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FACT SHEET 9 . The Velvet Revolution.

Where the Queen of England (UK) has been required to act on Australian matters and she hasn't performed her duties for whatever reason and/or the Governor General has not acted on behalf of the Queen of England (UK) as the Queen of England (UK) would act if she were here, then according to the Constitution those matters should have been put to a plebiscite of "The People" which is an URGENT referendum of "The People"!
20th of April 1974
Local Government Bodies
to give the Commonwealth powers to borrow money for, and to make financial assistance grants directly to, any local government body
Referendum Results NOT CARRIED
20 April 1974 18 May 1974 Not Carried NSW YES 46.85 (NO 53.25)
Letters Patent by Bob Hawke
Relating to the Office of Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia…/uploads/Letters-Patent-1984.pdf
Not put to a referendum of "The People" which means that this Letters Patent is without Law, Unlawful and Corrupt.
These corrupt corporate government leaders and party caucus's have been fraudulently altering documents relating to the debt borrowings of Queensland Treasury Corporation and the Office of the Governor General; that can only be altered or changed by "The People" at referendum and these consecutive governments are deciding our fate, by implementing Unconstitutional and Unlawful Legislation, Acts and Laws for us "The People" to live by in order to enslave us.
You will notice in this fraudulent Letters Patent document, that Prime Minister Bob Hawke actually makes direct reference to Queen Elizabeth the Second "the Queen of Australia", whereby, Australia have NEVER had an actual Queen and Queen Elizabeth is only our Monarch and not the Queen of Australia.
As the Prime Minister, Bob Hawke would be well aware; the fairy fallacy Queen of Australia can't actually remove our Governor Generals responsibilities; this must be done by our Monarch the Queen of England.
The rest of the document is laughable, whereby they appear to want the Governor General to be a Governor General but don't actually want him or her to have any of the powers that were bestowed upon him/her by The Queen of England in our Constitution Act 1900 (UK).
Bob Hawke further makes reference to the fact that the Governor General has to take orders from the Parliament their "Heirs and Successors" (as though the Parliament are the Kings and Queens of Australia) and actually have heirs and successors.
This document is PROOF that the Labor and Liberal Governments have been fraudulently altering documents and changing Constitutional positions of the Queen and the Governor General against the WILL of "The People" and in preparation to change Australia from a Democratic Monarchy to a Republic.
These Government Ministers are a Dictatorship; operating as an unlawful and unconstitutional Republic; even though the referendum held on
The 1st October 1999:
*Republic Referendum Results:
To alter the Constitution to establish the Commonwealth of Australia as a Republic with the Queen of England (UK) and Governor-General being replaced by a President appointed by a two-thirds majority of the members of the Commonwealth Parliament
Result: 6 November 1999 was (Not Carried) 45.13% said YES,
54.87% said NO.
Results shown below are from the Australian Electoral Commission…/re…/Referendum_Dates_and_Results.htm
The two party preferred voting system is ONLY PREFERRED by the two Major Parties and was set up to keep would be opponents out of politics, it is one of the most unfair voting systems in the world and is not only corrupt but also unconstitutional.
As new members enter politics they are forced into this corrupt political system and the corrupt Voting System Protects these criminals that DICTATE that you either run for Liberal or Labor or you don't have any chance of entering into politics in Australia!
For Example; if an independent candidate runs against a preferred party member and they stand any chance of winning that seat, the two major preferred parties have been known to and it is well documented that they swap preferences with each other to keep their opponents out (We all witnessed this during the Pauline Hanson era) when she was their biggest threat. "The People" of Australia witnessed "Liberal and Labor jumping into the same bed together" so to say; by swapping preferences with EACH OTHER to keep Pauline Hanson out of politics, love her or hate her; if that is not a conspiracy to Dictate Leadership then l don't know what is, when two sworn enemies jump into bed together for a cause (one has to ask why?)
However, what became glaringly obvious was that Liberal and Labor have had no true separation since then and that is because they are both a party to their Corrupt Private Corporate Government; and they will jump into bed even with their declared arch enemy to protect their own corrupt corporate interests.
The Prerogative Writs of Mandamus will lawfully remove all politicians and political party members and in particular (the two party preferred offenders) that know the system is corrupt and have done NOTHING to rectify it; in essence giving their consent year after year; after year.
EVEN AFTER BEING advised by those Constitutionalists who study and practice our Constitutional Law and who know our Inherent Rights and Responsibilities that our Constitution Act holds within it, the corrupt government ministers after being individually advised correctly have chosen to ignore the correct procedures of our Constitution; and have deliberately committed Fraud, Treason and Tyranny to further their own interests and the interests of big business and Bankers; who's desire it is to enslave us "The People"!
The Queen of England issues a Letters Patent to announce who she wants as a Governor General, the Queen normally chooses the Commander and Chief of the Armed Forces whose job it is to ensure the Parliament follow the Constitutional Procedures and who oversees the activities of the Government. It is also the GG's job to swear into office ALL Ministers of Parliament, Judges and other Authority Figures, he does this with the recipient holding the Constitution in their Left Hand and the Bible in their Right hand as they swear the Oath of Allegiance that is printed on the back page of the Constitution.
If the Queen cannot or chooses not to issue a Letters Patent, it goes to a Plebiscite of "The People" and "The People" choose a Governor General.
The Governor General is the Head of State.
