Friday, February 12, 2016

If or When TSHTF Part Three. Equipment & Tools.

This is a list of equipment I carry, not just for 18th century Historical Trekking, but also for long term wilderness living/survival.

The wigwam shelter I built for winter trekking activities.

Equipment List.
·      .62 cal/20 gauge flintlock fusil. 42 inch barrel.
·      .70 caliber smoothbore flintlock pistol.
·      Shot pouch and contents.
·      Leather drawstring pouch of .60 caliber ball (in knapsack).
·      Powder horn.
·      Butcher/Hunting knife.
·      Legging knife.
·      Clasp knife.
·      Tomahawk.
·      Fire bag.
·      Tinderbox.
·      Belt pouch.
·      Fishing tackle in brass container.
·      Two brass snares.
·      Roll of brass snare wire.
·      3 Gunpowder wallets
·      Knapsack.
·      Scrip.
·      Ball mould and swan shot mould.
·      Lead ladle.
·      Tin Cup.
·      Water filter bags (cotton & linen bags).
·      Medical pouch.
·      Housewife.
·      Piece of soap and a broken ivory comb.
·      Dried foods in bags.
·      Wooden spoon.
·      Gun tools and spare springs.
·      Compass.
·      Whet stone.
·      Small metal file.
·      Oilcloth.
·      One blanket (Monmouth cap, spare wool waistcoat and wool shirt rolled inside blanket).
·      Two glass saddle flasks.
·      Length of hemp rope.
·      Bottle of rum.
Basic list of what I carry. This list is made up from items that we know were carried, from items that my research has shown were available, & from items that have been found, such as the brass snare wire. I am not saying every woodsrunner carried all these items, but I am saying that some woodsrunners may have carried all these items. From experimental archaeology results in historical trekking, I think the items I have chosen are a reasonable choice for any woodsrunner that is going to live in the wilderness for a year or more.

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