Friday, February 13, 2015

The Australian Velvet Revolution 2015. A Call For Unity !!!

Don't shut me down before you know OUR PLAN, this opportunity is what we have all been waiting for.
"VELVET REVOLUTION" 21st to 23rd of March 2015 Will take place in Every City and Major Town across the Commonwealth of Australia to lawfully remove all sitting members from parliament.
ESSENTIAL GROUP INVOLVEMENT: We are asking groups to stay in their groups; as we will need groups like yours to advise the new independent government (or to run as independent candidates) on issues that groups have researched and have evidence on, these groups normally have a well researched PLAN to combat the problem; which is more than what any government parties have had for decades.
GROUPS will be an asset to the future of this country including Banking Reform Groups, Farming Groups, Lock the Gate (Fracking), Fluoride, Transport Groups, Reclaim Australia, Restore Australia, Wake Up Australia, Taxation Reform Groups, Local Council Groups- Citizens Against unlawful Rates, Australian Constitution, Veteran Affairs, Military - Defence Groups, Police and Law Groups, Non-Halal Certification, Climate Change/Solar, Indigenous Rights Groups, Health & Medical Marijuana, The Aged & Disability Groups, Australia Against Sharia Law, Natural Medicine, Australia Says No, VLDA, Border Protection Groups, Fight Every Fine Groups, Education Reform, University Australia, the list is endless. We also require the Groups who appose these groups above to become involved; as we require the FOR and AGAINST arguments to be presented in a transparent, concise presentation with A PLAN to address these issues from both sides; so we as a "UNITED PEOPLE" can implement changes that are long overdue and have been placed in the too hard basket or encouraged to cause disunity by consecutive corrupt corporate governments. The research these groups do is of utmost importance and is done on a scale like no other political party has EVER done; with some groups as big as 40 thousand members strong. When the government won't listen to groups with extensive proof and research behind them; there is obviously a major problem. So what will it take to get the corporate government to act on information provided at these levels when they don't listen now?
We are holding a "VELVET REVOLUTION" (VELVET means NON- VIOLENT) to lawfully remove the corrupt corporate government from office. We will call for independent candidates from groups just like yours as we need people who work in these fields and who have the research and knowledge but more importantly A PLAN to bring Australia out of the hell hole it has fallen into by consecutive incompetent governments, so if you haven't already done so; start preparing a PLAN to combat the issue you stand for and choose a representative that can stand as an independent candidate.
Why do we need each other? Because every group only know about their own issue that they have been studying. Our group VELVET REVOLUTION: UNITED WE STAND have researched and studied and understand OUR/ YOUR Constitutional Rights and we have have come up with A PLAN to overthrow the corrupt unlawful unconstitutional Government. On our pages of Facebook and our Website you will find carefully researched FACTS, EVIDENCE and VIDEO's proving what we say to be true and A PLAN to reclaim our constitution and the RIGHTS, LIBERTIES and FREEDOM's embedded in the Commonwealth Constitution Act 1900 (UK) and other legal rights.”
Our CONSTITUTION ACT UK 1900: Is a very concise and factual video! Containing ALL of your RIGHTS! Please watch this, this will make more sense as you learn more, however, it is of utmost importance to understand what is contained in this our Constitution Act 1900 (UK)
We have already issued Prerogative Writs of Mandamus on all sitting members in Parliament in Western Australia, these same Writs have also been filed into the High Court of Western Australia who are lawfully required to file them with the Queens Bench as demanded by "The People" or face being issued a Writ themselves.
The sitting members now have 14 Days to resign their positions or defend themselves in the High Court Queens Bench against our charges; some of which include but are not limited to 1. Violation of the use of public monies under violation 44s of the Constitution. 2. Misuse of their parliamentarian offices. 3. The Dominican Republic alliance and the unconstitutional invasion of Iraq. 4. The endangering of the safety and well being of the general community by the Iraq unconstitutional invasion. 5. Failure to provide in appropriate time; Appropriation Bills & Taxation Bills. 6. Unconstitutional taxes such as council rates, tolls, fuel taxes, income taxes etc ete 7. Unconstitutional property rights, theft and acquisitions. 8. Deregulation of Australia's own industries. 9. Unconstitutional Government Retirement Funds and Perks. 10. Treason and Fraud. 11. Unconstitutional Infringement Notices i.e Tolls and Speeding fines causing many people to not only lose their licence, but also their jobs and then their homes and family; which leads to suicides. And so this list also seems to be endless but never the less are constitutional grounds for every sitting member's instant dismissal.
PREROGATIVE WRITS OF MANDAMUS: Are being prepared to issue against every sitting member in parliament; in every state and territory of Australia in the coming weeks and on the 23rd of March 2015 all sitting members will be officially removed from office by a show of UNITY OF "The People" FOR "The People" BY "The People" and to reclaim our constitution, Rights, Liberties and Freedom's embedded in the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 (UK) and other legal rights.” ALL sitting members must receive a Prerogative Writ of Mandamus because no current political has rightfully or lawfully sworn on OATH to abide by our Constitution, the Queen of England or to The People of the Commonwealth of Australia. Therefore, they all must be removed and this OATH is to be taken before they run as an Independent Candidate for their seat and they will be held accountable for promises they make and fail to provide in a reasonable time frame. All Political Parties will be abolished along with preferential voting and swapping of preferences as this was never intended by the Framers of the constitution.
A WRIT WILL BE ISSUED: By the New Governor General to call an Election of Independent Candidates who VOW to abide by our Constitution Act 1900 and the Annotated Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia 1901; plus the Hansard Constitution Convention Debates that were held at the time of the Framers of the Annotated Constitution 1901, where the meaning of every word was debated and every meaning of every sentence was debated so there was no misunderstanding in the future as to the meaning of the constitution. Citizen Initiated Referendums will implemented to deal with urgent matters of "The People"!
