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Retreat or Bugging-Out.

Retreat or Bugging-Out.
If you already have or intend to get a retreat out bush, & you have enough money, then perhaps you can afford to hoard centerfire & rimfire ammunition along with clothing materials & other equipment. But if you do not have a retreat, or if you consider that for one reason or another you may have to abandon your retreat (raiders), then you have to look seriously at what you are collecting & make sure it is "sustainable".
Unless you are part of a group, family or other, you will have to compromise between two principles: minimum weight & maximum self-reliance. You will to some extent have to do this in a group too, but more people does allow you to carry more gear.
Modern firearms & compound bows are a typical example of what is NOT sustainable. Remember, we have no idea what the future holds for us. IF we have to bale out, we won't know how long we may have to survive in a wilderness situation.
If you start off with all modern gear, & you can't sustain it's use, then sooner or later you are going to finish up living in the stone age. Now this may not be all bad, BUT, your comfort will be diminished, & comfort can be very important when living in a wilderness situation. Most of the gear I carry is for comfort & ease of living. Everything I carry may have to sustain me for the rest of my life. So I chose my gear carefully.
If however you choose to carry period equipment & tools (period of your choice), then providing that period is pre-1800 ad, you should never have to drop below that level of comfort & sustainability.
Think about it.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Climate Change 2015. Be Prepared.

Terrorism & Safe Water In Australia.

Interesting Facts On Gun Control.

The Irish Firearm Custody Order of August 1972
I have been collecting information about the firearm laws of the Republic of Ireland, as well as their effects, including associated levels of crime, for many years. It is over 10 years since I first noted the astonishing doubling of the homicide rate following the Firearm Custody Order of 1972. But I have only just realised that, within that disturbing development, was another one, even more startling.
In August 1972, the then Irish Minister of Justice, Mr Desmond O’Malley, used his powers to take into custody all the private, lawfully-owned and registered pistols and centre-fire rifles (other than.22/250 rifles), throughout the Republic.
Under the Irish Firearms Act 1964, Clause 4 (1), the Minister was given the power, simply by Order, to demand that any or all firearms be handed in
for a maximum of 1 month. Since firearms registration had been a requirement for many years, the government already had lists of lawful gun-owners. So the collection was, of course, virtually 100%
As always, those who possessed guns illegally, whether for crime, terrorism, or any other purpose, were unaffected by the Custody Order.
The reasons for his action were given as the need to secure public safety and the escalating violence in Northern Ireland (which is part of the UK), even though the Republic of Ireland is completely independent of the UK. The Irish government ignored the limitation of a maximum of 1 month contained in the Law and continued to strictly enforce it for 32 years with respect to pistols and substantially so with respect to rifles. Alongside the confiscation of all the registered firearms falling within the Custody Order, the government also blocked all further purchases by civilians.
The inevitable consequences were the destruction of much sport shooting and the closing down of many clubs and gun dealers. The illegal extension of the Custody Order was only brought to an end in 2004 by a constitutional challenge by a private citizen, Frank Brophy, represented by barrister Gerard Hogan, SC.
Irish Murder Rate, pre- and post- the Custody Order
Prior to the Custody Order, the overall murder rate in the Republic for many years had been approximately 0.5 per 100,000, which is an extremely low rate by any standard, reflecting considerable credit on Irish society generally. With the introduction of the Custody Order, the murder rate immediately doubled to approximately 1 per 100,000 and stayed at the new level (which is still low by international standards), for the next 20 years, when it started to rise further.
Inside that disturbing development is hidden another one, even more startling.
Official records show that no Gardai Officers were murdered in the Republic between 1942 and April 1970.
The first for 28 years was Officer Richard Fallon, who was murdered in Dublin during a bank raid in 1970. The story ran for weeks because it was such an unusual event in Ireland.
He was shot with an unlicensed handgun.
No Gardai Officers were murdered in 1971.
Thus 1 Gardai Officer was murdered in the 29 years from 1942 to 1971.
After the Custody Ban the murder of Gardai Officers became much more common. In the 29 years from 1972 to 2001, the following 13 Gardai officers (and 1 soldier, in a double murder) were murdered, all with illegally-held pistols:
Samuel Donegan (1972),Michael Reynolds (1975), Michael Clerkin (1975), John Morley and Henry Byrne (1980), Seamus Quaid (1980), Patrick Gerard Reynolds (1982), Patrick McLoughlin (1983), Gary Sheehan and Pte Patrick Kelly (Irish Army) (1983), Frank Hand (1984), Patrick Morrissey (1985), Gerry McCabe (1996) and Andrew Callinan (1999).
Determining the cause(s) for dramatic changes in criminal behaviour patterns is not easy. It may be tempting to assume that the Custody Order was instrumental in the doubling of the overall homicide rate and the dramatic increase in the murders of Gardai Officers, but such a proposition is difficult to prove.
What is absolutely certain is that the government and Gardai had a clear obligation to closely monitor the results of such a drastic policy as the Custody Order.
And yet, despite the extremely rapid, negative results following the Custody Order, the government maintained this illegal, failed and unfair policy for 32 years and only abandoned it when forced to do so.
It should be noted that many gun-control advocates promote extremely severe procedures along the lines of the Irish Custody Order, with the object of banning civilian gun ownership entirely. It is often claimed that more moderate gun control policies fail because they are not drastic enough, nor maintained for long enough. Well, the Irish “experiment” was extremely drastic and was maintained for 32 years, without any identifiable benefits whatsoever to compensate for the damage and gross injustice meted out to the lawful, registered gun-owners of the Republic of Ireland.
Derek Bernard
1st June 2008
NOTE “Homicide in Ireland, 1972 – 1992”
In 1995 Dr Enda Dooley of the Irish Ministry of Justice published a substantial Paper, (ISBN 0-7076-1502-X), in which considerable emphasis is placed on
the fact that the average homicide rate over the period was only 1 per 100,000. No reference was made to the fact that the rate had been very much lower prior to 1972, nor to the fact that the 19% of Irish homicides committed with guns was double the rate in neighbouring UK, which had no firearm Custody Order and much higher civilian firearm ownership levels (the UK ban on pistols did not come into effect until 1997).

