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This chap is ex military & he is well worth listening to. You may have no interest in his conclusions regarding cot deaths, but his talk on microwaves being used against people is very interesting!

BBC This World - Norway's Massacre

This happened in Norway, gun control did NOT stop this from happening, & further gun control will not stop it happening again. These shooting are not about guns, they are about society & mental health. With no guns bombs, knives, axes, machetes have been used, even a compound bow could be used. 
We need to tackle gun violence & violence in general in a different way, it is thoughtless, stupid & pointless to keep banning tools & weapons & expect violence to stop.

A Woodsrunner's Diary: Fitting a Gun Flint to A Lock.

A Woodsrunner's Diary: Fitting a Gun Flint to A Lock.

A Woodsrunner's Diary: Flintlock Safety.

A Woodsrunner's Diary: Flintlock Safety.

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Tomorrow When The War Began & The Hunger Games. Are they so far fetched?!

Tomorrow When The War Began is about Australia being invaded by Indonesia. Now if you are wondering why the world has gone silent on the Indonesian government's Genocide on West Papuans, it is because many countries have an investment in the wealth of West Papua, namely the gold mines. Australia is one of these which is why it has not only trained the Indonesian military but it is also funding the genocide of our WW2 allies! That's right, we have no honour left!
So if we were invaded, what makes the majority of complicit Australians think that anyone would come to our aid???!!!

The Hunger Games, based on the wealth of the government overpowering the people & basically turning them into slaves. Too far fetched for reality? Okay, ask yourself this; if Australia owns gold mines in West Papua & is funding the genocide of West Papuans, where is this money from these mines going? Are we reaping any of this "blood money"? No we are not & personally I would not want to, I find the whole thing disgusting & almost beyond belief!!! So our corrupt to the core government is a law unto its own, it is getting wealthier along with many corporations, whilst many of us are living below the poverty line & paying more taxes. You still think the Hunger Games are too far fetched?
Remember, our government is after our guns, & they have already confiscated our semi-auto bunny guns. The only people that can now legally own & use semi-automatic guns are the Police & the Military!!!


The Holocaust Perpetrators Protected By Australian Law

Top 10 Most Awful Genocides in History

Australia - A History of Genocide?

Génocide et Exploitation des Ressources Naturelles en Papouasie Occident...

West Papuan people killed in 2017

Australia Declares War!!!

Trophy Photo!!!

Australia declares war, does this title get your attention? Australia military have trained the Indonesian military to commit Genocide on West Papuans, & we back this Genocide financially!!! If this is not declaring war on our WW2 allies, then what would you call it???

Why does it seem that I am the only one bringing this Genocide to people's attention? Why is the rest of the world ignoring this Genocide? Is it because the so called world leader Donald Trump has an interest in the gold mine in West Papua & also condones this genocide?

Rape & Murder, their suffering & blood is on the majority of Australian's hands!

The slaughter of men, women & children & the majority of Australians say nothing & allow this to continue!

What have the Australian people become that they can sit on their hands & say "she'll be right mate" when these people on our own doorstep are being slaughtered & persecuted? Since when did our government have the power in our name to say who lives & who dies? Seeing as our government is actually a part of this genocide of innocent people, what makes you think you can trust our government with your welfare, your lives? You think our military would not kill Australian citizens? Well they trained the Indonesian military to kill West Papuans & they were our allies in world war 2!!! Have you seen what our police do to some civilians? Did you know it is now illegal to carry anything for the purpose of defending yourself against an attack?

Did you know that even if you own a gun you are not legally allowed to use that gun for self defence or for the defence of your family in a home invasion? Our government has confiscated our semi-auto bunny rifles, & shotguns, which means that the only people who now can legally use semi-automatic guns are the police & the military!!!

I don't think that my making posts like this will have any influence on Australian citizens what so ever, which is a shame, because that means that the majority of Australian citizens are complicit with the corruption of our government & its control of the Australian people. Well you can bet your bottom dollar that if TEOTWAWKI ever happens in Australia, the majority of Australians in the city will NOT survive. Do not expect any assistance from Donald Trump, he has an interest in the gold mine in West Papua so I have been told! Don't expect any help from our own government or the UN, you will be on your own!

