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10 Ways to Fool the Authorities and Escape Martial Law.

With our government trying hard to disarm Australian citizens, & the recent move by the government & the UN, this video may be worth watching!

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Anonymous Message To The Corrupted Media

The United Nations Just Officially Announced a Global Communist Takeover, The New World Order Reconvenes.

A long-held conspiracy theory yet again gets proven true. The UN at the seventy-first regular session has aggregated the role of the United Nations in promoting a new global human order into their agenda. In addition to the aforementioned under section A. titled, “Promotion of sustained economic growth and sustainable development in accordance with the relevant resolutions of the General Assembly and recent United Nations conferences,” is also the plan for total Globalization and interdependence.
More information here with PDF downloads:

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Brandon Flint Knappers 1940's

What Skills Will Allow You To Do & Not Do.

Medical Kit.


Food bags & containers.

Water bottles or flasks.

Tools for hunting & defence.

Shelter & bedding.

What Skills Will Allow You To Do & Not Do.
The debate regarding equipment versus skills is ongoing, in my personal opinion, both are of equal importance. We are not just talking about survival; we must also be concerned with our quality of life. Yes learning primitive skills for long term survival are very important, but you have to think about what these skills can provide you with & what they can’t. For instance, if you need to cook a stew, then you need a fireproof container. You could experiment making clay vessels, you can also use animal skins & use the hot rock method. But how much easier is it to carry a metal kettle with you?
So why am I mentioning this? I am mentioning this because weight matters if you have to carry it on your back when travelling on foot. There has to be some compromise between two principles, minimum weight & maximum self-reliance. When people are asked about the hunting tools/weapons, top of the list is usually high powered breech-loading firearms. These are fine for self-defence, but how practicle are they for long term survival? The larger the caliber, the more the ammunition weighs, & the more space in your pack it takes up. We need to prioritise, is it more important to carry a lot of weight in modern ammunition? Or is it more important to carry more medical equipment & supplies, vitamin supplements, more food & more water? If we are travelling alone, we can not carry both.
If we are only carrying a modern firearm & we intend to use it for hunting & defence, then the ammunition will not last long. We can of course avoid a fire fight by keeping a low profile, & we can save on ammunition by setting up a trap line for meat. But how secure will you feel knowing that when your ammunition runs out, you will be left with nothing with which to defend yourself or procure game? Your alternatives are: carrying an air rifle, carrying a traditional bow & arrows, or carrying a flintlock muzzle-loading gun/rifle & pistol. Another alternative for those in America might be to carry a modern sidearm in combination with one of the aforementioned hunting tools, or carry a bow & a modern firearm.

Weight is the all important factor, that & sustainability. Solid form medications have a long shelf life, so we need to take advantage of this. Dry foods too have a long storage capability & it is important that we carry as much food as we can. Eventually we hope to be able to take the time to forage for edible flora & hunt & trap game, but until that time comes, we are on the move & we need to keep a low profile.
Can primitive skills supply you with medications? Yes of course they can, but finding the herbs you need will not be easy, & especially so if you are already feeling ill. We need to think about our well being, our comfort. Any item that is sustainable & will make life easier is worth carrying, within reason. Skills will enable you to make a survival bow & arrows, but if you should ever come up against someone with a gun, you may have some difficulty surviving. Something that people often fail to take into account is the shock factor of a firearm, the noise & the impact of the missile. A bow against a firearm can not deliver this.
Anyway, the purpose of this article is to make you think before you leap. Think about the equipment you are going to carry & how it will best benefit your survival physically & mentally. Learn all you can about primitive skills, & if you plan to survive on your own retreat, then think about the living skills you will need to keep things in good repair.
When it comes to transporting equipment on foot, you can use a hiking trolley, but like all forms of transport from vehicles to animals, there will always be a negative side. The tracks you will leave to be followed, the places you can’t go, the noise you will make.

Facts About The Shelf Life Of Medications.

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New South Wales Authority Exposed.

