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A Woodsrunner's Diary: Archaeologists Are Recreating Recipes from 17th-Ce...

A Woodsrunner's Diary: Archaeologists Are Recreating Recipes from 17th-Ce...:

Thoughts For The Week. Battle for the Mind. Gun Control.

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Thoughts For The Week.

Battle for the Mind.

In his essay “Politics and the English Language”, George Orwell observes that political language serves to distort and obscure reality. Orwell’s description of political speech in 1940 was prophecy he used the words “doublespeak”, “Newspeak” and “doublethink” words that define our 21st century political information.

Orwell said political language can be “designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind”.

The current issues we are confronted with every day are filled with ‘doublethink’ and “doublespeak” we have to investigate, sift, and research in our quest for reality.

What is really important to the social engineers that form our New World of “doublespeak” is the ability to lie, whether knowingly or unconsciously, and to get away with it; and the ability to use lies and choose and shape facts selectively, blocking out those that don’t fit with their agenda or program.

The purpose of propaganda is to narrow and limit human consciousness, confuse human conscience, and control and narrow the range of thinking. As all students of Orwellian literature will recall, Squealer, the propagandist porker in Animal Farm, can “turn black into white” and is expert in “new belief”.

Examples of the structural nature of the use of “doublespeak” have been made by modern scholars. Noam Chomsky argues in ‘Manufacturing Consent’, “The Political Economy of the Mass Media that people in modern society consist of decision-makers and social participants who have to be made to agree.” According to Chomsky, the media and public relations industry actively shape public opinion, working to present messages in line with their economic agenda for the purposes of controlling of the “public mind”.

“When the state loses the bludgeon, when you can’t control people by force and when the voice of the people can be heard, … you have to control what people think. And the standard way to do this is to resort to what in more honest days used to be called propaganda. “designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind”.

The current diversion into their New World is the plebiscite on homosexual marriage, which again is used as a hammer to bludgeon the freedom of speech, anyone who does not agree is a bigot and can be prosecuted under the current Anti Discrimination laws and our government promises to legislate further stronger laws which will discriminate against anyone who protests. This is again “doublespeak”. The general suggestion itself is a sham, it proposes a redefinition of words, same as  the ‘Horse’ says it has the right to be called a ‘Cart’, on the basis that they are in the same industry. Illogical, as they have diametrical different properties but ‘doublespeak’ is the new way. The politically correct say ‘Yes’ and the old fashioned bigots say ‘No’ and will be persecuted. They pretend that they are the same, and we are going to be punished for saying they are different. They want to steal the word, marriage, it seems we have already lost the word ‘gay’, I have already been prosecuted for saying that, ‘I refuse to call them Gay that, as they are not very happy.’

It would not be politically correct to call them, ‘Sad’, but the pretence of calling something the same as another thing when it has different properties is the whole basis of political correctness and doublespeak. Political correctness always takes away the freedom from one group and gives it to another, that’s the point of it. In days gone by the government would lie with doublespeak and tell its people that they had won a battle, when in fact they had lost it. Propaganda was simple in days gone by but now its an Art form.

Directly or indirectly,   takes or agrees to take any fee or honorarium ..or for services rendered in the Parliament to any person Or State.
Then we have the ‘Doublespeak’ Section 44 of the Constitution where our politicians doublethink the famous decision of the High Court in Sue v Hill [1999] which un elected One Nation senate candidate Heather Hill on the basis that as she had not renounced her British citizenship prior to the election and her Australian citizenship did not protect her from the provisions “Any person who –

(i.) Is under any acknowledgement of allegiance, obedience, or adherence to a foreign power, or is a subject or a citizen or entitled to the rights or privileges of a subject or citizen of a foreign power,” I disagreed with the Sue V Hill  decision myself, but none of these politicians’ or journalists complained when like an axe it fell on One Nation. Now they all want to re write the Constitution, as it has fallen on themselves. All major parties are using ‘doublespeak’ to influence the public and use that to bully the High Court into obedience. All of these complainers give Allegiance, Obedience and Adherence to their political parties, over and above their duty to their constituents and should all be removed under Section 45.

” If a senator or member of the House of Representatives:

(iii) directly or indirectly takes or agrees to take any fee or honorarium for services rendered to the Commonwealth, or for services rendered in the Parliament to any person or State; his place shall thereupon become vacant.”

