Friday, February 12, 2016

If or When TSHTF. Part One.

If or When the SHTF.
Personally I think it has already started hitting the fan, and as the world can see, Australians have failed to act. This is what Australia & Australians have come to, gutless in the majority and apathetic. Our government is totally corrupt and prioritises mining over farming, power and profit over the security and well being of Australian citizens. The majority only have themselves to blame, but they are also to blame for dropping the rest of Australians right in it!  Yes there are plenty of petitions, and even some rallies and protests, but none of these battle the real problem. We can beg and plea and it may even seem at times that we have won a particular fight, but unless we get rid of the present government and the present system, then we will constantly be loosing in the long run. 
Will anything big happen to signal a SHTF situation? Or will the government continue to erode our rights and freedoms until it is totally too late? Either way the majority of Australians would sooner see citizens marched into gas chambers than rally against injustice.  The mass shooting in Tasmania was the catalyst for banning certain firearms here in Australia, and the truth about who organised that mass murder was never revealed.
So how can we determine what sort of survival situation we are preparing for? We can’t. We are already in a survival situation with our human rights being taken away from us. Local councils acting as government despite a referendum that clearly said NO. Higher rates/taxes are being charged to land holders and those that can’t pay are evicted from their OWN property and that property sold. How can we become self-reliant and self-sufficient when the local councils do all they can to make sure this does not happen?
Still we do what we can, we prepare just in case there should be TEOTWAWKI. Something big enough to sweep aside the corrupt so called law and order, sweep aside the local councils so they no longer matter.  We put in solar power and get off the grid. We put in our own grey water systems and compost toilets. We use rain water tanks so we don’t have to rely on town water. We grow our own food to improve our health and become as self-reliant as we possibly can.
But sooner or later, for us as a minority or the majority of Australian citizens, push will come to shove. If we can’t fight, then we may have to leave our homes. In a real bad situation families will NOT be able to safely live in the cities, and even the smaller towns may be under threat. So we prepare, we choose our gear, clothing & tools carefully because if we have to leave home to survive in the wilderness it may be for a very long time. So I want you to think about that. We live in a throw away society, things are not made to last, but we NEED things to last! Ordinary camping equipment will not cut it; neither will military equipment because neither was meant to last long. Forget about battery operated equipment. Think about your real needs. Modern ammo won’t last long if you are going to use it for hunting and self-defence. Compound bows are not long term reliable in a wilderness situation. Whatever you choose must be sustainable. Don’t let romantic visions of yourself surviving like Rambo rule your head, it will only get you and yours killed.

I have lived for over 20 years without electricity and water on tap. We grew our own food (and still do) and I hunted for meat using a trap line and a flintlock muzzle-loader. Now we have a solar powered home, water on tap from large rainwater tanks. Grey water system & compost toilets. So in this series of articles I will give you some ideas for you to think about. You may improve on my methods, but do please give it some serious thought before dismissing  anything.

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