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Global Warming Climate Change & Preparing For the Worst?

Global Warming Climate Change & Preparing For the Worst?
© Keith H. Burgess.
With most of the apocalyptic scenarios we can come up with we all seem to agree that yes they could happen, & yes we should prepare for the worst. But when it comes to increased climate change caused by humans, for some unknown reason we are divided.
Some claim global warming climate change is total fake & say climate change is nothing new, but they ignore the fact that climate change has been increasing since at least the industrial revolution & the temperature rise is now at a dangerous level. Others argue that if global warming is real, how come the Northern Hemisphere is getting such severe winters? Well the facts are that global warming is producing extreme weather conditions worldwide, hot & cold & this was predicted. The other popular theory is that global warming is not really going to be an End of the World event & will go no further than TEOTWAWKI & just sort out the non prepared from the prepared. Why on earth these preppers think that global warming has a set limit I have no idea. Does any of the above sound like these preppers are hoping for the best but preparing for the worst?
It is difficult at best for scientists to predict how quickly global warming climate change will get to the stage where all life on earth will cease to exist. The sun melts the ice, so this ice can no longer reflect the sun. So the world gets hotter, the seas get warmer, one thing changes another thing so as these things change global warming speeds up. We have according to many scientists already left it too late to stabilize climate change at its present level, & our corrupt to the core government ruled by corporatism is NEVER going to do enough to stabilize climate change at any level. That leaves us with three options, 1) the majority of Australians can rise up & take control, sack the government & introduce a new non corrupt governing system. Close down all coal fires power stations; stop all coal mining & logging operations, reduce the amount of traffic on our roads to essential services only. This in my opinion will never happen for several reasons; a) people do not want to lose their jobs, b) people do not want to have to change their present lifestyle. The fact that if they continue as they are they will lose their jobs & their present lifestyle does not enter their heads. When climate change reaches TEOTWAWKI they will all be out of work & their present lifestyle will no longer exist!
2) Some other form of apocalyptic event could take place to save those who are prepared. If such an event were to force the closure of all coal fires power stations & stop mining & logging operations then we might be able to stabilize climate change at the level it is at that time. This is just a theory of course, & frankly barring mass terrorism or a comet strike or a major sudden change in weather conditions or a pandemic etc, etc , I don’t know what it would take to make this happen.
3) We prepare for the worst now. TEOTWAWKI is now in my opinion inevitable & by the time this happens & all those unbelievers out there wake up to the fact that global warming is real; it will be too late to stabilize climate change. We can prepare for TEOTWAWKI, we can NOT prepare for the extinction of all life on earth. We will probably not be alive when the end comes, but the younger members of our families will go through some very hard times, & if there are any great grandchildren they will probably not survive. As I said before this is mere conjecture on my part, a guess based on present theories. We cannot tell for sure when the end will come.
TEOTWAWKI Preparations.
We need to start growing our own food supplies, & our method of gardening will need to change from the ordinary. My guess is that in Australia our winters will get milder, & our summers will get hotter. This will mean that we will have more insect pests & other creatures moving from North to South. We will have problems watering the gardens so we will have to mulch heavily, use plenty of compost, & use drip feeds & shade cloth. Here in the New England area we have noticed the extra bite in the sun, & we have been avoiding working outside in the hottest part of the day. Early morning & late afternoon working only.
We do not have air conditioning, these will become redundant anyway. Fortunately we have large windows all around the main house & three external doors & all fly screened. We have solar power to run fans & fridge/freezer, so the days inside will be at least survivable if not comfortable.
Some areas may get more floods, & other areas such as here will get less rain. Our main dam is now at an all time low! Bush fires are already increasing, so for those of us living out bush this will be a major problem. We need to widen our firebreaks, & as soon as I am back on my feet this will be a priority.
Anyone have any thoughts on further preparations needed? Are there any other likely hazards that I have not covered here?  Given that this will eventually turn into TEOTWAWKI then of course there will be all the usual security problems when the grid goes down. This is bound to happen here because our cities are run on electricity; the extra load on the grid from air conditioning use will very likely crash the grid.

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