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V.c. RC Hurley

Firstly l'd like to say relax and enjoy the Christmas break. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and please drive safely, play safely and look out for each other. We'll be digging in; in the New Year to make this happen so please refrain from inundating me with questions until the New Year.
Please share this with EVERYONE you know.
Australia is in a state of Anarchy. We have not had Constitutional Government Leadership since 1919 and "The Will and The RIGHTS of The People" has been whittled away to allow governments past and present to become dictators of "The People who RULE SUPREME"!
It has been suggested that having separate groups is a good idea for the Rebellion, that way if one group is eliminated we will have multiples of other groups still operating, it also shows that it is not just one group of people or rebels as they will call us; but rather many groups of like minded people gathering for the same cause. It doesn't matter who is in charge, who the organisers or spokespeople are or how many groups we have.(We are all fighting for the same cause) If you are unhappy with one group please join another one.
There are a few rules that EVERYONE needs to adhere to so we have UNITY and SOLIDARITY within the groups.
1. We all have to agree on a suitable date to allow enough time to put the rebellion in place. The following dates have been suggested 7th of March 2015 14th of March 2015 or the 21st of Match 2015 These are only suggestions and will be confirmed at a later date. These dates are all Fridays so working people will attend and this will allow enough time to find working teams we trust. The date chosen will be "AUSTRALIANS INDEPENDENCE DAY" (A Public Holiday) every year in the future where we celebrate our "INDEPENDENCE AND THE DAY WE TOOK OUR RIGHTS BACK"! So choose the date with this in mind. A current public holiday is not appropriate as they has been chosen for their own celebratory reasons.
Please Note: If we do not have the numbers by this chosen date, the rebellion will be (PUT ON HOLD) until such time as we have the support we need. If any group you are involved in hasn't heard of this Rebellion then YOU haven't been sharing the information, can you please do so?
We are going to need Millions of people to show up over the chosen weekend and on at least the Monday, so the government know we have the support, not many people can afford to miss out on their wages; so utilising a weekend will accomplish much.
NO VIOLENCE is needed, warranted or tolerated, in fact if there is ANYONE who starts violence the crowd is requested to walk away from them, violence won't achieve anything and may give the police or military a reason to take action against us. There is no reason for violence and we don't want to be seen to be the ones to start any. THERE WILL BE • No Violence on our part • No Weapons • No Rioting or Destruction of Public or Private or Public Property • No Alcohol or Drugs • No Children under the age of 18 and • No taking of Parliament House or Members of Parliament (WE DON'T NEED TO) read on...
A SHOW OF UNITY: Once we have a show of at least 2 million people the government will know we have won without any sort of violence in any way, they will know that if they don't step down and if they stay in Parliament EVERYONE WILL ONLY VOTE IN INDEPENDENTS (as is stipulated in the Commonwealth Constitution) and those Independents will only be voted in if they publicly (PROMISE TO REINSTATE) "THE COMMONWEALTH CONSTITUTION" for "THE PEOPLE" OF THE COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA".
The current political parties Liberals, Labour, Nationals, Greens, etc ALL PARLIAMENT MEMBERS in fact will know that there is NO POINT in them running as a POLITICAL PARTY because the majority of "The People" will be voting in INDEPENDENTS (who promise) to implement our 7 point plan and we will only vote for them on the understanding that if they haven't initiated "The People's" changes within 6 months of their election to Parliament they will be removed by "The People of The Commonwealth of Australia" for "WE THE PEOPLE RULE SUPREME" in both The Commonwealth Constitution Act 1900 and also The Commonwealth Constitution 1901! (Explained later)
ORGANISERS ROLE: 2. Organisers need to be prepared to speak in front of crowds, pick a team of trusty co-ordinator's and to educate them on what we are there to achieve so we all talk the same talk and walk the same walk. H old meetings to educate your team and keep focus on the big picture. There will be literally thousands of people in each group who want their issue addressed, people need to be reminded of what our 7 points are that we want to achieve, everything else will be sorted out by Referendums of "The People" once the Constitution (Our Lawful Foundations) are reinstated and the current governments are removed.
OUR DEMANDS: These aren't set in concrete yet but will go along these lines, it is imperative to have the Constitution Reinstated.
• 1. DEMAND the resignation of EVERY sitting member both Federal and State, with Parliament going into Caretaker Mode.
• 2. Issue Prerogative Writs to hold Elections for Federal and State Parliaments, where we "The People" must vote in Independent Candidates as was the intention of the Framers of the Constitution "Quick & Garran". • One Vote Per Person • No Preference Voting • No Political Parties
• 3. Reinstate the Commonwealth Constitution 1901 as was intended by the Framers of the Constitution and which holds within it OUR RIGHTS and LAWS! Remove all laws that are unfair, unjust and unconstitutional!