Who does Sam-Dastyari owes his Adherence to, just a bit of Chinese-Corruption

All of them have received the honorarium of pre-selection all of them have received some fee for election expenses on the expectation that they will give Allegiance, Obedience and Adherence to their political parties. We need to drain the Swamp and vote for a new lot of independents who will represent their electorates.

Double Speak Or NEVER say the TRUTH.
Same with Islamic Terrorism The 800 pound Gorilla in the Room and the Doublespeak politicians will never mention the word ‘Islamic’ and ‘Terrorism’ in the same session, nor will any of them suggest that ‘Terrorism’ could be reduced by limiting Muslim immigration. Wow. That would be discrimination. Turncoat Martin Turnbull says again.

‘We will never bow, we will never be cowered by them, we will defeat them and destroy their evil ideology.’ but will not say Whose EVIL ideology that it is. The politicians and the media by omitting to say the obvious are lying to us. We are sick of all the lies.

Doublespeak Numbers of Licensed Firearm Owners.
In our world we have the Police registering firearms with the fanaticism of religious zealots, the catch cry is to get all those firearms on the record, when reality shows through and the Queensland Minister of Police admits in Parliament that they do not know how many licence shooters there are in the State of Queensland. Please click on this link and have a read

When the word Registration is really ‘Doublespeak’ for ‘Impositions’, as we all know that the record keeping is a total mess, they put great emphasis on serial numbers when in reality serial numbers are totally unreliable, many manufactures only have six digit numbering tools and as soon as they get to 100,000 they start again, Luger only had 5 digits and started again over 10,000. Daisy Red Ryder Air Rifles passed the 48 million during the 1950s and are still in production. Only Winchester used a 7 digit number for their millions. Most factories have stamping machines that automatically change the digits, often they would jam and until noticed by an employee, they don’t get changed. At times I have noticed that out of 2000 serial numbers 44 of them matched others. Every time the recorded information is typed into a computer the human factor makes mistakes, Make, Model, Serial Number, Catagory, they will get something wrong and like Chinese Whispers at every exchange of information the greater variance from reality. What is the point of a registration system when the Police Minister cannot relay the number of licenced shooters to Parliament. If they don’t know how many, they cannot know who is licenced and what is registered. So it is not really a registration system it’s just an imposition with the sole purpose of discouraging lawful firearm ownership.

 Should We Ever Believe WHAT we SEE in the MEDIA?
The Powers that be who run the Amnesty of Firearms which still has a month to go are advertising their huge success. They claim that they are receiving many thousands of  Dangerous guns. Not withstanding that without human intent they might hurt, if you dropped them on your toe. If this was true we would see photographs of these thousands, but it seems that everything we see is not what it seems.
We all know that Criminals do not hand in their guns voluntarily. The government and the media want to prove that they do.
On 8th August Seven News reports the following and supplies a startling photo of what they have recently gathered in.…/amnesty-nets-about-6400-guns-…/…
Gun amnesty nets assault rifles and Magnum

Article by Perry Duffin – AAP on August 8, 2017, 11:40 am
“Thousands of firearms, including a .44 Magnum revolver, assault rifles and sub-machine guns have been handed to NSW police as the national gun amnesty reaches the half-way mark.

The amnesty which ends on September 30 allows anyone with an unregistered firearm or firearm-related item to legally dispose of, or register, such items with police without penalty.

Since being declared a month ago, 1700 rifles, 460 shotguns and nearly 200 handguns have been surrendered and thousands more firearms submitted for registration.

Surrendered items include four SKS assault rifles, a 9mm homemade sub-machine gun, a Colt AR-15 rifle, M1 carbine, a .44 calibre Magnum revolver, and a Leader Dynamics T2 MK5 assault rifle.”
Yet this photo was published on July the 28th 2016

What is the story. Why do they have to use an old photograph from and article published in Germany last year to back up their story. Who are they trying to hoodwink this time??

Most Bulletins we discuss Personal Security, sometimes National Security, and as all security issues of any sort affect us all. Last month we discussed economic security. Here is the second part of that article.

URGENT not much Time Left to Change the mind of your local State and Federal MP.

NSW has already passed and started Registration of Ammunition, in compliance with the National Firearm Agreement, those traitorous Police Ministers and their Yes-men, unanimously agreed to impose this in every State of Australia.

The 660,000 licenced shooters of Queensland, (growing numbers at 35% per anum) do not have much time left to raise the alarm and tell all, that the new NFA (National Firearm Agreement) that our Labor Premier has ready to put before parliament, does not just alter the categories of Adler Lever Action shotguns, but its real intent is to register and limit all ammunition sales, creating another huge empire of public servants, recording, reporting, accessing and restricting your right to purchase ammunition. This will impose a huge burden on every shooter and on every point of sale, as it will have to employ people to register and report that information to the State.

