Thursday, December 25, 2014

Australian Government Fear Campaign. Where Is It Going?

The so called Port Arthur massacre led to the government making new gun laws, making certain types of guns illegal and they initiated a firearms buy-back scheme. Of course only law abiding Australian citizens complied and handed in their guns, the criminal element in Australia kept their guns.
The crime rate did not go down, and now only criminals can own illegal hand guns, rifles and shotguns. Yet still the anti gun lobby cry for more firearms restrictions. The recent incident in Martin Place in Sydney has created a further cry for legislation. Our not so honourable PM, Mr Tony Abbott made a statement that the assailant, Monis, did in fact own an Australian firearms permit. This is an outright lie, which is what we have come to expect from Mr Abbott.
But this incident in Martin Place has hairs on it, something does not quite make sense and a lot of people are suggesting that Monis was in fact encouraged to take hostages at the Lyndt caffe with the purpose of instigating more fear control and ultimately further firearms restrictions on law abiding Australian citizens.
I realise that I am probably preaching to the converted here, most sensible thinking people already realise that restricting firearms use to law abiding citizens is worthless in regards to curbing crime, and it is very costly to the Australian tax payer. Criminals DO NOT abide by the law, so confiscating law abiding citizen's guns is a no brainer ! We, the legal gun owners have special gun safes, bolted to the floor in our homes so that these firearms can not be stolen. How the police manage to lose so many firearms I can not say, and they are not telling !

Other worrying matters concerning firearms restrictions and terrorist fear campaigns is the fact that these are also measures taken by people who wish to take over a country as a dictator ! Now I can not say if our non illustrious Mr Abbott has such plans or if he is planing a take over in some other way, such as making Australia a republic. This would certainly further restrict our freedoms.

One major move that must be done before taking control of a populace, is the restricting of firearms. This has already been done here in Australia restricting law abiding citizens to only non semi-automatic guns, and no handguns what so ever unless you belong to a pistol club. Even flintlock muzzle-loading guns in Australia require a firearms licence, registration and a permit to purchase ! These guns are an 18th century design, requiring a piece of rock for ignition! How stupid and paranoid is that? Antique muzzle-loading firearms are not restricted, however you are not allowed to actually fire them. I might point out that there is absolutely no difference in the workings of copies of flintlocks and antiques of the same type.
We, the law abiding citizens of Australia sincerely hope that these terrorist fear campaigns instigated by Mr Abbott do not lead to further firearms restrictions, because I personally don't think the Australian gun owning community would stand for it again.
What we do need is higher penalties for firearms offences, and these MUST be enforced. At present, legal gun owners are being treated like criminals. Some Police officers conducting firearms checks in licensed homes are literally looking to find fault. Also many Police officers do not have the training or knowledge to be able to conduct a firearms check correctly, their knowledge of firearms and the firearms legislation is sadly lacking. In my own case this cost me much time and expense that should not have been necessary. 
The so called firearms consultant committee does not and never has existed. This group of so called experts were never formed. So who has made these pointless and senseless decisions which only affect law abiding gun owners? And why? Firearms restrictions are not about public safety, they are not about curbing crime. There is enough evidence from other countries to show that this does not work anyway. Ignorant people feel safer knowing that some guns are restricted, so gun laws pacify, to some extent, the paranoid anti-gun groups and ignorant citizens. That is all it does.
So be on your guard, follow the rules and be a responsible gun owner.

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