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Thoughts For The Week By Ron Owen of Owen Guns.

Thoughts For the Week By Ron Owen of Owen Guns.
This Newsletter is published by Owen Guns 24 McMahon Road, Gympie Ph: 07 5482 5070.

This week I became aware that our defence forces, from General Staff to infantry are now totally dependent on electrical power, mains to battery packs, yet without it, their rifle sights, Weapons systems, GPS, communication, information are non-existent. Without batteries our infantry will not know where they are themselves, or where the enemy is nor will they be able to be a fighting force. E-bombs (electromagnetic bomb) are not science fiction, small ones have been used since 2003, large ones are in other countries arsenals plus now they have the means to focus them to specific areas and different powers.
Modern Warfare, turn off the power and the people start dying.
They use an intense electromagnetic field to create a brief pulse of energy that affects electronic circuitry without harming humans or buildings. At low levels, the pulse temporarily disables electronics systems; mid-range levels corrupt computer data. High levels completely destroy electronic circuitry, thus disabling any type of machine that uses electricity, including computers, radios, and ignition systems in vehicles. Although not directly lethal, an E-bomb would devastate any target that relies upon electricity, a category encompassing any potential military target and most civilian areas of the world as well.
The power and consequences of an attack with these weapons has not been prepared for, in fact our defence forces instead of training soldiers to be independent, keep to the basic equipment and learn to navigate by non electronic means continue to leave them dependent and exposed.

Any offensive force that has vehicles that are started with a starting handle, no electronics, soldiers that can read a map, no weapons with electronic ignition will win. Our forces, our children will be babes in the wood. It might be impossible to fly jets, and our small boats without electricity but we should have at least one Arm of our almost non existent defence force that can operate and defend us.
I might be called prophetic, due to my 1980 forecasting’s on the future impacts of Gun Laws, but I never wanted them to come true, I worked very hard to erase them, at the same time feeling like the Homeric Cassandra that saw the future but was doomed to be never believed. If you want to see the future of what the next 25 years will bring please watch and listen to this 7 min youtube video.

This of course is not all of the problems that the Non Muslims will face, as while the Muslims moon and star ascends into dominance the different sects will fight it out for ascendancy in the new world and before 2040 (when I’m 92, and if alive, will be past caring much), the world will be ripped apart with the biggest wars that it has ever seen.

Just one family of 19 supported by our taxes, but the real problem is that
like London in 2040 they will be in the majority. What was once your country
will be Theirs.
Africa and the Middle East have gone already, Israel will fight hard but eventually will succumb. France and Germany then Britain, then all of Europe will be ripped apart in huge civil wars. Russia will follow, then the United States.  Australia’s only hope will be the Indians and Chinese, but we will have to contend with being on the doorstep of the largest Muslim country, (by population) in the world –  Indonesia, as well as our own imported problems. That’s why our traitorous politicians are giving them $500 million a year plus all our hand me down defence equipment. Defence equipment for us and war equipment for them, our politicians think they can buy them off.
I have never been a ‘Prepper’, I have always campaigned for people to speak out now an alleviate the coming danger, one of the readers of this tome, recently sent me copies of articles that I published in the 1990s.  One was called, “SOME HAVE CONFUSED ANONYMITY WITH FREEDOM” where I advocated people not to bury their guns and heads in the sand but to protest and stand up and be counted against the impending doom. Unfortunately few people took any notice, and semi trailer loads of plastic drain pipe were distributed throughout Queensland. Unless, many thousands of Australians protest and prevent Muslim immigration and stop the free for all encouragement of the Muslim birthrate with out taxpayer welfare paying for Muslim men with sixteen kids and four wives to support, we don’t have a chance. If that does not happen, look for a quite defendable spot with its own water, and food sources.
The people in the city and suburbs will suffer the most as soon as the power goes off, the supermarkets will be empty the supply of food into cities will be almost negligible. They will be braking up their furniture for firewood and trying to eat the neighbours dog before their own. During the Prussian invasion of France in 1871 Paris was under Siege and the survivors ate the animals at the Paris Zoo.