Limiting Ammunition when Australia is being encroached upon, the word ‘invaded’ could be used, by 100 million feral pigs or more, they double their numbers ever year, so the CSIRO tells us. We also have huge external defence problems that would by any sensible government encourage production of ammunition and firearms.

Prices will rise and it will cause a black market in ammunition to thrive. More police will be needed to spy on shooters and gunshops, so the Police Union and bureaucracy will continue to increase in size. Criminals, who have no shortage of money will have no problem acquiring ammunition, the government knows this and so does any rational thinking person. This is just another small step with a big government boot to suppress the freedom of the individual.

Other sections of this NFA (National Firearm Agreement) (that no one, but government agreed to) is in changing the current requirement of collectors firearms and heirlooms, from temporary inoperable to permanently inoperable. Instead of a firing pin removal, or a trigger lock, these ancient masterpieces of invention that have huge emotional value to families will have to be welded up into a solid lump of junk.

So please inform your local members of parliament of every party. Emphasize the fact that you and your friends and families will all vote against them at the next election if they do not oppose these further impositions. They do not have to be told which way you voted last time. Even those associated with the small political parties, or independents even if they support shooters they will be impressed and more resolute with every shooter who bothers to consult with them. In Queensland we have an election coming so contact all candidates even if you think they have no chance of winning,  even contact the Greens and Labour and explain to them, that you will only vote for a candidate that supports your way of life.

More than likely most of them will  have never read the NFA, but they have to be told by individuals. Don’t wait for your association to do it for you. Its numbers that count, every vote down, and given to another Independent means that they have to find two other votes to make up for that loss.

When you visit, your local member, he will more than likely blame everyone but himself, he will start with the opposition and then when he realises you know that both major parties have given bilateral support for the agreement. He will even look to blame his own party for a way out, or an excuse.

Just tell him to stand as an independent and proclaim his own policy,

A. For the individual right of law abiding citizens to own firearms,

B. To end long arm registration, to allow semi autos and pumps, and

C. Ensure that all law abiding citizens can use the Right of Self Defence as a reason to obtain the firearms that they believe are suitable for this need.

Elections are coming. Remember contact the candidates ask for their published Firearm Policy. Find your elected MP. Here

We know what the Greens have in store for us, we know that if Labour has any success they will impose the new NFA with ammunition limits. We do not have a written policy for the Katter Party even though we believe that they are sympathetic. Only One Nation has a published Firearm Policy  its not as good as it was in 1997 when they won 11 seats in the Queensland parliament but they have genuinely improved their policy twice this year. The LNP has no published policy but has been making sympathetic noises since they have been in opposition. They have broken promises before but we would have more faith in any candidate with a published policy for all to see. We would like to know who stands with us and who is against us.

In the next Queensland election, it is full preferential voting.  If you do not direct your full list of preferences it will not be a vote at all.  When voting  put the Greens and Labour LAST. Contact all candidates ask them for their firearm policies. Sort your first preference from their reply.

Remember if a Snap Election is Announced and you do not have time to vet your local candidates  put Labor last followed by the Greens and other major parties that are standing. Only know them by what they produce.

There is no Spring without Winter, without Mistakes there is no Learning. There is no Life without Death, without Doubts there is no Faith. There is no Peace without War, without Fear there is no Courage. For without Mistakes, Doubts and Fears there are no pathways to Wisdom.
Ron Owen.
 Email    or phone 07 54 825070.

Father bashed unconscious while daughters hid in bathroom during Melbourne home invasion

The Australian Government has banned the right to obtain, carry & use anything for the sole purpose of self defence, & this is the result. Australian homes & law abiding citizens are left defenseless. NO guns, NO pepper spray, NO tasers, NO anything!!! One would have thought that it was a human right to defend oneself & ones family!!! NOT IN AUSTRALIA IT ISN'T!

More Firearms Restrictions! Further Licensing Issues – Police Policy

Property Letters
We are encountering issues regarding property letter sizes.  Specifically, a change in policy within Police Licensing Services (PLS) on what are adequate property sizes for certain calibre firearms.  A client recently had a firearms license application refused for a shotgun on 6 acres.

