Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The 10 Aussie suburbs plagued by gun crime

“There has been an increase in the theft of firearms from registered owners from rural properties, particularly in the Riverina, as remote or ‘vacant’ hobby farms provide thieves with ample time to search and locate firearms,” said NSW firearms squad detective superintendent Mick Plotecki.
The above sounds like total bullshit to me. By law all registered guns are supposed to be locked in a gun safe. IF these guns are not being kept in a gun safe, then what are the police doing about it? Registered gun owners receive regular firearms security checks to make sure that they have & use a gun safe. Whilst it is not practicle to keep a gun locked away whilst the owner is present in case the gun is needed urgently, guns should not be left laying about if the owner is absent from the property.
But instead of blaming the gun owners, why are the police not cracking down on these gangs & thieves?

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