23 August · 
PLEASE SHARE! - INNOCENT MAN Justin McMaster, shot by Police.
Justin McMaster was the victim of a home invasion but in the process of defending his family he was shot by police in a shocking case of mistaken identity. Justin now finds himself having to pay more than half a million dollars for Police court costs
Court of Appeal overturns $500k damages awarded to youth, Justin McMaster, shot by police
The highest court in NSW has overturned a $500,000 damages order against the NSW Police Force over the shooting of a Sydney teenager after a violent home invasion, finding that the officer who fired the shot was trying to protect his colleague.
Justin McMaster is also now facing a substantial legal bill after the court ordered that he pay the police force's legal costs for the original hearing and the appeal.
Mr McMaster was shot in the stomach in the early hours of September 26, 2011, as he ran from his house at Holmes Street, Colyton, in Sydney's west, holding a metal rod taken from a set of blinds.
He had been woken moments earlier by the screams of one of his sisters as two young men forced their way into the house and held a knife to her throat.
Mr McMaster, then 19, burst from the house and ran down the footpath in the direction of a group including police and his relatives in a bid to chase the attackers away.
Believing that the youth was in fact one of the home invaders, Constable John Fanning shot him in the stomach.
In December 2013, District Court Judge Phillip Mahony upheld a civil claim by Mr McMaster, finding that Constable Fanning had committed a "deliberate assault and battery and trespass to his person" and awarded him $512,450.
Mr McMaster's two sisters, who saw the shooting, were awarded $89,910 and $132,430 respectively.
But NSW Police took the matter to the NSW Court of Appeal, arguing that, when the shot was fired, Mr McMaster was just metres from Constable Fanning's colleague, Constable Natasha Kleinman.
On Monday, a three-judge appeal panel upheld this argument, overturning Judge Mahony's decision and the damages awards and finding that the police were not liable for the shooting.
"In my view, Constable Fanning's act in pulling out his service pistol when he first saw the man running out of No. 4 Holmes Street with what looked like a metal pole was reasonable in view of what he understood had occurred in that house, which also suggested that this man may have a knife," Justice Anthony Meagher said.
"From that point, as the man got closer to Constable Kleinman's position on the roadway, he presented, unless stopped, a threat of significant injury.
"This was not a case of a simple assault being resisted by use of a firearm. The threat to Constable Kleinman was believed to be serious injury or worse.
"Constable Fanning waited until the last moment. He did not see any indication that Constable Kleinman was going to use her Taser. At that point, he had no alternative course of action available to prevent the threat to Constable Kleinman, which he reasonably believed the man presented."
In addition the court ordered that Mr McMaster and his sisters pay the police force's legal costs. These are likely to run into the tens of thousands of dollars.
When shooting the victim becomes self-defence: (Marsdens Law Private & Group Session)…/when-shooting-the-victim-becom…

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The cost & importance of learning. Clubs, Groups & Schools. Plus the advantages & disadvantages.

The cost & importance of learning, clubs, groups & schools. Plus the advantages & disadvantages.
When it comes to long term survival, the skills start with choosing the right clothing & equipment. After that you have to learn how to use that equipment & you need to learn how to manage if you should lose that equipment. Survival schools are generally expensive, this is because they have to put in a lot of time teaching people the skills, & time cost money if you are running a business. Some schools will teach you primitive skills, others will not. Some schools will teach you how to survive if you get lost in the bush, others may teach you how to survive long term. But it will all cost you money.
Bushcraft groups are good & they will teach you some survival skills. Again, some may promote the use of modern tools & equipment, where as others may teach you more primitive skills. In general, you will pay a yearly fee which is used to pay for your insurance cover. Survival groups fall roughly into the same category as the bushcraft groups, a mixed lot which may or may not teach you what you need to know. Basically it depends on the individual members, some will be more knowledgeable than others, but in the long run they can’t teach you what they don’t know themselves.
It is well known that in order to survive long term in a wilderness situation, you will need to learn primitive skills, & your equipment & tools will need to be low tech. Modern equipment is not made to last, batteries will go flat, items will break & wear out. You need sustainable methods & primitive gear. If you start off with pre 19th century equipment you will never drop below that level of comfort. But if you start off with all modern gear, then sooner or later you will be thrown back into the stone age.
Now let’s look at another kind of club or group, an 18th century living history group. Most again will charge a yearly membership fee, & it must be said that not all living history groups are equal in the benefits that they offer the survivalist. But, the potential for learning is still there, you simply may have to put in more effort to gather some members together who have the skills that you need to learn.
Our group, the New England Colonial Living History Group does not charge any membership fees or training fees, it is all free. However, we do not carry any insurance either, our members are covered by the Civil Liability Amendment (Personal Responsibility) Bill 2002. For many years I payed for our group insurance out of my own pocket so that lower income families could afford to join our group. Eventually, I had to stop paying out of my own pocket (there never were any accidents or insurance claims). When you think about it we go with groups of friends out bush for various recreational activities, & no one ever questions if there is insurance cover. We all take personal responsibility for ourselves, & we watch out for the safety of others.
The advantages of joining a group like ours is that our activities cover a wide range of interests. We can advise on equipment & clothing, & we teach people all the skills they may need for free. Individuals do not have to participate in any activity if they do not wish to, but remember, in a shtf situation, there will be NO insurance, NO doctors & NO hospitals. If you want to cover yourself, use your money to purchase a good modern medical kit & take it to group meetings. Also carry a personal first aid kit in your pack. That way if you cut yourself or smack yourself in the head whilst learning archery, you can patch yourself up & keep going.
Kids in general love participating in living history. It is an opportunity to do something which is fun & educational & they get to share this experience with there parents or carers. In shooting clubs, archery clubs & fishing clubs you will learn only so much, very little of what you do learn will prepare you for survival. In a group like ours though you get to learn everything; you learn what is the best equipment & how to use it. You learn how to repair your equipment & in the case of archery & fishing, you learn how to make your own from scratch with no modern tools.
Some living history groups have splinter groups such as a militia group where you can learn battle tactics. Some groups are purely Ranger groups & again, battle training is a normal part of their activities on top of all the other skills you can learn. All Living History groups are family oriented, so all the family gets to join in one way or another. On top of all this learning & training, living history groups are a lot of fun. If you are serious about long term wilderness survival, I recommend you inquire in your area for a living history group, be it medieval period or 18th century or somewhere in between.

