Monday, March 4, 2019

The End Is Nigh!

The End Is Nigh!
How many times have we seen these words on street sandwich boards? Thousands of times worldwide, but then it was mostly of a religious nature, the so called Christian God about to strike humanity with his wrath! But global warming climate change is not about some mythical invisible God striking us all down, global warming climate change is man made, & it will be a real End Of The World event.
Why is the government doing nothing to stabilize climate change at its present level? Mostly because they are corrupt to the core & greedy. To stabilize global warming climate change at its present level all coal mines need to be closed, we need to stop burning coal & exporting coal to other countries. We need to stop destroying our forest areas for timber production, we need to stop logging. We need to stop burning oil, we need to reduce the amount of traffic on our roads.
Now this is a big ask, the big corporations will not stop production on their own accord, & the government will not force them to stop production. It all comes down to money , greed & lifestyle. The majority of people in Australia could rise up now & sack the government & take control, they could introduce a new non corrupt governing system, but they won’t. Why won’t they? Because of money & lifestyle. Miners & loggers do not want to lose their jobs, & the wealthy do not want to change their lifestyles. Well here is some news for you, as global warming climate change increases, there is likely to be massive blackouts, because as the temperature rises, air conditioners will be turned up & the grid will not be able to handle it. In the areas where it gets colder,  then electric heating will be turned up & this too will cause blackouts. No electricity = no cooking, no water, not toilets, no lighting, no heating, no cooling, the end of your lifestyle.
As for those people not wanting to lose their jobs, well there will not be any jobs on a dead planet!!! People are placing a bigger priority on making money, keeping their jobs & maintaining their present lifestyle over & above survival itself! First as global warming climate change increases, we will experience TEOTWAWKI (the end of the world as we know it). This will force a change in wealthy lifestyles because without electricity cities will close down & be dangerous places to live in. Crime rates will soar; looting, home invasions, violence & killings. Some areas will get much hotter; other places will get much colder. Extremes in weather conditions will increase; more droughts & more floods. There will be crop failures & food & water shortages. With no electricity supermarkets & fuel stations will close. No fuel=no transport. How many work places do you think will remain open with no electricity?
This could last for years, the police can’t help or protect people now, so they certainly won’t be able to help people when the shtf! The military will probably step in & martial law will be introduced, but this will only inconvenience law abiding citizens, just as our misplaced laws do now, it will not stop crime. Eventually living above ground will not be possible; many people are going to die. In the end it will mean the extinction of all life on earth, & all this because our government is corrupt & the majority of people fail to rise up & take control.

We can’t really prepare for this one, we can arm ourselves so that we can protect our families, and we can store food so we will not starve immediately. We can store water so that we do not die of thirst immediately, but many will die along the way. Every day I see a new petition on animal rights, protecting the Great Barrier Reef, stop live export, and make cannabis legally available to cancer sufferers. But where are the petitions to save the world??? Nothing else we want or need is important anymore in the face of total extinction of all life on our planet. We may survive global warming climate change, our children & our grandchildren MAY survive, but our great grandchildren MAY not survive. Think about that. Is your job or your lifestyle that important to you that you are prepared to cause the end of all life on earth?

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