Saturday, June 6, 2015

A Message To All Groups From The Velvet Revolution, Australia.

As we have said before, until all groups UNITE to RESTORE the Constitution Act 1900, how are these groups going to implement what they want?
What they are seeking to achieve and how?
How do these groups change the Laws they want to change without Restoring our Constitution?
VELVET REVOLUTION changed our date from March 2015 to July 2015 to allow MARCH in March to have their MARCH unhindered and
to allow Reclaim Australia, Restore Australia and all of the other groups to attend to their Matters, some VR members and organisers went to those rallies to show support!
VELVET REVOLUTION DO NOT have an opinion on any ONE SINGLE ISSUE because we don't need to, because after we REMOVE this corrupt government from power we will have Independent Ministers in Parliament who will implement Referendums of "The People" to deal with EVERY MAJOR ISSUE Australia have. The Constitution actually deals with ALL OF THEM.
We need to deal with ALL of the issues that concern ALL AUSTRALIANS, and we have not seen a PLAN yet other than VELVET REVOLUTION's PLAN that does so.
We are talking to groups and hopefully they will come on board with VR on the 10th of July and if the need arises we can and will join with them on their date.
Some people say they want to know what l think about a certain issue,
l keep telling everyone that it doesn't matter what l think, or what you think or what Geoff or Louisa think, at a referendum where everyone gets ONE VOTE ONLY, it comes down to what a MAJORITY think and that is how it has to be.
At the moment we have governments creating all these issues that EVERY GROUP is rallying against, they do that to keep us occupied so they can continue down the track of their evil corruption, if all of these Groups stopped and UNITED we can have ALL ISSUES DEALT WITH in a few simple moves.
For 8 long years, l fought for the RIGHTS and LIVES of Truck Drivers, l pulled my trucks off the road to achieve what the majority were telling me they wanted; while the whinges kept driving.
l paid for all costs out of my husbands and my business to represent the industry from ALDODA's stand point, but if they all just stopped for one lousy week, we would have had EVERYTHING we needed to survive in the industry in just 7 days, but instead we ended up with less than half of what we needed and and it took me and a handful of dedicated truckies to achieve that, the rest just kept driving and whinging.
Unfortunately, these other Groups have no way of actually getting what they want, so please UNITE WITH VR and it will be done and dusted in just one lousy Day!
Why would we change VR PLANS to go backwards?
Go back to Protesting with little or no result and no Laws on our side to negotiate with?
Go back to negotiating with an UNLAWFUL GOVERNMENT and their big business mates and if we don't act soon they will push through a referendum to change us into a Republic and we will NEVER get our Constitutional Rights back.
VR have a PLAN, we know that PLAN is Lawful and Constitutional; so we need to stay the course and hopefully these other groups will join us under our Banner and our Flag because it is their Banner and Flag as much as it is the next persons, and if we need to join their protests, rallies and Marches after the 10th of July, then VR will be there, but these groups need to give our PLAN some consideration as VR's PLAN deals with ALL ISSUES both Legally and Constitutionally.
However, VR would love for the Organisers of these groups to stand right next to us "Side By Side"
on the day, we are all on a round table with equal opportunity, equal rights, equal say, let's equally demand our Rights Back that are entrenched in our Constitution and we will equally achieve what we ALL WANT!
WE "The People" MUST get our Constitution Act 1900 (UK) Restored for every single Australian and for the FUTURE of this COUNTRY, our Country Men, Women and Children!
See FACT SHEETS for all of our PLANS to be revealed.
Thank you
Lyn Bennetts
National Organiser

"VELVET REVOLUTIONS" 3 R's REMOVE Corrupt Corporate Government RESTORE Constitution Act 1900 UK & 1901 RE-EMPOWER "The 

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