Thursday, June 18, 2015

Australian Government Tries To Block The Velvet Revolution From The Media. Media Blackout !

The Velvet Revolution intends to remove the corrupt Australian government. PLEASE share these posts widely, we need your support.
The Corrupt Corporate Government are scared of our imminent VELVET REVOLUTION and our COMMONWEALTH PUBLIC OFFICIALS and with good reason, they have been caught out red handed committing
• Tyranny
• Fraud
• Treason
• Deception
• Repudiation of our Constitution Act 1900 (UK)
• Falsifying Documents and Seals
• Registration of our "Commonwealth of Australia" as a Private Corporate Company
• Unlawful Borrowing of Funds under the name of a Fraudulent Private Company
• Making and Selling Counterfeit Currency and
• Perjury
The list is both endless and monumental and those Politicians responsible will face jail time.
The Government most certainly won't allow our VELVET REVOLUTION to become public; because that would shine too many spotlights upon them, therefore, they are trying to sabotage all our efforts to bring them to justice by preventing our FACTS and EVIDENCE from being released, however, all sitting members will be indicted on the above crimes that they have committed, for if they are not GUILTY and if it was not true; they would have dragged me into court by now on slander charges.
The Government are trying to prevent us from getting the word out to UNITE "The People" by using Facebook to sabotage our efforts. You would have noticed a security message pop up every time you try to share our posts, this is to make you believe that our message is unsafe, however, those who have continued to share have had NO ISSUES with our posts whatsoever.
In addition, the Corrupt Government have no doubt placed a Media Blackout on us; as our factual evidence and information released to the media has not lifted an eyebrow, this is blatantly obvious that we have been put on a media blackout, as why else would the media not have picked up on this story as the FACTS and EVIDENCE have been spilling out by the bucket loads.
It is NOW that we need "The People's Support" to spread our EVENTS PAGE everywhere and with everyone, please go onto our website and share our FACT SHEETS with anyone that comes across your attention.
It is essential that this information reaches every person in Australia, so please keep supporting us and keep sharing the information daily please.
As an alternative, you can google Group names and email or fax them the information.
Even Police Officers are supporting us as we hand them the information. There have been so many Police Officers come forward over the years; exposing the FACTS too; only to be crucified by the authorities. The Police are caught in a Corrupt System the same as our Military Forces, they are used as pawns in this ridiculous chess game to be revenue collectors for this Corrupt Corporation, the Government have turned "The People" against them through this corruption, but every police officer has a family too and they want as much as we do to be able to go to work and do the job they originally signed up to do (to keep the peace), can you imagine what it's like to have a whole nation of people hating you because they are forced to issue unlawful infringement notices and jail innocent people all in the game of revenue raising? This is the main reason why the police suffer PTSD, so if you see a police officer, hand them a flyer or this message and tell them we are there for them too, we need our Police Service and we support them. They are no doubt relieved that someone has finally exposed this Corrupt Corporate Government for what they are doing, and they just want a FAIR GO just like you and me.
Please share our FACT SHEETS and EVENTS PAGE with everyone.
Lyn Bennetts
National Organiser of
And our dedicated VR TEAM,
UNITED WE STAND SIDE by SIDE; AGAINST Tyranny, Fraud, Treason and Political Corruption!

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  1. Thank you Keith for your ongoing support and allowing the the truth to get out.

    Lyn Bennetts