Monday, January 12, 2015

Corrupt Australian Government. CALLS FOR A ROYAL COMMISSION:

For those hundreds of thousands of you who have been completely shocked by the expose we posted on Tim Mulherin and the massive destruction of the Darling Downs by mining, here is the next part of the series. And it only takes up a few lines.
Because this is no longer about politics, or whether you wear a red tie or a blue tie.
This is about the complete corruption of the State of Queensland and the sell-out of the Queensland people.
This is all about ugly politicians who, together with their greedy mates, want your hard-earned assets to make themselves rich – your farms, your houses, your investments, whatever - and they don’t even bother to tell you what they are planning next.
They just slip in amendments to bills and change laws at their own whim at two minutes to midnight.
So here’s the big question: while Mulherin and his mates might have set up the grubby blueprint to destroy the Darling Downs, did Newman and Seeney then come in and clean it up?
Not on your life. They grabbed it with both hands. Worse still, they put the plan for total destruction into overdrive.
Since Newman and Seeney came to power only two years and ten months ago, they have:
• Removed all farmers rights to prevent a mine going on his farm. That decision is now being made by the Co-ordinator General, whose office is located right next door to Jeff Seeney.
• They have removed all rights of protest by a neighbour and a community to a mine.
• They have handed over the right to mining companies to use all the water they want from the Great Artesian Basin – and at absolutely no cost to them. (once again, the people of Queensland are left footing the bill for the mining companies)
• They have announced new plans to divert Northern rivers into dams especially for mining companies (they even used the term ‘and for farmers’ as a clever little diversionary tactic).
• They have shamelessly stolen land away from farmers and given mining and CSG companies all the rights they want.
• For example, they have recently removed Strategic Cropping Status from 90% of the land in the Bellevue area north of Wandoan.
• They approved the application by a coal seam gas company QGC to have the SCL status removed from more than 25,000ha out of a total of 29,680hn applied for in the Wandoan area on the basis it fails the slope criteria. Just days before changing the SCL rules, the government ruling was that it considered Queensland Gas Company’s parent company British Gas International (Aus) Pty Ltd to be an owner of the land it applied to have SCL status removed form, not the rate paying farmers.
• Under the definition in Schedule 2 of the SCL Act, holding resource authorities makes the company an “owner” of the land and therefore an eligible person under section 41, and entitled to make a validation application, according to the DNRM decision notice given to landholders last week.
• Basically, the resource company can now make applications over a farmers land without their input.
• They approved Wagners Airport without any Impact or Environmental Assessment. It is also being allowed to operate during high-alert terrorist conditions without full security.
• They have approved Stage Three of New Hope Acland mine, despite all assurances to voters at the last election that it would never happen. New Hope has donated $700,000 to the LNP, while their subsidiary company Brickworks donated $384,000. Their other major subsidiary company WH Soul Patterson donated $250,000. Read this sentence again- because this is what corruption is.
• The LNP created the Gasfields Commission - and then they stacked it with their mates. It is now little more than a tick and flick for gas companies but more of a Star Chamber for farmers being run by a modern version of the Brownshirts. There have been thousands of cases put before it by farmers trying to block coal seam gas on their farms – yet hardly one case submitted by a farmer has succeeded. It is not surprising when you realise that the Chairman of the Gasfields Commission, John Cotter's own immediate family have become mega multi-millionaires from doing sweetheart deals for Coal Seam Gas companies
• The LNP have done nothing to help the children from the poor community of Tara: they have swept all health issues under the carpet, despite children experiencing severe headaches, vomiting and bleeding from both the ears and the nose. Health Minister Lawrence Springborg assured Queenslanders that all health testing was normal and offered them little other than platitudes.
• Yet the truth was that Government did not do any environmental testing to address health complaints: they simply relied on a limited data-set provided by Queensland Gas Company.
• Whistle-blowers claim that the quality of the drinking water in the house tanks at Tara are Chernobyl quality from leaking coal seam gas and the chemicals involved.
• The LNP have announced that $2.5 billion in taxpayers money will be diverted to the Indian Gutam Adani to build his railway and port. This to prop up an un-commercial mine that no bank will finance - and the owner has no money to do so either.
• The LNP have deliberately ignored the skyrocketing youth unemployment rates in Queensland – now the highest in the nation at 6.9% and set to go much higher – because they intend to bring in cheap human ‘$2 a day slave cargo’ from China, India and Korea to work in the mines. This is part of the special deal they have promised to Adani as well as other coal and CSG companies.
• They have introduced special retrospective laws to protect mates (and major party donors) who own quarries from prosecution: this is in relation to the Karaman quarry that is filling the Wivenhoe Dam with mud and severely affecting the flood mitigation ability of Brisbane major flood prevention Dam.
• Allowed party donors to not only mine where they wanted – but also write the conditions for the mine – in particular, the environmental conditions – for that mining to take place.
• Introduced the draconian VLAD laws, overtly written to control bikies but covertly framed to prevent any form of protest from the general public
• Appointed Tim Carmody as Chief Justice, despite the massive and widespread resistance of almost every other judge on the Queensland bench.
• Deliberately watered down the Crime and Misconduct Commission (now the Crime and Corruption Commission)
• They have left Dr Ken Levy, a proven perjurer in place as the Chairman of this handicapped critical crime busting body.
Nothing the LNP does is based on merit – rather, it is only about money for themselves and their mates.
The people of Queensland are now all suffering because of their greed, brutality and incompetence.
Campbell Newman and Jeff Seeney have declared that Queensland is a mining state – but that is not true.
Queensland is a people state – first and foremost. That’s what makes us different and so proud to be Queenslanders.
Unless we find the courage and determination to stand together and remove this rotten and deeply corrupted Government from office, it’s all over for Queensland and its people.
Source: The Man in the Spotted Bow Tie and A Finch and A Wren. Thank you for all your hard work and diligence. Sir Edward trained you well.
PHOTOS: Premier Campbell Newman, Tim Mulherin and Deputy Premier Jeff Seeney.

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