Saturday, February 13, 2016

If or When TSHTF Part Four. Primitive living/survival skills.

This is a basic list of skills for woodsrunners in our group. These are long term wilderness living/survival skills.

Woodsrunner’s Skills.
This is a list of basic skills in which I personally would expect an 18th century woodsman or woods-woman to have some experience with in our group.
·      Flint & steel fire lighting
·      Wet weather fire lighting
·      Fire-bow fire lighting
·      Flintlock fire lighting
·      Flintlock use, service & repair
·      Marksmanship with either gun or bow.
·      Field dressing & butchering game
·      Blade sharpening
·      Tomahawk throwing
·      Making rawhide
·      Brain tanning
·      Primitive shelter construction
·      How to stay warm in winter with only one blanket
·      Cordage manufacture
·      Moccasin construction and repair
·      Sewing
·      Axe and tomahawk helve making
·      Fishing
·      Hunting
·      Evasion
·      Tracking
·      Reading sign
·      Woods lore
·      Navigation
·      Primitive trap construction & trapping
·      Open fire cooking
·      Fireplace construction
·      Clothing manufacture
·      Drying meat & other foods
·      Knowledge of plant tinders & preparation
·      Knowledge of native foods & preparation
·      Knowledge of native plants in the area and their uses for other than tinder and food.
·      Scouting/Ranging.
·      Basic first aid.
·      Finding and treating water.
·      General leather work.

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