The PLS maintain they have a duty of care and responsibility to ensure license applicants have access to a property to safely shoot a firearm on.  Property size has a large part to do with this.  They do this by applying arbitrary rules, that do not exist in legislation, to decide whether or not a certain license application should be granted.  PLS will not officially release these figures.  Subsequently, acceptable property sizes change periodically without consultation with the industry or even a warning.

These changes make it particularly hard for firearm dealers to advise clients on suitable firearms for their requirements.  While a certain caliber would be needed to humanely kill certain pests or to engage in a certain style of recreational shooting, there is no certainty that PLS will approve that caliber.  This results in license applications being refused, when similar applications were granted only weeks prior.  Firearm Dealers and license applicants lose money and considerable time is needlessly wasted.  The Police Licensing Services claim to assess applications individually and consider other factors – we do not accept this.  Our experience is that little other than property size is considered by assessors in the application process.  License applicants are usually forced to ‘fight’ to get applications approved, often explaining relatively simple realities of pest eradication to assessors with seemingly little training.

History of Application Requirements
Prior to firearm licensing being centralized in 2009, firearm applications for shotguns and .22 long rifle chambered firearms would be approved on 5 acres regularly, and rightly so.  When used sensibly it is entirely possible to maintain the safety requirements that the Firearms Act of Western Australia contains.
Police Licensing Services have decided to increase these property size requirements
This is because, prior to 2009, the topography of the property was considered by the local police who were in charge of processing the license.  When judging whether a certain calibre is safe to use on a certain property, topography is more important than size.

Topography is difficult for central licensing to judge without inspection.
As such, topography has taken a back seat and now land size is the primary attribute judged.  Land size is supplied to Police Licensing Services on a firearm license application.

Just because topography is more difficult to judge than size does not mean it is any less important than when firearm licensing was done at a local Police level.

Police Licensing Services have decided to increase these property size requirements.  This isn’t in response to any particular event; no one has accidently been killed and no property has been damaged.  There are no new threats.  There has been no introduction of new technology.  Ammunition isn’t more powerful than it used to be, nor has there been a reduction in international standard regarding sizing or area.

What has changed?
We have been able to gauge required acreage from refused applications and from what little information we can garner from Police Firearms Licensing.  The required property size to license a shotgun is now double that of what it used to be.  The required acreage for a 22 magnum has gone from 25 acres to 100 acres and a 22 long rifle from 5 acres to 25 acres.  Each of these changes represents a large increase on what was previously acceptable.

These requirements do not take into consideration the many other issues regarding safe firearm use.  Rather, they are just the application of a policy that considers the most important factor the one that is easiest to obtain.  A major factor, commonly ignored, is the requirement for firearm license holders to ensure vermin is dispatched humanely.  Placing onerous property size restrictions on license applications means that license holders are required to attempt to destroy vermin with firearms that are underpowered – they are forced to destroy vermin inhumanely.

Politics and the Law Reform Commission Review
On 18 November 2015, the Hon. Rick Mazza asked several questions regarding property letters and Police Licensing Services’ policy.  The response he received from the Attorney General, the Hon. Michael Mischin, representing the Police Minister in the Upper House, contained only two pieces of useful information.  Firstly, an allegation that firearm license applicants were modifying the property letter template provided on the Police website to read ‘Owner/Manager’.  This is untrue. I still possess the original document from PLS (listing the author of the document as being an employee of Police Licensing Services) which has the wording “Owner/Manager”.  Second, there was an assurance that “No changes to policy will be made until the finalisation of the Law Reform Commission review.”.  The Hon. Michael Mischin has either been poorly briefed or deliberately deceitful.

Approximately nine months ago it was identified a number of template letters received by WA Police had been altered by some authors to include “owner/manager”,
The review was only out a few weeks and the Police decided the change their internal policy regarding property sizes.   It is reasonable to assume that the recommendations contained within the Law Reform Commission Review would be considered before making any policy changes.

The Law Reform Commission states;

“The Commission does not wish to overemphasize the relevance of the size of the land; there are other equally important factors such as the necessity of a certain calibre firearm to humanely kill certain size vermin”

Recommendation 56 .3 of the Law Reform Review, regarding property letters, states;
“The size of the property should not carry greater weight than any other consideration when determining the reasonable justification for a particular firearm”

If the Police have read the Law Reform Commission review, not only have they entirely disregarded this entire section, but gone further to enforce even stricter conditions than already exist.  Under the latest changes, if a license holder has a property smaller than 25 acres, they are required to destroy rabbits using one of two methods;

 chasing vermin with shotguns and attempting to shoot them from a moving vehicle – a practice condemned in the National Firearms Safety Code, or
 attempt to destroy them with an air rifle.

