Thursday, December 25, 2014

Our Government, Our Enemy!

a) Why would you give a foreign mining company all the free water they want from the Great Artesian Basin when you force your own people pay for it?
Remember, farmers and city dwellers are forced to pay handsomely for every drop they touch. You can’t even get a free drink of water in Queensland these days
b) Why would you spent billions of taxpayers’ money building a railway line (and whatever else they need) for a foreign mining company when your own people will be forced to go without schools, hospitals, universities, dams, roads and railways?
c) Why would you do all of this – and then give them a royalty free access to the coal that is owned by the Queensland people?
d) Is this state run by idiots – or what?
Please send in your answers – (Campbell Newman, Jeff Seeney, Tim Nichols and Santo Santoro please be aware you are ALL ineligible for this competition. (you know all the answers…!!)
The winner gets personal tuition at the “How to make a lazy million” Seminar run by the NLP over Xmas
Photos: Martin Ferguson, former Federal energy minister now on the board of British Gas (not sure when he actually joined, and neither is he) Gautam Adani and Campbell Newman photographed at a former leading Barrier Reef Resort.

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