Monday, February 9, 2015

Domestic Violence In Australia At Crisis Point, & Tony Abbott Cuts Funding To Services !!! Just How Low Can A Bloke Get?!

*Trigger warning: discussion of domestic violence*
Domestic violence in Australia has reached crisis point.
In Australia, 1 in 3 women over 15 have experienced violence. On average, a woman is killed by a current or former partner every week.
Tony Abbott has promised to prioritise ending the domestic violence epidemic – but even as he pays lip service to the issue, his government is cutting nearly $300m from crucial frontline services. Support networks gutted. Some closed altogether.
Actions speak louder than words, Mr Abbott. If those affected by domestic violence cannot find safety and support, we have no hope of solving this shocking national problem.
Sign the petition and tell the government our frontline services need to be fully funded:


  1. Out of interest, what is the fund available to men in domestic crisis (abused by their partner, ex partners, family court system, etc., etc.) And before you say but ddomestic violence victims are predominantly females, I want you go familiarize yourself withthe percentage of suicides committed by men or tthe percentage of homeless in Australia?!
    Tell me what is the percentage of the fundings allocated for men against females? Another example, what is the funding allocated to address prostate cancer vs breast cancer in Australia?!
    Go and do your research!

  2. Baz, I am quite aware of the need for support for men, but this is sadly lacking. The fact is that women are doing more, or trying to do more, where as men are not. More men need to pull together & get something started.