• 4. Reform Councils back to their original intended purpose as caretakers of their prospective shire, being funded by the States only and eliminating ALL charges that are unlawful such as rates. i.e rates are a tax and councils do not have the constitutional recognition or right to charge any taxes whatsoever!
• 5. Overhaul the Tax System to Eliminate double dipping taxes i.e Rates, Land Tax, Stamp Duty, Toll Charges, Superannuation the list is too long to mention here. The Constitution states that: If the Federal Government have taxed something like fuel, then the State Government cannot tax fuel as well; even if the Federal government have removed the tax previously. Did you know that Fuel has 3 taxes on it? • World Parity Excise Tax • Fuel Excise Tax and • Goods & Services Tax (GST) These 3 taxes are more than half of the full cost of your fuel.
• 6. Judicial Overhaul to correct the unfair, unjust and down right unconstitutional judgements and to ensure that Judges abide by the constitution and the penalties prescribed. Murderers, Rapists and Pedophiles are to be held accountable to the maximum penalties of law.
7. Implement "Citizen's Initiated Referendums" on all Major Issues that affect "The People of the Commonwealth of Australia"!
COORDINATORS ROLE: 3. Coordinators need to pick people they trust to perform the following duties (a) answer phones (b) flyer distributors (c) email and text groups (d) photo copying (e) release new updates (f) print off lawful mandates, gather signatures and prepare for presentation (g) printing of flyers (h) additional people to assist where needed (i) people to organise facilities at your chosen site such as a stage, speakers, toilets, food vans etc (j) organise a massive show ground for the Rebellion to start at; where people can set up tents etc as they won't want to give up once the hype starts; so amenities are essential.
THERE WILL BE A Non Violent March on Parliament House on the Monday morning. There will be MANDATES available please make sure you sign them!
BAT PHONES: It is suggested that you either utilise an old phone or purchase a new SIM card that can be used for the Rebellion, SIM cards are $2 at your local supermarket and that way your personal phone number remains personal and this SIM number can be given out freely for the specific purpose of the Rebellion.
WHERE IT IS TO BE HELD: There will need to be groups organised in every city and in all major towns as well (Many people can't travel) so we need to keep advertising for organisers and co-ordinator's. WE CANNOT MAKE THIS HAPPEN WITHOUT VOLUNTEERS TO HELP CARRY THE LOAD!
WHAT WE WON'T BE DOING: LET ME REITERATE: There will not be any violence whatsoever, if there is walk away from the perpetrators and let the police have them! We are not storming Parliament House, we don't need to. We are not physically removing anyone, we don't need to.
BE ON THE LOOKOUT FOR WHITE ANTS: These people undermine the action at ALL levels with the intention of eating away at the very foundations of all the work being done. To seek out Impostors, Plants, White Ants, Troublemakers, Snitchers, Trolls etc simply post an earlier post on this subject and watch the Trolls come out to play, remove and block them from your list so as they don't get updates on the information we send to our people and they can't comment on it either.
Please get back to me with your thoughts on this; which l will forward on to all concerned.
Please add me for updates.
Thank you Regards
Lyn Bennetts UNITED we can and WILL MAKE a DIFFERENCE!
Q. Isn't this Treason? A. It is not Treason when "The Sovereign People" overthrow a "Unlawful Corrupt Corporate Government" who are a registered US Corporation. The Registered US Security Exchange Certificate "Commonwealth Australia Registration No is 0000805157" and who have committed Fraud, Treason and Unconstitutional Acts against the "SOVEREIGN PEOPLE OF THE COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA" for nearly a hundred years, the very people they are elected to represent and they do this (WITHOUT THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE)!
Q. Why do all of the politicians have to resign, we have some Independents already in Parliament? A. These Independents have made no commitment to "The People" to abide by "The Constitution or The Will of The People", they can run again and they may be elected if they promise to abide by our Constitution and our 7 demands.
Q. What if the Politicians don't resign or leave Parliament Buildings? A. Until all the politicians resign and a prerogative writ is issued for a new election ALL unlawful laws and legislation, infringement notices, rates, etc will NOT BE PAID by the "THE PEOPLE"! Australia is broke so if no one pays ANY of these things they can sit in our Parliament House until they die of starvation for all we care! "WE THE PEOPLE" will not pay one cent in taxes, infringements, tolls, rates or fines of any kind until they leave. What are they going to do?They can't take millions of people to their unconstitutional Kangaroo Courts and fine us with another unlawful infringement; that we aren't going to pay! They can't arrest us as there is NO ROOM in our already overcrowded jails! And we now know they won't shoot us!