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Thursday, August 13, 2015


It has taken some time for us to recuperate and to put in place the next stage of VELVET REVOLUTION
which you will be happy to hear is only a few weeks off packing a mighty blow to the Corrupt Corporate Government once again, these steps are essential to ensure the PROTECTION of our Members, their Families and our VR Organisers and CPO's.
DO NOT be disappointed about the turn out for VR on the 10th of July 2015, I personally am NOT disappointed with the quality of supporters we UNITED on the day of our MARCH, because the people who did UNITE were more than enthusiastic, positive, and determined.
WE were ALL Aussie PROUD to be part of our historical event.
I do however feel sorry for those people who didn't include themselves in this brilliant achievement because we ALL walked away very satisfied, pumped and empowered.
Once you learn what it is that this corrupt government have done; it does SHOCK you, but it also EMPOWERS you; when you also learn that there is something Lawful that can be done to stop this corruption in it's tracks; it gives you HOPE, when you learn that they are Unlawful and "The People of the Commonwealth of Australia" hold the True Right of Power to Rule Supreme; you are EMPOWERED, Once you learn that, there is no going back and that is what we MUST teach everyone else; even our children.
This is clearly outlined in the
FACTS SHEET 5 Mini Series on our Website
Any activist groups always start with a small group of committed, like minded people.
In 2000, at our first meeting for the Transport Industry at Tarcutta NSW; we started out with ~100 people including women and children.
Just a few short months later, at our first Blockade at the Albury/Wodonga Border; we ended up with about 400 Semi Owner Driver's & Driver's, a few good woman and no children and by the time we had the Nationwide shutdown in 2008 our support had grown to ~400 trucks in every State of Australia and we had been kicking goals from the start.
Once people realise that this is an on ongoing VELVET REVOLUTION that WILL NOT end until we Succeed; then they will feel more comfortable in UNITING with us and while our MARCH may have been small; we delivered a huge impact with
cars honking in support and it was indeed the beginning of our Freedom and their Elimination.
Going on Brisbane results alone we were more than 40 people STRONG; all dressed in VELVET REVOLUTION Shirts and armed with our Banners Flying and distributing thousands of flyers as we MARCHED, by the end of the day; the thousands of onlookers spread across 16 City Blocks times 2 deep; knew exactly what we were there for; as we chanted by microphone on loud speaker
• Remove The Corrupt Corporate Government
• Kick Abbott Out
• Kick Labor Out
• Kick Liberal Out
• Kick Em All Out
• Vote in Independents
• We Have a Constitution
• Read Your Constitution
• Know Your Rights
Out of the Nationwide MARCHES; we have had a steady stream of ~30 people per day joining VELVET REVOLUTION, you should join too under our subscribe button on our
We had the support and assistance of our Police Service even though we refused to register our VELVET REVOLUTION that would require us to ask the Corrupt Corporate Government permission to hold a VELVET REVOLUTION to remove them from office, it just didn't make sense to ask; when we were going to do it anyway.
It wasn't just a MARCH where people glanced at us and kept walking; they literally stopped and watched us MARCH past them; taking flyers as we went, they were even lined up on the other side of the roadway.
It made us PROUD; it made us DETERMINED and we were not taking NO for an answer.
We served the Moratorium to Parliament House and MARCHED to the High Court where the QLD Police prearranged for us to serve the Moratorium into the High Court. We got it all on video and we had no trouble from any authorities or opposition whatsoever.
It was a proud day for ALL Australian's.
This is the beginning of a brilliant union of "The People", it's been a long time coming; but WE have finally arrived.
Become a member of VELVET REVOLUTION today; the more that join the sooner we WILL WIN THIS.
Join under the Subscribe Button.
Stay tuned in the coming weeks to find out how you can access the Lawful Moratoriums that you serve onto the Local Government/Councils, Infringement Courts, the Tax Office, Tolls and Registration Departments, all Government Agencies; to lawfully allow you to stop paying the Corrupt Corporate Government's unlawful taxes and charges and how you get the Lawful Protection of VELVET REVOLUTION.
Thank you
Lyn Bennetts
National Organiser and
Our Brilliant Constitutionalists and
Our Dedicated TEAM