Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Millions in their war chest but the LNP still wants more !

Millions in their war chest but the LNP still wants more

LNP campaign director Brad Henderson has sent out an
 SOS for funds to "paint the town blue and yellow". In his
 email to LNP faithful, Henderson asked them to “dig deep” to
 pay for billboard and television ads. But no matter how deep
 they dig, nothing will lift the LNP out of the hole they have
 dug for themselves.

With a massive war chest already in their arsenal and no limit
 to the amount they can spend, the LNP still want more

We are suffering a vast taxpayer funded advertising 
campaign under the wrapper of ‘government information’ and 
now can expect dozens of billboards painted yellow and blue 
and another media blitz. There will be pork barrelling of 
electorates the likes of which our State has never seen

But no matter how much spin they use or ads they run
 extolling their questionable virtues we will not be moved. 

What we lack in funds we make up with something far 
stronger, People Power. It was remarkably effective is 
showing the LNP the door in the Stafford and Redcliffe bi-

Together we can make a difference and people power, 
strength and determination will win out and see the end of 
this arrogant and extreme government. 

Our grass roots campaign is dependent on sharing 
information using social media Facebook and twitter so 
please remember to share.

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