Friday, June 26, 2015

NATIONAL NEWS Lever-action gun buyback may be triggered by law changes.

Yet again we get a knee jerk reaction. Last time it was because of the Port Arthur incident, this time it is because of a new underlever shotgun. Make no mistake, a Buy-Back is just another name for "confiscation", the law abiding legal Australian gun owner has no choice in the matter. Either accept what the government offers you for your gun, or it will be forcibly taken from you. With the introduction of gun registration, the government (& many others!!!) knows who owns what & where they are kept !!!
Criminals of course don't have to worry about this, they are quite safe. They do not register their guns, they are not licensed, they do not need a permit to purchase & they will NOT be handing in their guns!!! The only ones to suffer here are the law abiding gun owners, we are the ones being targeted by the Australian Government. Why? Good question, perhaps to pacify the ignorance of the anti-gun lobbyists, perhaps because they are taking our freedoms away from us & ruining Australia with their corrupt behavour, & they are afraid that the normally apathetic Australian people will eventually get their act together & rise up against their corruption. What else makes sense? It certainly has no affect on crime. 

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