach 7). While US developments remain classified, the US Office of Naval Research (ONR) gave BAE systems $48.3 million to test phase 2 of their railgun program in 2013. This phase will usher in the development of a multiple-shot railgun, alongside the development of a Hyper Velocity Projectile (HVP) that would see missiles fire at hypersonic speeds — technology that Russian President Vladimir Putin claimed Russia had successfully tested in December 2018. The US thus far has spent around $710.5 million on the railgun program, but experts fear it will languish as research weight pulls toward HVPs. “The Americans certainly aren’t going slow. They’ve realised they’ve lagged behind Russia and China and are racing to catch up.”
Yet while the future of our nation is perilous we have governments in Australia and New Zealand advocating disarmament, it brings to mind past follies.

Last time the world was in this much trouble only the lucky ones were given a rifle the un lucky ones had a broom handle.
Past Follies Taught the World Lessons that We Should Never Forget.
In 1777, William Knox, Under Secretary of State in the British Colonial Office, circulated a proposal entitled, “What is Fit to be Done with America?” Knox advocated. To keep them servile, the panacea of disarming all of the people and relying solely on a standing army:
“The Militia Laws should be repealed and none suffered to be re-enacted, the Arms of all the People should be taken away, & every piece of Ordnance removed into the King’s Stores, nor should any Foundry or manufactory of Arms, Gunpowder, or Warlike Stores, be ever suffered in America, nor should any Gunpowder, Lead, Arms or Ordnance be imported into it without License: they will have but little need of such things for the future, as the King’s Troops, Ships & Forts will be sufficient to protect them from any danger.”The British resorted to every possible tactic to disarm the Americans—entrapment, false promises of “safekeeping,” banning imports, direct seizure and finally shooting persons bearing arms.
In response to this repression  a group of the freeholders led by James Otis and John Hancock met at Faneuil Hall and passed several resolutions, including the following:
“WHEREAS, by an Act of Parliament, of the first of King William and Queen Mary, it is declared, that the Subjects being Protestants, may have Arms for their Defence; it is the Opinion of this town, that the said Declaration is founded in Nature, Reason and sound Policy, and is well adapted for the necessary Defence of the Community. And Forasmuch, as by a good and wholesome Law of this Province, every listed Soldier and other Householder (except Troopers, who by law are otherwise to be provided) shall always be provided with a well fix’d Firelock, Musket, Accoutrements and Ammunition, as in said Law.”
The law that they were quoting from was not at the time the American Second Amendment to there Constitution as that was not established until 1787 and 1791, the law they resorted to was the British Bill of Rights of 1689. Where it lists twelve policies by which it was wrong to“endeavour to subvert the laws and liberties of this kingdom“, one of which was
“by causing Protestants to be disarmed at the same time when papists were both armed and employed contrary to law;”
“all which are utterly and directly contrary to the known laws and statutes and freedom of this realm.” and later it states in the seventh paragraph ”Subjects’ Arms.
“That the Subjects which are Protestants may have Arms for their Defence suitable to their Conditions and as allowed by Law.”
This and more was the reason for the 2nd Amendment to the USA Constitution and the reason why that law, the Bill of Rights of 1689 with those famous words unchanged is still engraved in the law books of every State of Australia and New Zealand. Its just suppressed by the same mentality of William Knox from 1777 and dictators in Hong Kong and the treacherous politicians here in Australia who want the good people left defenceless and servile.
Ron Owen
“whenever the Legislators endeavor to take away, and destroy the Property of the People, or to reduce them to Slavery under Arbitrary Power, they put themselves into a state of War with the People, who are thereupon absolved from any farther Obedience, and are left to the common Refuge, which God hath provided for all Men, against Force and Violence. Whensoever therefore the Legislative shall transgress this fundamental Rule of Society; and either by Ambition, Fear, Folly or Corruption, endeavor to grasp themselves, or put into the hands of any other an Absolute Power over the Lives, Liberties, and Estates of the People; By this breach of Trust they forfeit the Power, the People had put into their hands, for quite contrary ends, and it devolves to the People, who have a Right to resume their original Liberty.” John Locke