Petrol pumps will not work, air conditioners, hot water, and water distribution will not work. In the country, we are more used to looking after ourselves with water and food, and firewood, but without fuel for vehicle’s (and if we have trouble from EMP bombs) electronic ignition vehicles will not start or run. So look for vehicles with starting handles (most people will not remember them). Without telephones and the internet or access to it there will be an immediate shortage of information people will be looking desperately for ways of fixing things and getting alternative means to the basics of life.
In the cities without water the sewerage will not work, hospitals will not be able to function, disease will ravage the population much worse than the medieval accounts of the Black Death and plague due to the huge increases in population and the lack of a hardened population not used to coping with disasters such as these.
 has little bearing whether its Terrorists, Civil War, Invasion from the North, EMP bombs from Korea, or Jihad wars of submission to “Shariah Law “so that the earth could be cleansed from the unbelievers.  Trouble is coming with a capital T. Our government is doing too little to late and Australian Apathy, “It will Be Right, Mate”, will not survive. Just the fact that we have a very small population and a huge continent full of natural resources, makes us 100% vulnerable once the balloon goes up, the powerful countries are busy fighting elsewhere, just like World War Two that creates a vacuum and our neighbours will reach down to secure our wealth.
President Trump Is Aware of The Threat and Is Trying Wake Up The West.
President Trump is trying his best to save his country, he is clamping down on immigration and creating an environment of full employment which encouragers an increase in their homegrown population, he is increasing his security forces and trying to badger his allies to securing their own back gardens. He knows that Russia will soon have its own internal problems and is not the real bogyman. However, he is smart enough to warn Germany that Immigration and giving 45 Billion to Russia for gas every years is weakening Germany and its other Nato allies as Germany does not have the freedom of action being dependent on Russia for its warmth. President Trump, is the main star of hope for the Western Culture he is smart enough to see the full picture and is desperately trying to do something about it.
Henry (born Heinz) Alfred Kissinger is now 95 years old, and I have never been a fan of him, as some of his actions such as the cease fire with North Vietnam which he negotiated, ended up with him receiving a Nobel Peace Prize and predictable 3 million South Vietnamese were killed when the North ignored the truce. Kissinger did try unsuccessfully to give the Nobel Peace Prize back and I have to give him credit for being a very intelligent man. He has said some amazing things regarding President Trump. I don’t believe that I would get on with Trump on a personal basis, to me he seems arrogant, but I have to admit he is very smart, he is very astute in the art of negotiation and politic’s and it seems that these attributes have been recognised by Kissenger who held the Championship belt in those arts for a very long time. Kissinger states, “Donald Trump is a phenomenon that foreign countries haven’t seen before.”
Henry Kissinger making the deal to end the Vietnam War, but it was only a short peace. podcast/henry-kissinger- supports-trump-calls-trump- phenomenon-foreign-countries- havent-seen/
Kissinger, then followed with, “Every country now has to consider two things: One, their perception that the previous president, or the outgoing president, basically withdrew America from international politics, so that they had to make their own assessments of their necessities. And secondly, that there is a new president who is asking a lot of unfamiliar questions. And because of the combination of the partial vacuum and the new questions, one could imagine that something remarkable and new emerges out of it.”
Then Kissinger puts it bluntly, “Trump puts America and its people first. This is why people love him and this is why he will remain in charge for so long. There is not a single thing wrong with him and people need to open their eyes. When he boasts that he has a bigger red button than Kim Jung Un does, he so transcends the mealy-mouthed rhetoric of the past, thereby forcing a new recognition of American power.”
President Trump is doing a fantastic job of exposing the socialist media, I watched the live recording of his press conference in London where he spoke in detail. Then 5 minutes after it was over the BBC had dragged netted the world for a few poorly dressed University lecturers on nonentity subjects, to criticise Trump because in their opinion he had changed his mind and said something else at a previous meeting. It was so over contrived anyone who put their mind to it could see the deceptive defamation. Surely, people can see this. Other people I know, have also noticed that the ABC and SBS and the BBC are publicizing the Anti Trump protests admitting that there are only “several thousand”, yet a few weeks ago they totally ignored the 30,000 people who marched through London in the ‘Free Tommy Robinson’ protest.
Free Tommy Robinson protests have been attended by tens of thousands of people but the media ignore them. People wake up when they see this.
So from both ends of the political spectrum, the denial of truth is exposing the nightly lies. From President to Prisoner, from Prince to Pauper the truth is lighting a candle, but we are at ‘Five Minutes To Midnight’ for Western Civilisation as the above video explains it might already be to late.
Curse, bless me now with your fierce tears, I pray.
Do not go gentle into that good night.
Rage, rage against the dying of the light. (Dylan Thomas)
There is no Spring without Winter, without Mistakes there is no Learning. There is no Life without Death, without Doubts there is no Faith. There is no Peace without War, without Fear there is no Courage. For without Mistakes, Doubts and Fears there are no pathways to Wisdom.
Ron Owen

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Our New garden Chook Tractor!

A roll of plastic road works mesh & some star pickets. Easy to erect, move around & fits any size or shape garden bed.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018


ANYONE who has been the subject of an apprehended violence order would be banned from obtaining a gun licence under options being discussed by top police and the NSW government amid an estranged father murdering his two teenage kids.
The only problem with this is that some people request an AVO against other people just for spite & are in fact in no danger from a violent attack. So this would mean that if anyone wanted someone banned from getting a gun licence, all they have to do is action an AVO against that person. Right now, anyone issued with an AVO can have their guns confiscated!!! A close friend of mine had a false AVO issued against him from a neighbour who was in fact abusing his own wife!!! My friend was only able to keep his guns because I took them from his home & locked them in my own gun safe in my home.

This situation is simply not good enough, I totally agree that if an AVO is genuinely required because there is a genuine fear of violence being carried out by a person, then that person should not have access to firearms (he or she will have to use some other weapon!). But how are the police going to know what is a genuine request for an AVO & which is not?

In the case of these teenagers being shot by their father, the laws were & are already in place, the reason this man had these guns was because the NSW Firearms Registry & the gun club both FAILED to follow correct procedures!!! THIS IS NOT THE FAULT OF US LAW ABIDING LICENCED GUN OWNERS!!! 

A point worth making here I think is the fact that these teenagers & their Mother were not able to defend themselves because the Australian government has made it illegal : Possessing any object specifically for the purpose of self-defence, lethal or non-lethal, is a criminal offence in Australia. There are many people hospitalised or murdered, who would have been liable to prosecution had they been carrying anything that might have saved them.

More Lies and Misinformation from Gun Control Australia!!!

"But the fact is that the laws put in place after the Port Arthur gun massacre have been steadily chipped away for decades through pressure on politicians by a well-resourced, well-connected NRA-style gun lobby here in Australia." 
Samantha Lee, Director of Gun Control Australia (GCA).

As I understand it there has been no weakening of our present gun laws in Australia, & from what I understand, the blame for this last shooting where a father shot his two teenage children lies with the NSW Firearms Registry & a certain gun club, both failed to follow proper procedure & because of this a person who should not have been allowed to own a gun was in fact issued with an "H" class restricted gun licence!!! But who will pay the price for this incompetence? Well us of course, the law abiding licenced gun owners of Australia!!! And what are we going to do about that? Well nothing of course, this is Australia not America!
I have in the past started two petitions regarding poor firearms policy that I wanted changing, & very few licenced gun owners could be bothered to sign those petitions. So, the ball is now in your court. You can continue to sit back & say "she'll be right mate" & lose further freedoms & human rights, or you can get off your backsides & start petitioning the government & fighting for our Human Rights!
"Gun Control Australia (CGA)" may well be concerned with public safety, but the problem is that they know very little if anything about firearms, & they can't see past their mandate to disarm law abiding licenced gun owners. Instead of looking at the problem sensibly & using some common sense, they continue down the same path, inconveniencing law abiding licenced gun owners & ignoring the fact that criminals will ALWAYS HAVE GUNS!
Gun violence like any other violence is a societal problem, & it will not be solved with further inadequate pointless gun control. We, the law abiding gun owners are doing all we can, we have our guns locked up, even though it means that land owners can no longer do their job of controlling feral animals properly & protecting our livestock. The predator is long gone by the time we get the gun safe keys, unlock the safe, unlock the other safe with the ammunition, & get out of the house!!! What you could be doing though is writing a decent sensible policy for the control of firearms that works for everyone concerned.  We can't do the impossible, we can't stop criminals from committing crimes, but we could make sure that the penalties for criminals using guns FIT THE CRIME! We could fix all the useless mistakes in the present firearms legislation, & we could petition for some decent sensible self defence laws!!!
People need to stop depending on the government & the police service for their own safety & the safety of their families. We NEED to be able to protect ourselves. Those two teenagers should have been able to defend themselves, their Mother should have been able to protect them, but our present laws made this ILLEGAL!!! Possessing any object specifically for the purpose of self-defence, lethal or non-lethal, is a criminal offence in Australia. There are many women, raped and/or murdered, who would have been liable to prosecution had they been carrying anything that might have saved them.
I suggest you all stop talking about these unjust laws & do something about it. Samantha Lee said we have "a well-resourced, well-connected NRA-style gun lobby here in Australia", she is wrong!!! We don't have anyone who is powerful enough to reverse the present gun laws or to stop further unjust useless gun laws. We need to take responsibility & do something about this before it is too late!!!

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Gun Control & Public Safety.

Gun Control.
Intelligent people have difficulty in understanding Australia’s firearms laws. Such as why do 17th & 18th century pistols require an “H” class restricted licence for ownership & use? This is the same licence requirement for say a 9mm semi-automatic Glock handgun, there is a vast difference between a flintlock pistol & a breach-loading semi-auto pistol! Then there is the self defence issue, if you experience a home invasion & you & your family are at risk of harm or death, then you will just have to die, because it is illegal to use your gun to defend yourself! One would have thought this was a human right, but no, not in Australia it isn’t!