To hold an election a Writ must be issued by the Governor General to call for an Election.
"The People" get
One Vote Per Person for
One Independent Candidate
You Vote ONCE for ONE State Candidate
(Known as Lower House Members)
Who form the State Parliament Cabinet Ministers.
You Vote ONCE for ONE Federal Candidate
(Known as the Upper House Members)
Who form the Federal Parliament
Cabinet Ministers.
There never should have been
1. Swapping of Preferences or
2. A Preferential Voting System and
3. Voting is NOT COMPULSORY!
VELVET REVOLUTION are encouraging people particularly with A PLAN; who have the FACTS and EVIDENCE to prove their PLAN is the best way forward to stand as Independent candidates. Australia need these types of people to stand as Independent Candidates.
There are many good politicians who entered politics with A PLAN to make this country great, what happens to these people is they are forced to join ranks with Liberal or Labor party politics and policies because if they don't; they don't have a chance of entering politics due to the corrupt two party preferred preferential voting system.
We need to fill all seats in Parliament with Independent Ministers, however, NO X Liberal, Labor, Nationals, Greens or Democrats members will be allowed to reapply for candidacy; for they have done enough damage and we need new uncorrupted blood to bring back FREEDOM, LIBERTY, INTEGRITY, JUSTICE and HONOUR back into our Parliament of Australia.
This corrupt two party preferred preferential voting system and swapping of preferences voting system will be ABOLISHED on the 10th of July 2015 to allow for Independent Candidates to truly represent the "Will of The People"!
New Independent Candidates will be required to SWEAR on OATH that they will restore our Constitution Act 1900 and reinstate Citizen Initiated Referendums prior to standing for election; to ensure that this takeover of our constitutional rights by corrupt corporate governments NEVER HAPPENS AGAIN!
WE "The People" were given the RIGHT to GOVERN and we have the ability. Unfortunately, we are so used to being dictated to by Corrupt Governments that we overlook the fact that we are the Sovereign Supreme Rulers of this Country and we have a always had the RIGHT to decide the path to take; we have just never been given the opportunity until now.
Once Independents Ministers are elected they will perform surveys of "The People" to find out what the top 24 Major Issues are and those Major Issues will have the FACTS presented FOR and AGAINST to "The People" so everyone knows what they are voting on.
This is the Fairest Democratic System in the World and all major issues can be dealt with this way.
Not EVERY issue goes to referendum unless it can't be agree on in Parliament under our Constitutional Law, referendums will only be for Major Issues that have not been dealt with for decades and to update our Constitution Act 1900.
All Ministers are paid by "The People" (The Tax Payer). Therefore, it is the responsibility of EVERY Minister to work with ALL other Ministers to reach a positive outcome on all issues for Australia and it's people.
For once in 115 years ALL MINISTERS will be working for "The People of the Commonwealth of Australia", working towards the BEST OUTCOME and THE BEST PATH FORWARD Lawfully, Constitutionally and Committed.
There will be no more Parliamentary Question Time; where Ministers are behaving like school children, because they won't be vying to have other Ministers voted out of parliament, they won't need to try to make other Ministers look incompetent or to attack them for the top dog position.
They will be ALL there to benefit "The People" and the true "Commonwealth of Australia".
We are aware that the Constitution doesn't allow for a Prime Minister, however, we are also aware of the necessity to have a Prime Minister for interaction with other countries Prime Ministers and Presidents, therefore, there needs to be some immediate referendums to alter the Constitution to allow for this.
If for some reason the corrupt sitting members refuse to leave our Parliaments; a Lawful Moratorium will be issued by our duly authorised Commonwealth Public Officials to "The People of The Commonwealth of Australia" at our Lawful MARCHES on the 10th of July 2015!
These Lawful Moratorium Notices are to be sent to every Corrupt Government Office who are demanding unlawful payments from the SUPREME RULERS of The Commonwealth of Australia being "The People" and this Moratorium will lawfully eliminate all payments to the Corrupt Corporate Government forevermore and the Moratorium will stay in place until every sitting minister is removed from their unlawful position in our Parliament and a new Parliament is elected with Independent Candidates.
mor·a·to·ri·um (môr′ə-tôr′ē-əm, mŏr′-)
n. pl. mor·a·to·ri·ums or mor·a·to·ri·a (-tôr′ē-ə)
1. Law
a. A lawful suspension of the payment of certain debts during a period of financial or civil distress.
b. The period during which such a suspension occurs.
2. A suspension of an ongoing or planned activity: a moratorium on timber cutting.
The Lawful Moratorium Notice will include the Official and Lawful Letterhead of The Commonwealth and the Seal of the Duly Authorised Commonwealth Public Official and their signature, whereby, these documents cannot be photo copied or scanned and will only be made available to those Australian's who register with VELVET REVOLUTION on the day of the MARCH and who then come under our protection.
It is therefore essential that you participate on the day of our MARCH in order to receive our lawful protection vested in only Commonwealth Public Officials and the lawful Moratorium Notice.
MARCH DATE 10th of July 2015:
Meeting at the Main Park in
Every City and Major Town across that Nation of Australia.
VELVET - meaning Non Violent
Please join our group and share everything you receive from "VELVET REVOLUTION".
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Lyn Bennetts
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And our dedicated VR TEAM,
UNITED WE STAND SIDE by SIDE; AGAINST Tyranny, Fraud, Treason and Political Corruption!
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