Thursday, December 12, 2019

Climate Change Emergency is Real. Our very lives depend on us acting NOW!!!

This was Wychwood Forest some years ago, now it is dying. There is no longer any green grass & the wildlife is suffering. The trees are literally dieing from the heat & the lack of rain. On top of this we are now threatened by catastrophic bushfires. All this is caused by human made climate change. 

Long before the cattle industry, the world was populated with large numbers of ruminants, but the world seemed to have no issues with methane. American plains Africa and other continents had millions of buffalo, so how & when did the problem arise?
The world was a different place back then, large grassy plains managed by the indigenous peoples, huge wide spread forests, & healthy oceans. All these were producing oxygen & absorbing methane/Co2.
Then came the industrial revolution & the invasion of America & Australia. The industrial revolution marks the time steam engines were invented & coal was being burnt for energy. The invasions killed off many of the indigenous peoples & changed their lifestyles for ever. The grassy plains were no longer being managed to produce more green grass for the wildlife, now it was overrun by cattle & sheep. The forests were being logged for timber & destroyed & cleared to make more land for settlement & farming. The oceans lasted a little longer, but eventually humans also managed to pollute & contaminate with radio active waste, oil spills, garbage disposal, & single use plastics.
The herds of herbivores were mostly killed off & replaced with cattle & sheep in far greater numbers. The world was/is no longer green & the carbon dioxide levels rose & the oxygen levels in the oceans reduced. Now we have human made climate change, which is further destroying our forests through creating catastrophic conditions for bushfires. We have the internal combustion engine churning out Co2 into the atmosphere. We have coal burning electricity plants churning out more Co2 into our atmosphere. The planet is warming which is melting the ice & the permafrost. Melting ice has created black water which absorbs more heat. Melting permafrost is releasing more carbon into the atmosphere & releasing long buried pathogens & viruses.
Our world can no long keep up with the massive production of Co2 from livestock & other sources. The planet will survive when most, if not all humans have died due to climate change.
The world's people, the Australian people, need to act now. If they do not take control of this human made climate change situation, then we may all quite possibly die in a mass extinction event!!! This is NOT paranoia, this is NOT sensationalising, this is NOT bullshit! This is REAL! If the people wait for someone else to fix this, they are going to find themselves trying to survive TEOTWAWKI, & after that possibly a mass extinction!
I have done all I can through popular media channels to warn the population about climate change global warming, apart from preparing my own home in the forest off grid to help my children & grandchildren survive, there is nothing else that I can do. You NEED to take control of your lives, you NEED to take control of climate change by stopping the burning of fossil fuels, & by stopping the logging & destruction of our native forests & woodlands. Your future & your children's future depends on it!!!

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