Tomatoes from Garden to Table & Preserving 2 By Keith H Burgess

Brandon Flint Knappers 1920's

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Food Supplies. Tomatoes, Picking & Preserving.

We have started harvesting our tomato crop & preserving them. We may dry some like last year, but for now we are bottling them.
We always put stakes in for our tomato plants, but sometimes they get away from us! One day they don't seem large enough to tie, & the next time we check they have gone beyond tying! I am never game to try tying them once they have got to a certain size, because invariably the stems break.

Then there are the volunteers from last years crop, we could pull them out, but we never do. We can always use more tomatoes. These volunteers grow madly all over the garden & the paths until the paths are impassable! Stakes do make the picking easier, but I find it no great hardship to pick from the sprawling plants on the ground.

12 jars so far, this is the product of 4 baskets as at the top of this page, & we still have a lot to pick, & the crop is still ripening.

A Woodsrunner's Diary: Kakai Squash. Trail Food.

A Woodsrunner's Diary: Kakai Squash. Trail Food.: The Kakai squash I am told originated in Austria & was grown all through Europe & parts of Asia. This squash or pumpkin has edibl...

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Do It Yourself homemade pipe shot gun. Gun Control??? Anti Gun Lobby/Government Ignorance.

I am posting this video to show the anti gun lobby just how ignorant they are & how pointless gun control is when targeting law abiding licenced gun owners. This video shows how to make a 12 gauge shotgun with only simple workshop tools & no special skills required. This gun is called a “Pipe Shotgun" & it is simply made from two pieces of pipe, a nut & bolt & a screw on end cap.
Now ask yourself this, how will gun control stop ANYONE from making a gun like this? How does stopping me from using a primitive antique muzzle-loading gun stop any criminal from making this gun? What is to stop any crazed person from making this gun & walking into a school & shooting lots of people? Remember, this is a shotgun. Loaded with buckshot it will kill multiple people with just one shot, & this gun is quickly & easily reloaded!

The Coming Pandemic - 52min. documentary

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Australians No Longer Care About Other Australians. Brainwashed by the Australian government?

Homeless people are people with no permanent home, they sleep in cars, family garages, in doss houses or perhaps a family member's home.

People living rough live on park benches under bridges, anywhere they can find where they hope they will be safe.

The Australian government DOES NOT CARE about these people, & the majority of Australian citizens do not care about these people. Just think about that, is this what we have become as a nation, as a people? Do we have no honour at all? No caring attitude towards fellow Australians in need?

We have the power to put things right, it is quite obvious that the government is not governing Australia properly, it is quite obvious that the care & welfare of the Australian people is not their priority. Oh you may be fine, you may have a good job & a nice home so why should you care about other Australians who have nothing?! What does this say about you as a person who is not willing to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

The ABS Census data released yesterday reveals a 37% increase in homelessness. In 2011 the number of people experiencing homelessness in NSW was 28,191. In 2016 this has jumped to 37,715.

The number of people in overcrowded dwellings in NSW has increased by 74% since the last census.

The number of homeless women has increased across all age ranges with the largest increase in women aged between 25-34 years (55% increase since 2011) and 65-74 years (78% since 2011).

Further information can be found on the ABS website

NSW Snap shot:

37,715 people were experiencing homelessness on the night of the 2016 Census (an increase of 37%)
The number of homeless women has increased across all age ranges with the largest increase in women aged between 25-34 years (55% increase since 2011) and 65-74 years (78% since 2011).
2,588 were sleeping rough (an increase of 35% since 2011)
16,821 were living in overcrowded conditions
The rate of homelessness for young people aged 19-24 increased by 92% since 2006 and is twice that of the general population
The rate of older people experiencing homelessness has increased by 24%
74,000 clients were supported by homelessness services in 2016/17 (43% increase since 2013/14)
2 in 5 clients did not receive crisis or other accommodation despite requesting it in 2016/17
2 in 3 clients who were homeless prior to accessing a service had no long term accommodation at the end of support in 2016/17.


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Julie Bishop Refuses To Help Australian Journalist Imprisoned in Cambodia!

I know, this is nothing new, we know that money & power come first before the people's welfare. They have totally ignored the genocide of our WW2 West Papua Allies. This journalist was just doing his job, but perhaps because of something he saw he is now in prison & our government true to it's total corruptness is going to leave him there to die!
I have asked this many times over the years, "when are the majority of Australians going to get up on their hind legs & say ENOUGH, we are not standing for this anymore". I suppose in their own way, the majority of Australians are also corrupt. They have it sweet, & they don't want to rock the boat. I find that hard to swallow. We have come a long way from the Eureka Stockade!!!

Julie Bishop refuses to help dad - but is meeting Cambodian PM!
Roxanne Holmes
Sydney, Australia
MAR 15, 2018 — I can't believe what has happened and I'm now so desperate for your help.

Our Foreign Minister has officially refused to help my dad any further.

Four police officers arrived at dad's cell and read him a letter from Julie Bishop to her Cambodian counterpart.

It said that Australia will NOT intervene in his case.

Julie Bishop is due to meet Cambodia's PM Hun Sen at the ASEAN summit in the next day or two. Please can you call her office and ask her, the minute she shakes his hand, to release my father - an award-winning journalist whose only crime has been to be kind and truthful.

Call her today on 02 62 777 500.

Her letter told dad that the rest was up to his legal team and the wheels of justice. But there's no justice when my dad is being detained for something of which there's no evidence (spying for the Australian government). Dad has not spied for the Australian government or any government.

And Julie Bishop has the power to disprove this.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Advantages of a Flintlock Muzzle-Loader Post TEOTWAWKI.

Advantages of a Flintlock Muzzle-loader.
1)   Ammo is less expensive than a modern equivalent calibre firearm.
2)  The smoothbore is very versatile, being able to digest round ball, bird shot, & buckshot, or any combination of two of these (can also use minies/conical slugs).
3)  The fusil is lighter to carry than a modern equivalent sized gun.
4)  You can vary the load if needs be.
5)  The smoothbore will digest other projectiles besides lead.
6)  Lead can be retrieved from downed game & remoulded with a simple mould & lead ladle. This means that you can carry less lead, & more of the lighter gunpowder.
7)  You can make your own gunpowder.
8)  You can use the lock to make fire without using gunpowder.
9)  You can use gunpowder for gunpowder tinder fire lighting if needs be.
10)        IF the lock should malfunction (these are very robust & it is not likely) you can easily repair it if you are carrying a few spare springs & a few simple tools.
11) If you do not have any spare parts & the lock malfunctions, you can easily convert it to a tinderlock or matchlock & continue using it.
12)        You do not need a reloader, brass shells, caps, or primers. The latter have been known to break down in damp conditions or if they are stored for too long.
13)         Wadding for ball or shot is available from natural plant materials or homemade leather or rawhide.
14)       Less chance of being affected by future ammunition control legislation.
15)        Gunpowder is easily obtainable providing you have a muzzle-loader registered in your name regardless of calibre (NSW).
16)        A .32 caliber flintlock rifle is more powerful than a .22 rimfire, less expensive to feed, more accurate over a greater distance, able to take small & medium sized game, & other than not being able to use shot (unless it is smoothbore), it has all the attributes of the other flintlocks. For larger game you can load with conical slugs, which of course you can make yourself in the field.
17)        Damage from a .62 calibre or .70 calibre pistol or long arm is in the extreme. Wounded prey is unlikely to escape.
18)         By using buck & ball you are unlikely to miss your target. This load is capable of taking out more than one target.
19)        There is less kick-back to a muzzle-loading gun.
20)       Antique Flintlock muzzle-loading guns do not require a license, registration, or a permit to purchase in NSW Australia.

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A Man Of The Woods. A short documentary on the Author of this blog who lives off grid & off all council services

A Man of the Woods from Alex Cuffe on Vimeo.

Thoughts For The Week By Ron Owen.

Thoughts For the Week.
“If freedom of speech is taken away, then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.” George Washington
Paid Opinion Makers.
Over the counter at Owen Guns one of the main topics of conversation, this week  was the interview with the iconic shooters hero Bob Katter, on the imbecilic, opinion factory the ‘Project’. This program exhibits the very worst of Australian media, even worse than the ABC and SBS , and that has to be bad. The panel has the intellectual ability of dull 10 year olds, who seemed to be drugged to make them even more dopy. That with the electronic canned laughter makes the Muppets look like academics.  Most customers could not understand why he had agreed to talk to them, others could not understand why he thought we lived in a tyranny, most were shocked by the venom exhibited by the panel of chattering monkeys, who set him up and cut him off at every opportunity. Never allowing him to qualify his intended message. Everyone, I spoke to was shocked that the ‘Project” was so openly biased, and would not allow any other opinion to supply a democratic balance.

Like Bob, I have suffered the ‘slings and arrows of outrageous fortune’, from similar mainstream media in the past and have periodically explained where and how this ‘ opinion manufacturing’ is bought and paid for.
Not long ago in a previous “Thoughts for the Week” Edition 127
I used an article first printed in the Weekend Australian, that listed the information of George Soros control of the Australian media and Australian left wing Associations and his influence on Australian Academia and included the link
this must have had too much truth within it so it was subsequently removed.
 I re published it on
Propaganda is the Wall of Our Prison.
The control over peoples minds and opinions needs no barbed wire, or electric fences, but it is no less a tyranny than what Dr Goebbels created in socialist Nazi Germany, or Joseph Stalin created in the socialist USSR, or socialist Mao Tze Tung created in China, or what is still apparent in socialist North Korea with Kim Jong-un. Freedom of Speech is non existent, the population is controlled by the media and Bob Katter acting in his cowboy manner again proved that the same Tyranny was in place, here in Australia.
How can reasonable people be so clueless, to not see that this tyranny is in place? The late novelist David Foster Wallace tells a story about fish and water that can help us understand the control that is bought and paid for resulting in the problem, that only people who have experienced that tyranny at first hand (firearm owners are only one group) can see the barbed wire.
What the Hell is Water? Who would ever want to be anywhere else than our paradise?
“There are these two young fish swimming along and they happen to meet an older fish swimming the other way, who nods at them and says “Morning, boys. How’s the water?” And the two young fish swim on for a bit, and then eventually one of them looks over at the other and goes “What the hell is water?”
There’s also an old saying that fish are the last to discover water and it is the same in our society. Unless, a person, personally come across the stark injustice of control they are the last to discover the massive political bias, the mind control, and it is because most people assume what they believe about the world is the standard by which all other views must be judged. While ‘other people’ are being “far out political” they themselves are merely being “reasonable” and that is the whole secret of propaganda.
The Tasmanian Liberal government, prior to last weeks election must have learned a trick or two from the recent Queensland election, where the Liberal /National Party made the big mistake of promising ‘evidence based gun laws’ and betrayed the shooters by voting with Labour for the introduction of the NFA. This backfired and lost the NLP the election. At last the Liberal Party of Tasmania has recognised that law abiding shooters can and will make the difference. They have obviously done their sums and recognised that over 2 million licensed shooters in Australia can decide who wins and who loses and election. It also can win or lose them millions of dollars in Election payments from the Electoral Commission that pays them $4. per primary vote. This in turn would be reflected in how much they have to spend at the next election on campaign advertising. So we have hurt them and the Tasmanian Liberals wanted to ensure that this disaster did not occur to them. Yes, we know Liberals and Nationals will always betray us, but when confronted with the options, the promise seemed to be the best way to go for most Tasmanian firearm owners.

Keeping them to these promises will be the next battle.
Here is The Promise.
9 February 2018
From Hon M.T. (Rene) Hidding MP
Minister for Police, Fire and Emergency Management
Liberal Member for Lyons
“Dear Consultation Group Member
The majority Hodgman Liberal Government has over the last four years demonstrated that it has the interests of all law abiding Tasmanian firearm owners at heart. We have readily acknowledged that service levels at Firearms Services (FAS) have disappointed some. While 2017 was a year of extraordinary levels of licence and permit activity, we needed to act, and we did. Heeding your calls a civilian manager of FAS has been appointed, extra staff were employed to handle the huge increase in activity, an independent review of processes and services of FAS was conducted, and a new FAS website was launched with a large increase in information available for firearm owners. All these actions bode well for future service delivery from FAS however we intend to go further.
Only a re-elected majority Hodgman Liberal Government can continue to provide Tasmania’s lawful firearm owners with a supportive, responsible framework, which addresses the genuine needs of the various sporting, hunting and farming users of firearms in Tasmania.
Our firearms policy for the election, outlined below, is a comprehensive policy which responsibly addresses the many concerns of the various firearms owners groups in Tasmania.
Our policy recognises the many different pursuits of lawful firearms owners including farmers, hunters, collectors, and sporting and target shooters.
Establish the Tasmanian Firearm Owners Council
A re-elected Hodgman majority Liberal Government will establish a truly representative peak body, a Statutory Council to provide advice to the Minister for Police, and State Government generally, on all matters to do with the regulation and use of firearms in Tasmania.
The Tasmanian Firearm Owners Council (TFOC) will be a nine-member statutory body with the Chair and members to be paid positions, and nominations open to major stakeholder bodies.
Improve the interaction between Firearm Services (FAS) and firearms owners – and higher service levels
A re-elected Hodgman majority Liberal Government will continue to promote the re-development of FAS into civilian-led, responsive, regulatory body offering online services and which provides clarity of legal responsibilities for all firearms owners as well as timely responses to queries.
We will move to have FAS establish a digital platform where every firearm owner in Tasmania can manage their own licence and registration arrangements in a secure and timely manner and maintain a high level of communication with Firearms Services on all changes, updates or latest advice. We will ensure frontline Service Tasmania staff receive training in the handling of sensitive firearm matters during face-to-face transactions. We will deliver an end to inappropriate delays and waiting times for licensing and permits.
Establishing a new Tasmania competition shooting range.
A re-elected Hodgman majority Liberal Government will commit to identifying a substantial parcel of Crown Land in Tasmania that could be developed into a suite of world-class, multi-discipline, sporting shooting ranges to cater for the very positive activity of competitive shooting in all disciplines for Tasmanian shooters. The facility would be available to all regional clubs in Tasmania.
Broader firearms training and testing provisions
A re-elected Hodgman majority Liberal Government will end the exclusive, single-provider model currently in place for training and testing services for new firearms licence applications. This will promote a higher level of service across the State.
Extend periods of licences
A re-elected Hodgman majority Liberal Government will extend the active period fo licensing of firearms to include options for up to 10 years for Category A and B for all licence holders and two years for a Category C agent of a primary producer (currently every year) in order to stagger the annual renewal process and remove red tape.
Infringement notices for minor storage offences
A re-elected Hodgman majority Liberal Government will amend the Regulations so that where a lawful firearms owner (including a dealer) has been found in contravention of storage laws for relatively minor reasons, an infringement notice may be issued rather than a summons, and no firearms will be removed as a result, if the contravention is rectified without delay.
Finalise an MOU between the Government, Tasmania Police and the Tasmanian Farmers and Graziers Association (TFGA)
A re-elected Hodgman majority Liberal Government will develop a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Government, Tasmania Police and the TFGA, which declares that firearms are ‘tools of trade’ for primary producers and which provides for new, practical approaches to the use of those tools.
The MOU will be reviewed and updated every two years. It will provide recognition that firearms are tools-of-trade and need to be available, and carried, in the best form and function for primary producers to discharge their responsibilities as safe, efficient and humane practitioners in their industry.
The MOU will acknowledge that an active primary producer in Tasmania has a genuine reason for owning a firearm by reason of that fact.
As recognition of the ‘tools of trade’ requirement for primary producers we will ensure the legislation:
. Spells out a practical, safe and responsible method of carrying and conveying firearms while at work in primary production, the practice of which will be better allowed for by reviewing the “in use” provisions of the Firearms Act.
. Provides for genuine employees to include contractors or agents of primary producers to be able to hold Category C licences for standard crop protection and pest control purposes.
. For workplace health and safety reasons, permits Category C holders or crop protection permit holders to won and use sound suppressors in the course of the use of their firearms for primary production purposes, but ensures that stringent storage requirements are applied.
We will refer to TFOC for an examination of a simpler renewal process for Category C licences if circumstances of the ownership and of the holder have not changed.
We will renew the income threshold that defines a person to be considered a ‘primary producer’ for the purposes of the Firearms Act.
Clarifying requirements for responsible firearms owners
A re-elected Hodgman majority Liberal Government will:
. Clarify arrangements for target pistol events to harmonise events between jurisdictions.
. Replace the existing requirements that a competition clay target shooter wishing to use a Category C semi-automatic shotgun must belong to one particular clay-target organisation, with a choice of approved clubs being made available.
. Amend Section 98 of the Firearm Act to clarify that for firearms received temporarily from interstate for repairs it is sufficient to have seen the interstate registration subject to normal reporting.
. Re-define the term “manufacture” to allow certain repairs and assembly of firearms to take place in an appropriate manner.
. Amend the Firearms Act to allow an owner to have a dedicated and secured room which can be designated a temporary “safe area” for the purposes of the reloading of ammunition. This will deal with the reality that specialist reloading can take extended periods but the room involved can be made secure through practical arrangements.
. Develop a protocol between Tasmanian Police and antique firearms and militaria groups for the operation of shows, militaria and re-enactment events in a way that provides a high level of safety and compliance, but also for reasonable and lawful trade and display of material.
. Review Section 47 of the Firearms Act relating to anomalous restrictions on the collection and display of militaria such as trigger locks on inoperative antique pistols.
We will refer to the new TFOC:
. The creation of a new Category E to encompass all “prohibited firearms” – as most of these are not prohibited to all citizens, and certain specialists have a lawful reasons to possess them.
. To review and develop a useful and safe protocol for the carriage of firearms in public places in vehicles to deal with all practical circumstances.
. The entire matter of “military appearance” laws for full review.
. The restrictions on carriage of ammunition across Bass Strait between Victoria and Tasmania, removing unfair barriers for travelling competitors and hunters.
We will refer to the Council of Police Ministers:
. The need for sound, sustainable, safe and non-political amendments to the National Firearms Agreement to reduce the frustrations of differing standards and the need for harmonisation of firearm laws across jurisdictions.
. The possibility to expand the “reason to own” a Category C firearm to include competition shooting, as occurs for clay target shooters, for recognised competition shooting events in Australia.
Only a re-elected majority Hodgman Liberal Government can deliver on this policy. Single interest, or limited interest parties, will not be in any position to deliver any meaningful change for the law abiding firearms owning community. Neither will Labor as they will need to be in partnership with the anti-firearms Greens in order to form a Government.
Yours sincerely
Hon M.T. (Rene) Hidding MP, Minister for Police, Fire and Emergency Management, Liberal Member for Lyons.

Billionaires can afford to pay well for Free Speech.
When this was publicised the Media went berserk. They comforted themselves with comments like.”The Hodgman Liberal Government is facing a disaster at next year’s Tasmanian election and Jacqui Lambie is partly to blame, according to political analysts. The Liberals and Labor are neck and neck for the first time in seven years, with both parties polling at 34 per cent, the latest EMRS poll reveals. The Greens’ vote is up one point to 17 per cent, while support for the Jacqui Lambie Network (JLN) is up three points to 8 per cent.
Premier Will Hodgman’s support has dropped by two points to 35 per cent, while Labor leader Rebecca White’s popularity as preferred leader has remained steady at 48 per cent.
Polling analyst Kevin Bonham said Ms White’s popularity was bad news for the Hodgman Liberal Government. “Typically in Australian polling history when an Opposition leader is this far ahead, a government is in very serious trouble,” Mr Bonham said.
Mr Bonham said the numbers showed both parties were unlikely to pick up more than 11 seats each in the 25-seat parliament. “On these numbers, they [the Liberals] wouldn’t be near winning a majority, it would probably be a hung parliament in which one would expect Labor to form government. “He is predicting 10 seats for Labor, 10 for the Liberals, four for the Greens and one for JLN. Mr Bonham said the latest poll was good news for the JLN.”There is a chance on these numbers they (JLN) might pick up a seat in Braddon.”
Mr Bonham said the Liberals could be at risk of losing two seats in Braddon, and a seat in Franklin and Lyons.
Well on Election night they all had to commit “Hari Kari” and fall on their swords as the ‘promise’ had earned them 15 seats and the Green’s had only one.
Then the media wing, in serve damage control, like a burning moth around the light had its latest flare up.
Gun Control Australia chairwoman Sam Lee said the gun lobby was on the rise in Australia and that gun laws were “slipping away” due to pressure being applied on law-makers.
Labor insists its own intention to ease firearm restrictions on farm owners is “vastly different” to the Liberals’ because it does not include changing weapon classifications or increasing access to some guns.
The response was predictable the Liberals were starting to walk back.
Premier Will Hodgman told ABC Radio that the policy was about finding an appropriate balance, and Hidding had advised him the policy was not in contravention of the national firearms agreement.
Even though the above promise includes “amendments to the National Firearms Agreement”, but lots of good of good messages leaked through the media barrier, like
“Tasmanian Farmers and Graziers Association chief executive Peter Skillern said the proposed changes had been discussed by the firearms consultation group for two years and the government had supported most of them.
Firearms are a tool of trade in the agricultural sector and these suggested changes are a recognition of that,” he said.
He said they included elements that would simply bring Tasmania into line with other states. Suggestions that they were watering down gun laws was a “gross exaggeration”.Tasmanian Premier Will Hodgman said his team are trying to support farmers without defying a 1996 national firearms agreement struck after the Port Arthur massacre.”What (this policy) will do is provide a better ability for Tasmanian farmers, whose livelihoods are threatened by browsing animals and pests, to control that,” he told reporters on Friday.
Proposed changes to Tasmania’s gun laws may be amended through the parliamentary process, Premier Will Hodgman has acknowledged.
It is nice to know that our enemy, the George Soros funded ‘Gun Control Australia’ Samantha Lee, believes that the Gun Lobby is on the Rise. Lets Hope So.

2 million Shooters Can make a Difference. We are many and they are few.
Rise like Lions after slumber
‘And these words shall then become
Like Oppression’s thundered doom
Ringing through each heart and brain.
Heard again—again—again—
‘Rise like Lions after slumber
In unvanquishable number—
Shake your chains to earth like dew
Which in sleep had fallen on you—
Ye are many—they are few.’
Written on the occasion of the massacre at Manchester. by Percy Bysshe Shelley.

Massacres like Peterloo in Manchester cannot be carried out when the good people are armed suitable for their defence.
Progress is Seductive.
Progressivism is the support for or advocacy of improvement of society by reform. As a philosophy, it is based on the Idea of Progress, which asserts that advancements in science, technology, economic development, and social organization are vital to the improvement of the human condition. Europe, out of the belief that Europe was demonstrating that societies could progress in civility from uncivilized conditions to civilization through strengthening the basis of empirical knowledge as the foundation of society progress as being a movement away from barbarism towards civilization. Eighteenth-century philosopher and political scientist Marquis de Condorcet predicted that political progress would involve the disappearance of slavery, the rise of literacy, the lessening of inequalities.
People who are progressive favour reform and civil liberties. Progressive people are interested in change and progress. You’re a progressive thinker if you like to think up new ways of doing things and you’re open to change. This is the opposite of conservative, and means something close to liberal in its original context. Not the pinko, socialist liberals that infect the Liberal and National Party of today’s politics, but people who really think of the freedom of the individual. All of these people should appreciate why Firearm owners recoil, harden the lip whenever the siren song of “reasonable gunlaws’ yet again. They to appreciate, as we do that the goal of the socialists is to constantly weaken the fundamental human right of firearm ownership. Like Firearm Owners ‘Progressive’ people, would believe that every human being is sovereign to him ‘or her’ self.
That statement of fundamental Human Rights is the basis of “Common Law”, the Magna Carta, the British Bill of Rights, the American Bill of Rights and the Australian Commonwealth Constitution. Even the False Flag, Phony United Nations based the ‘The Universal Declaration of Human Rights’ 1948 on the belief that every human being is sovereign to himself, even though the rest of its actions are diametrically opposite to it. So it is worth repeating again in a headline.
Every human being is sovereign to him ‘or her’ self.
If you agree with that powerful statement it can lead you to some uncomfortable places. A human being is sovereign, having supreme and independent control over their own lives.
If we and the progressives believe this, then we human beings have individual rights, rights that are primary, rights that are greater then the rights of the state. (Socialist believe that the rights of the state are primary)

Individual rights have to include the right to own property, the freedom of speech, the freedom of religion, the freedom to assemble and assocaiate, the freedom to free travel, and the freedom to defend ourselves, our families, our property and even our friends and neighbours. The Right to Defend ourselves not just from Criminals acting alone, but Criminals acting collectively and concertedly. We have the right to defend not just against individual Criminals, but even governments that are acting Criminally against us. Without citizens being armed we would never had a civilisation that values individuals in the first instance. Without firearms a 70 years old lady cannot defend herself against a 27 stone, 20 year old male, private people would be powerless. If four hundred years ago individuals were disarmed and powerless, documents like the British Bill of Rights would never have been agreed to in the first instance and our Western nations would not have been created.
At this point of the text, lots non-believers will be turning off, eyes rolling, aghast at the ridiculous idea that the armed individual could protect themselves and their families from the State.
Progressives and firearm owners should think and investigate, and find that every country in the world where human rights violations occur from the government in power, all have one factor in common.
Their Citizens have been disarmed and they are defenceless.
Some will reply well lots of European countries have almost been totally disarmed and they are very warm snug and safe. That is while their economies are not collapsing, or the government does not import another population to enslave them.

Please Note, Most of Genocide’s have been in Australia’s vicinity.
People forget.
It was not that long ago that European countries were marching large sections of their own populations into concentration camps. It was not that long ago that Hungarians, Cechs, Poles were throwing rocks at their own governments tanks, Soviet block or Nazi block’ it was all socialism and 30 or 40 million people died horrendously over a 40 year period. The people that have suffered that, are less likely ‘to go quietly into the night’ again and once the Soviet Block was removed the first change was to re-install the individual right to own firearms.
Without that right, we and our families can be turned into soil, fertiliser at the whim of any Idi Amin, Pol Pot, Saddam Hussain, Muammar al Gaddafi, Robert Mugabe, Kim Jong ill, Nelson Mandela, Omar al-Bashir, Hu Jintao, Augusto Pinochet, Francois Duvalier (Papa Doc) Francisco Franco, Charles Taylor, Mengistu Haile Mariam, Nicolae Ceausescu, Erich Honecker, Mao sTe Tung, Ho Chi Minh, and Joseph Stalin. That list of modern tyrants is by far, not complete and only mentions those since World War Two and does not include the one that most people think of first. Really the premise is simple, if the government suspends the fundamental human right to own property, and defend themselves, then the next right, freedom of speech will be removed, resulting in a nation of slaves instead of free people. In no instance in world history has ever a government removed the right to own property and self defence and not followed that removal with further restrictions on rights.
So here as well, in Australia we should all resist the ‘boiling Frog’ of “reasonable gun laws” and strive to protect our rights and freedoms for future generations. Please don’t take any right for granted even if it is presented as good progressive idea.
There is no Spring without Winter, without Mistakes there is no Learning. There is no Life without Death, without Doubts there is no Faith. There is no Peace without War, without Fear there is no Courage. For without Mistakes, Doubts and Fears there are no pathways to Wisdom.
Ron Owen