Q. Won't the Military and Police start arresting us? A. We stand on behalf of them as much as us; after all they also form part of "The People" and remember the Military and the Police are family members first and foremost. The Military are used as pawns in wars between countries and then discarded like useless trash, with pensions they can hardly live on and no counselling to help them deal with the tragedies and horrors of wars past and present PTSD! About 30 percent of the men and women who have spent time in war zones experience PTSD. An additional 20 to 25 percent have had partial PTSD at some point in their lives. More than half of all male Vietnam veterans and almost half of all female Vietnam veterans have experienced “clinically serious stress reaction symptoms.” PTSD has also been detected among veterans of other wars. Estimates of PTSD from the Gulf War are as high as 10%. Estimates from the war in Afghanistan are between 6 and 11%. Current estimates of PTSD in military personnel who served in Iraq range from 12% to 20%.
The Police are used as similar pawns to debt collect for the government, to be heavy handed, unfair and unjust, in essence they are hated by the majority of Citizen's; they are constantly abused by people they issue infringement notices to and also their superiors and many of them end up with PTSD. Our system will restore their ability to deal with the actual criminals in our country where "The People" will be proud of them and they can receive counselling for their PTSD. Our shameful silence on police suicide: "The suffocating silence around suicide in the police force and the lack of support for officers suffering mental trauma amounts to a national scandal, writes William Verity." Look it up for more details...
OUTNUMBERED: The population of Australia is estimated to be 23,692,600 as of 11 December 2014. An analysis by the United Nations indicates an approximate median of 300 police officers per 100,000 inhabitants worldwide in 2006.[1] Based on these figures there are approximately 72,000 police officers in Australia. Active Frontline Military Personnel in Australia is quoted to be 58,000.
There is STRENGTH IN NUMBERS: If we get a few million people to attend the rebellion the Military and Police will not act against us; they will be outnumbered and unless we are violent they will have no reason to attack us, and we need them there to control idiots who think they can start riots and destroy public and private property. This is why our REBELLION HAS TO BE NONE VIOLENT!
Q. Do you have international support from world authorities? If not I suggest you involve them now...they will be needed to help with the transition
A. Nothing is going to change internationally, we aren't affecting the UN, treaties or any agreements with other countries, this is a civil matter for "The People" to sort out with the corrupt corporate government in Australia. They will be told to stand down, and prerogative writs will be issued to call another election.
THE GOVERNOR GENERAL: We have very intelligent Constitutionalists in Australia. If the Governor General refuses to issue the Prerogative Writs then he will be removed from his unlawful and unconstitutional position. The Prime Minister was never supposed to appoint the Governor General as the GG and he can hardly be impartial when he is also being paid by the government of the day. The GG is supposed to be appointed by the Queen, paid by the Queen and is a representative of the Queen guided by the Constitution, and reports directly to the Queen. Our Constitutionalists know more about our Constitution than any of the Governor Generals in the past 50 years and they appear to know more than the Queen herself on this issue.
The Constitution Act 2000 is an agreement between "The People" of the Commonwealth of Australia AND "Queen Victoria"!
The Commonwealth Constitution 1901 is an agreement between "The People" of the Commonwealth of Australia and "The Government". In both agreements "THE PEOPLE RULE SUPREME"!
The Commonwealth Constitution is to be read in conjunction with the HANSARD CONSTITUTION CONVENTION DEBATES. Please read this one Hansard debate below which outlines in very clear terms why the debates took place.
HANSARD 17-3-1898 Constitution Convention Debates QUOTE Mr. BARTON.- We can have every faith in the constitution of that tribunal. It is appointed as the arbiter of the Constitution. . It is appointed not to be above the Constitution, for no citizen is above it, but under it; but it is appointed for the purpose of saying that those who are the instruments of the Constitution-the Government and the Parliament of the day-shall not become the masters of those whom, as to the Constitution, they are bound to serve. What I mean is this: That if you, after making a Constitution of this kind, enable any Government or any Parliament to twist or infringe its provisions, then by slow degrees you may have that Constitution-if not altered in terms-so whittled away in operation that the guarantees of freedom which it gives your people will not be maintained; and so, in the highest sense, the court you are creating here, which is to be the final interpreter of that Constitution, will be such a tribunal as will preserve the popular liberty in all these regards, and will prevent, under any pretext of constitutional action, the Commonwealth from dominating the states, or the states from usurping the sphere of the Commonwealth. END QUOTE Kindly provided by Gerrit Schorel Hlvaka Australian CONSTITUTIONALIST.
Please share this with everyone you know!
Thank you
Regards Lyn Bennetts UNITED we CAN and WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE!


  1. Wish I could be there, but I live in the U.S....Sounds like a good "march". We need one here, in the U.S., too. My prayers will be with you. Don't give an inch or should I say 2.5cm...and "hold the line".

  2. I fully agree with your5 sentiments as we have watched our rights being eroded over the years if we can help in any way contact me

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    I appreciate you contacting me, thank you.
    Regards, Keith.