Friday, June 12, 2015

Australian Government Has NO Legal Authority to Represent the Australian People & NO Legal Right to Govern.

This is the most concise information gathered and documented of our Founding Documents, however, as it is a government site anyone who has studied the Constitution will find that their blurb in details is not quite accurate, therefore, it is advised to concentrate on the actual documents as they cannot be disputed.
This link contains
•The Australian Constitution Act 1900
• Royal Commission of Assent
• Secret Premiers Conference
• Australia Act 1986
• Letters Patent
• Instructions to the first Governor General
• First Cabinet
• Records of Australasian Federal Conventions of the 1890's.
Although this Act alleges to define Australia as a 'sovereign, independent and federal nation', and the Australia Acts is often described as completing the process of constitutional development which begun with the Federation Movement, Australia actually still retains the Queen as head of state.
A referendum to remove this final tie by replacing the Crown with a President was held in Australia on
the 6th of November 1999, the required majority of voters and majority of States necessary to make an alteration to the Constitution was not achieved and this final tie remains in place, therefore, the Queen remains our Head of State.
As there was no referendum of "The People", this means that the Australia Act 1986 is NOT LAWFUL, IT IS NOT CONSTITUTIONAL AND HOLDS NO LEGISLATIVE POWER!
Hansard 27-1-1898 Constitution Convention Debates
Mr. BARTON.-I was going to explain when I was interrupted that the moment the Commonwealth legislates on this subject the power will become exclusive.
Hansard 27-1-1898 Constitution Convention Debates
Mr. BARTON (New South Wales).-If this is left as an exclusive power the laws of the states will nevertheless remain in force under clause 100.
Mr. TRENWITH.-Would the states still proceed to make laws?
Mr. BARTON.-Not after this power of legislation comes into force. Their existing laws will, however, remain. If this is exclusive they can make no new laws, but the necessity of making these new laws will be all the more forced on the Commonwealth.
The Commonwealth were legislating for the States for many decades before the Government unlawfully implemented the Australia Act 1986, and it is clearly outlined above during the Hansard Constitution Convention Debates with
Mr. Trenwith's Question and Mr. Barton's Answer in Reply.
Queen Elizabeth the Second is still our Head of State because "The People" voted against a Republic at Referendum on the 6th of November 1999, this referendum was put to "The People" to change Australia from a democracy to a Republic. This referendum if successful would have removed the Crown (Queen)
and the Governor General from being Head of State and they would have been replaced with a President, however, because this referendum was unsuccessful there were NO ALTERATIONS MADE TO THE CONSTITUTION and we remain with • The Queen as our Head of State
• The Constitution still in tact and
• "The People" still being the Supreme Rulers with the rightful POWER to Govern.
The Australia Act 1986 is worthless, Nada, not legal, unlawful, unconstitutional and a FRAUD and TREASONOUS ACT against "The People" of the Commonwealth of Australia by the Corrupt Corporate Government.
The States have no lawful right to legislate for the States under the Australia Act 1986, and yet the States have been implementing Legislation, Laws, Acts and Rules since 1986 and innocent people have had judgements made against them under an unlawful Act. This is Fraud and Treason and it must be corrected and this corrupt government need to be removed from Parliament for their deliberate deception, fraudulent and treasonous Acts against it's own people.
Much more chilling FACTS and EVIDENCE of this corruption is provided on the sites below.
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