CORRUPT VOTING SYSTEM: Currently, Australian's don't have a choice but to vote Liberal or Labour because our current corrupt two party preferred preferential voting system is just that (two party preferred) so your vote ALWAYS gets passed back to one or the other corrupt Liberal or Labor Party. It is NOT because the voters aren't trying to vote in someone else, it is just this corrupt voting system which is ONLY preferred by the two major parties (for obvious reasons) which is unconstitutional and a deliberate fraud on "The People" so that either Liberal or Labor ALWAYS end up in power.
NEW VOTING SYSTEM: The two party preferred preferential system will be abolished immediately and a new voting system put in place. Whereby, an election of ONE VOTE per person for ONE Independent Candidate will take place and the highest votes received will be sworn into office and through this new voting system a new Independent Ministry will be chosen to fill the upper and lower house seats in order of votes received. Voting at the polling Booths will no longer require people handing out HOW TO VOTE CARDS as each Independent's HOW TO VOTE CARD will be on display in each POLLING BOOTH, imagine the paper and recycling we will save and people will no longer have to run the gauntlet just to vote.
INDEPENDENTS ROLE IN PARLIAMENT: The New Independents will survey "The People" in their electorate to find out what is the 24 MOST URGENT issues to be addressed, that survey will be combined with all nation wide surveys and counted to find out which issues concern people the most and then the top 3 issues will be put to a Citizen Initiated Referendum of "The People", then the next 3 will go to referendum and then the next until it goes down the line in order of preference of "The People".
GROUPS: With well researched evidence FOR and AGAINST the issue at hand will be required to put forward your PLAN to combat the issue for referendum.
HOW ARE REFERENDUM ISSUES CHOSEN The top 3 issues up for referendum will have well researched transparent evidence provided and broadcast Australia Wide, arguments FOR and AGAINST the issue at hand, so that "The People" can be well informed on their decision before they vote.
REGISTER YOUR REFERENDUM EXAMPLE ON OUR WEBSITE TO SEE HOW THIS WILL WORK: Please go to our website so you can register you referendum issue; this will give us an idea of the top issues to be addressed and join the competition where the person who has the most votes for the top REFERENDUM issue by the 24th of March 2015, will win your own Hard Copy of the Annotated Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia.
THE BIG LIE EXPOSED: The government spend tens of millions of dollars of our tax payers money on disinformation, they lie to us to keep us under their control, they dream up and implement unlawful, unconstitutional legislation and Acts to steal our land, our rights and our money to fund their big lie!
They have registered "Commonwealth of Australia" in Washington D.C. as a company Registered on the US Security Exchange in Washington D.C. as "Commonwealth of Australia" Registration Certificate No is 0000805157"
COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA IS A PRIVATE COMPANY, BELONGING TO THE CORRUPT CORPORATE GOVERNMENT OF AUSTRALIA & (NOT THE PEOPLE) Commonwealth of Australia Registered on the Security and Exchange Commission Washington, D.C. 20549
Every State and Territory of Australia have also been registered as a Corporation in Washington D.C. Which is why the corrupt corporate government have changed our commonwealth seal, so they can implement sinister Laws, Legislation and Acts to control the sovereign people of this nation.
CROWN IN RIGHT OF NEW SOUTH WALES = parliament of nsw CIK#: 0000071545
Every State and Territory have a corporate government at the helm who have changed our Commonwealth Seal.
Since 1999, they have been unlawfully and unconstitutionally been operating our Country as a Corporate Republic System under the unconstitutional Australia Act since the 6th of November 1999, when they lost the referendum of "The People" to make Australia a republic, whereby it was put to "The People" of Australia by a REFERENDUM to change to from a Constitution system to a Republic system, which would remove the Crown and the Governor General as Head of State and replace them with a President. As this referendum result returned a resounding NO from "The People", the government unconstitutionally implemented the Australia Act under which they have unlawfully and unconstitutionally implemented (The Brigalow Corporation) with the sole intention of LAND THEFT of ownership rights and Laws, Legislation and Acts against "The People" of the Commonwealth of Australia including New Zealand in order to further control us!
More on these issues later with evidence by way of Links and Video's.
To fight every issue individually will take a huge effort as the judicial system is corrupted and the government simply aren't listening, in addition many issues cannot wait.
We are asking you to UNITE with us and implement the above along with "Citizen Initiated Referendums" which will deal with all issues in a very short period of time in comparison with the unlawful system we have now? Together we will create a TRUE & FAIR DEMOCRATIC SYSTEM!
We need to come together and overcome our differences. We don't need to play the elite's game, they divide us so they can conquer us. If we stand together we will be strong but divided we will all fail and if we do come together we will be the 99% and an unstoppable wave of change will occur. It is really important that we overcome all the ism's, the government use these as a way of splitting us up (Divide and Conquer) But once this wave takes place even the Military and Police will join us as the TRUTH SPREADS LIKE WILD FIRE.
Please UNITE with us on the 23rd of March 2015 in a NON VIOLENT MARCH to deliver to every sitting member in parliament "The People's" decision to lawfully remove them from our Parliament. Czechoslovakia did it in just 48 hours!
VELVET REVOLUTION MARCH DATE 23rd of March 2015: Meeting at the Main Park in Every City and Major Town across the Nation of Australia. VELVET - meaning Non Violent
Please join our group and share everything you receive from "VELVET REVOLUTION".
For more FACT SHEETS and further information you can contact us via: 
Regards Lyn Bennetts National Organiser of VELVET REVOLUTION UNITED WE STAND SIDE by SIDE against Tyranny, Fraud and Political Corruption!

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