Tuesday, February 3, 2015


The Hunters' Stand: A TOXIC GREEN BACKFLIP: When I asked my local Greens candidate her party’s position on the use of 1080 poison baits for the control of wild deer in her electorate,...

It seems to me that The Greens have a conflict of interest here. Traps and trapping have been banned, and the Greens are strictly anti-gun, so they leave themselves no choice but to go pro 1080 poison !!! But 1080 poison use is definitely NOT green !!! 
You will not find me voting for the Greens.

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  1. 1080 is not registered for use on deer in NSW, so it seems they're even duping the farmers they're trying to impress with their backflip.It will be interesting to see who leads the charge to make it legal to 1080 deer. But I suspect, in true Greens form, they'll not publicly support the move. They'll simply withdraw their opposition and fail to bobby against it. That way, when it all goes pearshaped, they can claim they were never for it.