There is an argument that some powerful air rifles are adequate to destroy rabbits.  These air rifles fire relatively heavy projectiles – some almost as heavy as a 22 long rifle projectile, at speeds well over the speed of sound.  There is no safety benefit in forcing property owners to use an air rifle which rivals a 22 long rifle in power whilst not allowing them to simply use a 22 long rifle chambered firearm.

Under the new property requirements, any orchardist with a property size smaller than 10 acres is forced to either inhumanely destroy kangaroos, face financial ruin, or falsify their firearm application by stating they want to shoot on another property.  How is this in the public interest?

How the Requirements are Calculated
It is no coincidence that the Police Licensing Services have arrived at nice round figures such as 10 acres, 25 acres, 100 acres, 500 acres, 1000acres and 2000 acres for certain calibres.  Considering the danger area of certain cartridges, angles of error that are likely to occur, likelihood of ricochet and ricochet angles, templating areas for certain calibres and other factors, it would be impossible to arrive at these figures with any formulated approach.  The Police are basing their policy on arbitrary figures they have invented with no empirical base or scientific backing.  This is further reinforced by the fact that they will not release the methodology by which they have arrived at these figures.

These restrictions do nothing to protect the interests of small property or recreational shooters.  Nor do they increase public safety. The PLS priority is one of self-interest, dissolving themselves of blame in the event someone breaks the law.  This attitude dominates all other factors of licensing.

In enforcing such strict conditions of licensing, PLS reveal their mistrust for firearm license holders.  Other examples of PLS mistrust include;

The restriction of licensing firearms the Police deem ‘Category D in appearance’ (Reg. 26B) because they assume their owners will go armed in public to scare people.

The restrictions placed upon firearms chambered for the 338 Lapua cartridge, as the assumption was their owners would try and shoot people from long distances.

The restrictions placed upon air rifles with barrel shrouds, as their noise suppressing nature would somehow transform their owners into assassins.

Police mistrust for courier companies transporting firearms, resulting in no firearms being able to be transported around Western Australia without PLS approval.

License holders being required to license every spare barrel for their firearms, the assumption being that license holders would shoot someone and the projectiles needed to be tracked back to them and their barrel.

The restriction on the sale of firearm parts, because you are assumed to be using those parts to piece together an unlicensed firearm.

Requirements to license objects that do not fall under the description of a firearm as if they were a firearm, such as bolt guns. People cannot be trusted with them.

Laws governing the importation and licensing of firearms in other states are ignored. Interstate licenses are not recognized in Western Australia because the Western Australia PLS do not trust anyone, including other licensing authorities.

Western Australia Police Licensing Services must be enforcing such hard conditions because they have serious doubt whether firearm license holders have the required skill, knowledge or experience to be trusted to not break the law.  These points can be mitigated with training, yet bizarrely, PLS oppose practical firearms training.

The PLS submission to the law reform commission reads;
“Comprehensive training for a person who wants to join a club is a practical idea, but should not hinder the primary producer and/or the license holder who wants to recreational hunt and shoot.  By enforcing training provided by an approved club or organization would add costs to the applicant for a recreational hunting license and could force quasi membership.”

The PLS make these assertions, but give no explanation as to why club members are deemed able to absorb the additional costs and other firearm license applicants, such recreational shooters and primary producers, cannot.   The PLS seem concerned with the economic cost to the firearm applicant, yet WA licensing fees are many times higher than any other licensing authority in the country.  Meeting safety requirements should never an economic consideration – regardless of whether it is a driver’s license, forklift ticket or skipper (boat) ticket.  If someone wants a certain license, they will meet the fiscal requirements.  Additional cost of safety training is unlikely to ever be so high as to deter anyone from applying for a firearm license.

To surmise
The Police oppose safety training because they don’t want the extra work of certifying training programs and organisations.  They are not interested in public safety or animal welfare, they are only interested in keeping their work load low protecting themselves from criticism and litigation.

Zaine Beaton
Beaton Firearms

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KILLER VIRUS: Hunting the Plague

Australian National Security. Terrorism.

I did a quick search on the net this morning to see if there were any disaster preparedness surveys or government advice sheets. I found nothing to date. I find this quite amazing. In & post WW2 there was advice on needed supplies, how to preserve foods, how to save money when purchasing food, growing your own food etc etc. The world has changed. My advice, Be Prepared!