Our Group's Official Forum:  

You will also find links to other groups in other areas & countries on our forum.

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Survival Vehicle Choice.

Any vehicle in an emergency is better than nothing at all, but if you want the most practicle & advantages of vehicles, then you need to get a good 4WD (four wheel drive). I had three 4WDs when I lived in the Territory, we lived off grid, & it was the only way to get around. We had two Toyota Land Cruisers, a short wheel base & a ute, & we had a little Suzuki. I would still have the SWB, but it was stolen from our property whilst we were away looking for land interstate.

Now we live in New England NSW, & up until now we have had a Nissan X-Trail SUV. However, the wading depth (depth of water it can drive through) on this vehicle is only 400mm. Of late it has been very wet here, I would say the wettest we have experienced in the past 30 years. Weather conditions are changing!!! We have a creek to cross to get into town, as again we are living off grid in a forest. The alternate rout out & back in if the creek is in flood is all dirt & it too is subject to a lot of water.
So, we decided to get a full blown 4WD, we do already have a 4WD unregistered property vehicle (Lada), but it can not be used on the road. We sold our SUV to my Eldest son & his family for an affordable price. It is better than the ordinary sedan that they had. What we purchased is a Toyota Hilux twin cab diesel ute with a canopy on the back & a bull bar. We also added a rear view camera, & we are getting LED bar lights fitted to front & rear. So far my wife is very pleased with this vehicle, though it is larger than she has been used to driving. I love it, it gives me a feeling of security knowing that my wife can get home at night no matter which rout she has to take.

The wade depth on this Hilux is 700mm with standard suspension.

This is my youngest son's Nissan Triton which I believe has a wading depth of 500mm. This vehicle is a good less expensive choice in 4WDs.

My Russian Lada 4WD with wide wheels & two spares on the roof.

We do not expect to ever have to evacuate our forest home, we have enough people to be able to defend it in a shtf situation short of a foreign invasion. But if we should have to leave, I feel sure the vehicles we have will get us to where we are going.

A Woodsrunner's Diary: 18th Century Paint Recipe for Oilcloth.

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Russia orders government officials, families living abroad to return to home amid fears of 'new world war'

Russia orders government officials, families living abroad to return to home amid fears of 
'new world war'

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Breaking News. Firearms under threat. Australia.

Action Required Now COAG MEETING is This  October 2016.

Don’t Let Confiscations Happen again. Act NOW.
Action Required Now COAG MEETING is This  October 2016.
On the 28th September 2016 members of Queensland Firearm associations had two meetings with the Queensland Police Minister (Bill Byrne) and an Acting Inspector from Weapons Licensing.
1. The question was raised more than once as to what recommendations would be put forward from Queensland to the October COAG meeting on the National Firearm Agreement, (they call it an agreement but we never agreed to any of it) their answer was “Just to fix up wording in the regulations to make it more workable for everyone”. Which did not explain why the Commonwealth had previously refused to divulge these recommendations to a ‘Freedom of Information’ request. See Owen Guns Bulletin Number 120.
The Commonwealth Government has refused FOI requests from Dr Samara McPhedran, (Senior Research Fellow at Griffith University’s Violence Research and Prevention Program,) who submitted a FOI in March 2016 to access the documents. The FOI request was denied by Stephen Bouwhuis, Assistant Secretary at the Attorney-General’s Department.
Mr Bouwhuis confirmed the documents existed, however refused to disclose it. He said in a letter to McPhedran, “I do not consider that it would be in the public interest to disclose this document”.
“The information contained in the document was communicated to the Commonwealth Attorney-General’s Department by or on behalf of state or territory governments on a confidential basis, for the purposes of discussions about the proposed agreement,” he said in the letter.
So if it is just to improve the wording in the legislation why object to it being released to a formal reasonable FOI request?
2. Another question, “As we  Dealers have a duty of care not to sell products like lever action firearms if we know that the government is going to confiscate them shortly. The government also has a duty of care to fully inform the shooting public, if it is the Governments intention to change the Category of lever Actions firearms to Category “C” it is failing in its duty by not informing. Extremely worse than that, if it lets people buy them and accepts their $37. Application for a Permit To Acquire Fee, then approves the application, it is plainly defrauding the shooting public and no form of compensation would address a deception such as that.” The Minister said that, “Even though in 'his opinion' lever actions were far more devastating than Pump Actions and he was sure that the intention of John Howard’s gun laws was to ban them as well as pumps, the rest of the government did not agree with him, even the Premier did not agree with him and so that banning, or re categorising lever actions would not be a recommendation from Queensland to COAG.”