Why is it that the gun is to blame when people, criminals, commit a firearms offence? Just for argument’s sake let’s assume there is a spate of killings where the tool used is a wood golf club. Now if the government suddenly decided to confiscate all wood golf clubs, golfers would be up in arms, “why blame us for what someone else does with a wood golf club” they would say, “it is the killer you should blame, blaming a wood golf club is ridiculous”! And of course they would be right (I wonder how many members of “Gun Control Australia play golf?), blaming an inanimate object would be a downright stupid thing to do, & yet that is exactly what the government has done in regards to guns. The argument we often get thrown at us by people with no understanding is “why do you need a gun? People don’t need guns! Well if shooters & hunters don’t need guns, then golfers don’t need golf clubs! The fact is that we like our guns; we enjoy having our guns, just like golfers enjoy having & using their golf clubs.
In the Port Arthur shootings (there never was a coronial enquiry, all swept under the carpet!), they say the gun used was an assault rifle, an AR15 caliber .308. The Australian government used this shooting as an excuse to confiscate the guns belonging to law abiding citizens. What guns did they confiscate? Well AR15s had been banned a long time ago; in fact the AR15 used in the Port Arthur shootings allegedly belonged to the Tasmanian Police Department!!! The guns they confiscated were semi-automatic .22 bunny rifles, semi-auto & pump action shotguns!!! These guns were favoured by Australian farmers; farmers needed these guns in their work to dispatch sick livestock & to control feral animals. Controlling feral animals is seen as being one of the important duties of all land owners.
Now we used to be able to carry what was known as a snake gun, this was usually a cut down .410 shotgun to handgun size for protection against snakes. These were banned many years ago. Land owners used to be able to carry handguns for protection against wild boars & stroppy bulls as well as being used for feral animal control. You can still work without any impediment from carrying a hand gun on your belt, but you can’t work affectively with a long gun hanging off your shoulder! Now handguns have also been banned! There was no justification for banning & confiscating these guns, other than to say it was in the interest of public safety! Public safety? These people & these guns played no part in the Port Arthur shootings, & these same law abiding licensed gun owners were not & are not criminals! Practically every day vehicle owners are responsible for killing & injuring pedestrians & other road users, & yet no one blames the car, & the government has done nothing to make our roads & paths safer for the public! Gun owners have to pass a written safety exam & a physical test. All vehicle owners have to do is learn the road rules & pass a driver’s test. There is no safety training to obtain a driver’s licence!!!
Where am I going? Where is this taking us? Well no where good I guess, because unless law abiding gun owners back each other; and by this I mean we all support each other (yes even supporting the muzzle-loader community!!!), then we are without a doubt going to end up being disarmed! The very fact that; Possessing any object specifically for the purpose of self-defence, lethal or non-lethal, is a criminal offence in Australia is a sure sign that our government has no regard for “public safety” so using that as an excuse to confiscate our guns is absolute bullshit, & if that is not the reason for confiscating our firearms, then you have to ask yourself “what is the reason?”.  

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Why we need a human rights watchdog

Mining companies in West Papua behind the Australian government’s
supporting genocide of West Papuans, our WW2 allies!!! Are you still proud to
call yourself an Australian???

Monday, July 2, 2018

97% Owned - Economic Truth documentary - Queuepolitely cut

Illuminati Agenda 21 - Scary Truth About Plan to Depopulate World

EMP Effects on Vehicles Report.

We tested a sample of 37 cars in an EMP simulation laboratory, with automobile vintages ranging from 1986 through 2002. Automobiles of these vintages include extensive electronics and represent a significant fraction of automobiles on the road today. The testing was conducted by exposing running and nonrunning automobiles to sequentially increasing EMP field intensities. If anomalous response (either temporary or permanent) was observed, the testing of that particular automobile was stopped. If no anomalous response was observed, the testing was continued up to the field intensity limits of the simulation capability (approximately 50 kV/m).
Automobiles were subjected to EMP environments under both engine turned off and engine turned on conditions. No effects were subsequently observed in those automobiles that were not turned on during EMP exposure. The most serious effect observed on running automobiles was that the motors in three cars stopped at field strengths of approximately 30 kV/m or above. In an actual EMP exposure, these vehicles would glide to a stop and require the driver to restart them. Electronics in the dashboard of one automobile were damaged and required repair. Other effects were relatively . Twenty-five automobiles exhibited malfunctions that could be considered only a nuisance (e.g., blinking dashboard lights) and did not require driver intervention to correct. Eight of the 37 cars tested did not exhibit any anomalous response.
Based on these test results, we expect few automobile effects at EMP field levels below 25 kV/m. Approximately 10 percent or more of the automobiles exposed to higher field levels may experience serious EMP effects, including engine stall, that require driver intervention to correct. We further expect that at least two out of three automobiles on the road will manifest some nuisance response at these higher field levels. The serious malfunctions could trigger car crashes on U.S. highways; the nuisance malfunctions could exacerbate this condition. The ultimate result of automobile EMP exposure could be triggered crashes that damage many more vehicles than are damaged by the EMP, the consequent loss of life, and multiple injuries.