Friday, August 18, 2017

Chemists are running out of flu drugs as outbreak worsens

This is one of the major survival scenarios that preppers have been aware of for a long time. Not only the lack of medications, but the possibility that available medications may not work on new flu viruses. Take precautions, flu can kill you.

Shotgun - Point Blank Pig Charge

This is why we need to be able to legally carry a handgun when working outdoors. You can't work with a shotgun slung over your shoulder, & even if you could, you would have to unsling it before you could use it! These firearms restrictions put people at risk for no sensible or just reason!

Saturday, August 12, 2017

My Views On Carrying Modern Gadgets.

Something I posted on a UK survival forum recently after receiving so much negative feed back & comments. 
My Views On Carrying Modern Gadgets.

Okay, this is my take on the carry situation, or your Bug Out bag contents for long term wilderness/country living.

People are for ever saying that they will rely of modern gear because it is easier to use & when it is used up or broken they will simply discard it. Many state that they carry multiple items for making fire. Maybe they do the same with other gear as well, I don't know.

Personally I have gone to a lot of research & experimentation to arrive at the best kit I can possibly carry that will last me a lifetime in the wilderness. This equipment is backed up with the skills needed to use this gear.

Now if I were to take advice from many people who advocate the carrying of modern gear & extras for insurance, then some of the items I already have in my pack would have to be taken out to (a) make room, & (b) lighten the load.

Putting it another way, when one has to discard a modern gadget, there is nothing to replace it unless you can make a primitive item to replace it. You were carrying this gadget at the expense of carrying something more suitable. You have compromised your safety & security by leaving important items out of your pack to make room for your gadgets. Does this make any sense to you?

Okay so you do know how to use a flint, steel & tinderbox & you carry one with you. You know all about plant & fungi tinders & where to find dry kindling in the pouring rain & snow. But you still want to carry a cigarette lighter, a ferocerium rod & magnesium block because? I can probably make fire faster with a tinderbox than many people can with a lighter, so why would I want to carry a lighter? I would sooner carry that extra weight & bulk in gunpowder, water, food, modern medical supplies. These items are far more important than carrying battery operated torches, magnesium blocks, ferocerium rods, cigarette lighters, plastic or tin plates, fold away solar panels, eating utensils, fuel stove, multi-tool, or the myriad of other modern gadgets that are on the market today.

A ferocerium rod is NOT a good substitute for a tinderbox. So why have one? Why are you not practicing with a real flint steel & tinderbox? If this is just a hobby for you, just a game or something you like to do when camping out, fine, I am not saying that is NOT a legitimate thing to do, but do NOT try to convince me or anyone else that this is what you should do if you seriously want to survive should it all hit the fan.

I have been doing this stuff since before it became known as prepping, I have been doing this for most of my life in all weathers. I have survived attacks from people & wild animals, I survived cyclone Tracey in 74. I have lived off grid in the bush for most of my life. I try to pass on my findings, my knowledge & my experience because I am an old man & the things that I know are rarely practiced these days. And yet I am for ever finding people getting upset by what I say & am immediately put on someone's hit list. Is it jealousy? Is it because these people were used to being top dog on the forum until I came along & upset their ratings? Or is it because I no longer live in the UK & therefore can't be considered a reliable source of information?

Yes I am out of touch with matters in the UK, I would imagine things are far worse there now than they were when I was living there. I saw my old forest & field haunts being cut down, leveled & built on. I was running out of room to "play". So I got out, came here & bought myself a forest that no one can destroy. But that does not mean that you can't take what is of use to you & discard the rest. Basic survival needs are still the same no matter where you are in the world. Even some of the plants here are the same as in the UK & other countries. Before climate change took a hold it was the same weather conditions here in New England NSW as it was in parts of the UK.

There is different equipment to suit the individual, & there is the WRONG equipment to carry. No matter how big & strong you are, no matter that you can carry a child plus your backpack, it still comes down to carrying the right gear & NOT compromising your safety. There will already be a need for some compromise when packing for a trip between two principles : minimum weight & maximum self-reliance.

Why we support pro-shooting candidates

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Survival Foods For Your Garden.

It is said that you will never starve if you are growing Jerusalem Artichokes. The Jerusalem Artichoke is a root crop & member of the sunflower family. The green foliage can be fed to stock & chooks as can the root itself. You only need one root bulb to start your crop.

Nutritional Information: