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You Need to know this!
Anthony John Abbott:
The British-born conservative and monarchist opted to be sworn in with an oath to the Queen, marking the first incoming leader to take such a pledge since former conservative leader John Howard in 1996.
At a small private ceremony in Canberra eleven days after his landslide election victory, Mr Abbott, 55, was sworn in by the Governor-General, Quentin Bryce, at Government House in Canberra. Watched by his parents, wife Margie and three daughters, Mr Abbott, a former Rhodes Scholar, took his oath on the Bible and declared:
"I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Queen Elizabeth the second, the Queen of Australia."
As a self proclaimed Monarchist Tony Abbott would be aware that Queen Elizabeth the second was not and is not the Queen of Australia, she is the Queen of England and only Australia's Monarch, the Queen of England is not the "Queen of Australia" and neither are her Heirs or Successors!
Therefore, who did Tony Abbott really swear an oath to?
(Remember this, legally, it is ALL in the wording used and contracted to)
Tony Abbott with his alleged knowledge of the Constitution and Monarchy would have been well aware of this at the time of his "OATH" but did not correct the wording and he has not abided by the Constitution during his entire term in office.
For Example: When the Abbott Liberal government were trying to pass Bills to implement change after he became Prime Minister and the Labor government were voting against the Bills to stop them from being implemented, this is known as a "Hung Parliament" because they can't agree on a way forward, if Tony Abbott studied the Constitution AT ALL he would be aware that the correct Constitutional procedure is to call a "Plebiscite - which is a urgent Citizen Referendum of "THE PEOPLE", where "The People" decide the outcome.
This was never the case and many Bills have not been passed due to Labor blocking the Bills and visa versa when Labor were in power, therefore, urgent matters facing "The People" of the Commonwealth of Australia have still not been resolved.
Kevin Rudd & Julia Gillard:
Former Labor leaders Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard – both supporters of a republic - dropped the oath to the Queen during their pledges in 2007 and 2010 and instead pledged to serve the Commonwealth.
No Prime Minister can drop the oath to the Queen of England, we are NOT A REPUBLIC.
If a Prime Minister swears an OATH to the "Commonwealth of Australia" they must also swear an oath to the Queen of England because she is our Monarch and so to are her Heirs and Successors. It was Queen Victoria the Second (The Queen of England at the time) and her Proclamation that gave "The People" the power to govern Australia and from which our Constitution Act 1900 was initiated.
In addition, Rudd and Gillard swore an Oath to the Commonwealth?
Which Commonwealth? (more on this down the page)
The FACT that our Constitution is indissoluble, causes great distress and frustration for our past and current governments, which is why both sides have been pushing so hard for a Republic, if they can achieve this then they can rewrite the rules we all have to live by, with NO CONSENT from "The People" of the Commonwealth of Australia and they can dictate our lives to us.
This is why both sides have sabotaged our Constitution to make it appear inadequate, so "The People" would become complacent and not believe in the supreme constitutional powers it holds within it.
An Example of how our Constitutional Power still rules supreme is the two referendums held on the subject of the Federal government recognising Councils as a third tier of government in the Constitution and if Australian's wanted to become a Republic?
Results shown below are from the Australian Electoral
* Local Government Bodies Referendum Results:
To give the Commonwealth powers to borrow money for, and to make financial assistance grants directly to, any local government body Result: 18 May 1974, (Not Carried) 46.85% said YES, however, 53.15% said NO!
Outcome: Both State and Federal Government chose to ignore the lawful and constitutionally correct referendum of "The People",
and the state government through their state constitution established both
• Local Government Bodies and
• Borrow Money for Local Government Grants and are
Committing Treason and Fraud!
*Local Government Referendum Results:
To recognise local government in the Constitution.
Result: 3 September 1988 (Not Carried) 33.62% said YES, however, a resounding 66.38% said NO!
Outcome: Both Federal and State governments now recognise Local Government as a third tier of government, completely ignoring the constitutional referendum of "The People" and committing Treason and Fraud.
*Republic Referendum Results:
To alter the Constitution to establish the Commonwealth of Australia as a republic with the Queen and Governor-General being replaced by a President appointed by a two-thirds majority of the members of the Commonwealth Parliament
Result: 6 November 1999 (Not Carried) 45.13% said YES, 54.87% said NO.
Outcome: Both Liberal and Labor Party Leaders and Parties have carried on and supported the Corporate Government Business as "Commonwealth Australia" a registered corporation
on the US Security Exchange in Delaware as "Commonwealth Australia" Registration Certificate
No is 0000805157"
All Parliamentarians have been blatantly ignoring the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia and representing our country as a corporation and as though we are a Republic (evidence below)
The corporate government "Commonwealth Australia" do not seek Constitutional authority from either the Queen of England or the Governor General on many major issues effecting our Nation and the corporate government did not seek a Writ from the Governor General on a life threatening issue as important as declaring WAR on Iraq. In order for Australia to go to WAR with ANY country a Writ must first be issued by the Governor General declaring WAR against the said country and as there was no Writ issued and the WAR on Iraq was only authorised by the corporate government; they have forced the Commonwealth of Australia's Military to unconstitutionally invaded Iraq.
Due to their action alone they have brought WAR against Australian Citizens through their Dominican Republic alliance and the unconstitutional invasion of Iraq and this gives further grounds to lawfully remove them from their seats.
So how did the corporate government implement these unconstitutional Local Government Bodies, Republican Rule, Laws, Legislation and Acts?
Because we "The People" have been asleep at the helm and unaware of the TRUE POWER our Constitution holds.
"The Annotated Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia RULES SUPREME", as no-one sits above the Constitution but below it and our Constitution gives the POWER to "THE PEOPLE" to Rule our Parliament, and therefore also the government!
It should now be very obvious to you that past Prime Ministers have sworn an oath not to our Constitution or "The People" of the Commonwealth of Australia but instead to their own corporate government "Commonwealth Australia" Registration No is 0000805157" as a Corporation.
Therefore, Rudd, Gillard and Abbott plus all previous Prime Ministers going back to and including Edward Gough Whitlam were and are still sitting in an unlawful unconstitutional capacity as Prime Ministers of the Commonwealth of Australia and any laws, legislation or Acts that they implemented during their term in office is unlawful and unconstitutional and will be thoroughly investigated and removed when found unconstitutional.
The current Governor General "Peter Cosgrove" will also be issued a Prerogative Writ of Mandamus, as he was appointed by High Court Judge "Chief Justice Robert French" to the position of Governor General (the Highest Position in the Commonwealth of Australia) This is completely unconstitutional for someone below the Governor Generals Station to swear in the Governor General of Australia.
The functions of the Governor General include guiding and appointing ministers, judges and ambassadors of the correct procedures of the Constitution,
giving the royal assent to legislation, issuing writs for elections and war and bestowing honours on behalf of the Queen of England (as though the Queen herself were here)
If the Queen of England didn't swear in Peter Cosgrove as her Governor General or she reneged on her responsibility as our Monarch to do so, the choice should have gone to a "Plebiscite" which is an URGENT Referendum of "The People"!
Consecutive corporate governments have committed Fraud, Treason and Unconstitutional Acts against the "SOVEREIGN PEOPLE OF THE COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA.
They have been implementing unlawful and unconstitutional Legislation and Acts that undermine our RIGHTS, LIBERTIES and FREEDOMS and it is up to us to bring FREEDOM, LIBERTY, INTEGRITY, JUSTICE and HONOUR back into OUR Parliaments of Australia through the reinstating and re empowering of the
• Constitution Act 1900
• The Annotated Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia 1901
• The Hansard Constitution Convention Debates of the Framers of the Constitution at that time; as every word and every sentence was debates so as there was NO misinterpretation to the meaning of our Constitution and
• Citizen Initiated Referendums that are transparent with FOR and AGAINST evidence so "The People" can make an informed decision to vote.
• Rid ourselves of the unconstitutional (Two Party Preferred voting system) as it is only preferred by the two major parties
• Stop preference voting and
• Stop Swapping of Preferences and
• Initiate a new Voting System of
Independent Candidates ONLY
who VOW to abide by the above
being (Our Constitution and the "WILL of The People")
• One Vote ONLY per person for one Independent Candidate.
The Constitution is that simple to understand and as John Howard stated during his term in office "Ignorance is NO EXCUSE"!
Please see the PDF of our Constitution posted on our Facebook Page further down the wall.
For more FACT SHEETS on different topics go to
Lyn Bennetts
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