Monday, December 30, 2019

Global Warming 2020 Australia.

It is early summer here in Australia; the temperature outside in the shade today was 35 degrees C. Fire season started here in New England in winter, & the bushfires have increasingly got worse. People are still talking about what we are going to do before 2050, but don’t you think that by 2050 the temperatures here will have reached such a height that we will not be able to go outside!!! The human body shuts down at 50 degrees C. !!! At these temperatures road surfaces will be melting, & this includes airport runways! Railway tracks will be buckling, transport will be at a standstill!!!
What do you think is going to happen to the electricity grid when everyone turns on their air conditioners? Is the government going to cater to this with more coal power generators?!!! The government says that Australia has met its carbon reduction target, but this is absolute bullshit, & on top of this Australia is exporting more coal than any other country in the whole world!!!
Bushfires are already in the extreme, & summer has only just started. Each year Australia will get hotter, my dam is the lowest it has ever been, leaves in the garden burn from the sun without shade cloth. The forest trees are dying fast, & the more trees that die, the faster global warming accelerates!!! Our tanks are not empty yet, but with no decent rain they soon may be. I am not likely to live until 2050, but my sons will, & my grandchildren will. Imagine what life is going to be like for them in 30 years time?!!!
We all know what needs to be done, we need to stop burning fossil fuels, & we need to stop destroying the native forests & woodlands, but this is not going to happen is it? The government certainly won’t stop selling coal or stop the burning of fossil fuels, will the people do it? No of course they won’t, they will sit on the fence until global warming really gets bad, so bad that those city lifestyles are affected, then they will start to winge & wine & some may even join the street protests, but will they do anything? Will they take control? No they won’t.
Eventually global warming will get really bad, and then the street protests will turn violent. People will get hurt & arrested. Things will get worse & this may start a revolution, but by this time it will be too late. Global warming will have past the point of no return, society will collapse, climate change will cause TEOTWAWKI, & after that possibly a mass extinction! WHY? Why is the Australian public sitting on the bloody fence waiting for this to happen? It makes no sense to me what so ever. If the government were to ban the drinking of beer I will wager the whole of Australia would be up in arms, but tell them that there is going to be a human extinction & they totally ignore it.
I don’t have any answers for the minority like myself who can see what is coming but are unable to stop it. All I can advise is that you start to prepare for what is coming. Get out of the city, go off grid. Grow your own food as best you can, be as self reliant & self sufficient as you can given the present society restrictions. Teach your children what to do. Start preparing now while we still have time.

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