We are the section of the lawful community that see nothing wrong with Minister Byrne firing his .22 calibre rifle at rats in the roof cavity of his Rockhampton home. That is what RATSHOT is intended to be for. Even discharging his firearm in front of his wife would not shock us at all..
3.He was then asked, “Why then was Weapons Licencing compiling a list of all lever action owners in Queensland” his answer was, “Just to find out how many licensed shooters had them in Queensland. He said that, “The Commonwealth might proclaim an amnesty but Queensland had no dollars in their budget to support it, and no one had any money for “Buy Backs”, that was just media hype.
(All feel good stomach massage, and then!!!)
4. He said, “Even if he went to the conference and gave an ‘agreement in principle’ to the meeting that Queensland would accept legislation changes, he would still return to Queensland consult with shooting associations and get cabinets approval before confirming the agreement, and if their were any bans, that their would not be a ‘Buy Back” they would just put a ‘grandfather provision” in the act which would allow people to own them until they died”. (This is still reprehensible as it removes the value to the ownership of that property, once you cannot sell that property, it has no monetary value, if you cannot leave the property of your estate to your chosen relatives, but they must hand it over for destruction, the government has stolen it from you.)
If the Police Minister goes back on those words today, he may lose a huge amount of credibility, with the shooters of Queensland. As the Queensland Parliament, like the Commonwealth parliament is on a knife's edge majority, which could fall with the removal of the Katter Party support without even making it to an election. If an election is called disappointed firearm owners could easily ensure that Labour was not re-elected to the government of Queensland.
Shooters would still be the biggest losers, as we can never trust the National/Liberals to honour a promise and would have to wait until one of the new minor political movements has a majority. So please contact your local members and Minister Bill Byrne before they make firm decisions on this matter. Obviously, from the above spoken words, they have been having in-depth discussions on the subject of banning lever actions by re-categorising them as Cat C. It is only that their majority is so fine and they cannot afford to lose a vote, that is protecting lever action owners and other firearm owners from confiscations. It is always the balance of numbers, the major parties will never do anything for us because, we have rights, or we are good people, they want power, and they want the people without any power. They have read Mao tse-Tung maxim, “Power comes from the barrel of a Gun” so they want all of the Guns and all of the Power.
Action Required Now COAG MEETING is This  October 2016.
We have succeeded before, lets do it again even if you have written already please do it again and invite all your friends and family to send an email, a facebook message, a phone call or a tweet. Here is a link to all State and Federal Police Minister don’t forget to flick your local member a copy as well as he should be made aware of what NOT to vote for.
Dear Sir.
I am a licenced firearm owner, to keep that licence, I have to be a model citizen. I will never give my vote for any political party that imposes restrictions on the firearm ownership by good citizens. Furthermore, I will use all the resources at my disposal to campaign and influence voters to make the same choice as myself.
Ron Owen.
24 Mc Mahon Rd
Gympie, 4570 Q

Please write an email to Bill Byrne the Police Minister and forward it on to your local member and all the other members of cabinet. Please use these current emails on our website’s electronic list to communicate your views to him. Be firm, tell him you want horrendous impositions like PTA fees and waiting for weeks removed and no further impositions, or restrictions placed on your sport and hobby. It does not need anything fancy just a note to tell him that you and your family and friends will never vote for them if they do not unwind the current Gun laws. Every small contact with their office is another number for our side, they count and remember. We have the numbers we must use them for doing something good.Ron Owen.
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A Woodsrunner's Diary: More On OTZI The Iceman.

A Woodsrunner's Diary: More On OTZI The Iceman.: Bearskin Cap.; Shoes.; Reproduction Tools &amp...

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