Monday, December 10, 2018

What Is More Important To You, Your Present Lifestyle, or Your Life?

Frankly I can't think of any image or words that will convince the world of people that Climate Change is now an immediate threat to our lives on this planet. Only a minority of people give a damn, the majority either do not believe, or they assume someone else will save them, or they consider their present lifestyle more important than life itself! None of this makes any sense to me. The latest chart on Global Warming should be enough to shake everyone to the soles of their feet! By my estimation we may only have 30 years before the point of no return.

We can not as far as I can see turn the clock back, that in itself is bad enough. City dwellers may not realise how bad Climate Change is effecting us already, but those of us who live in the countryside are feeling & seeing these effects. If we do not take positive immediate action right now in 2019, then our chance of beating the deadline is most unlikely. Understand this, THIS IS AN END OF THE WORLD EVENT!  this is not fantasy, this is not bullshit. 

How many people are now thinking "if this threat was an actual fact, our government would tell us & would be taking measures to save this planet"?  Understand this: The Australian government & probably many other world governments are not focused on the future, their concern is today & how much money they can make personally. Your welfare, your well being, your lives do NOT matter to them. These politicians don't even care about their own families, their children, their grandchildren, their great grandchildren, their survival is of no concern to them, so why do you think they give a damn about you?

Don't take my word for any of this, do your own research if you want to survive, if you want your family to survive. Check out the chart on one of my previous posts on this blog ( & work it out for yourself how much time you think we have left on this earth. Bare in mind that estimations are difficult, as the climate changes, the results speed up. Unlike the steady climate change in the past, now with human intervention everything is moving much faster. That is why we have to take action NOW, our time is very limited.

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