Saturday, December 1, 2018

Seriously! The End Of The World Is In Sight!!! This is not fiction!

The Real End Of The World Is Coming, & Is In Sight! We do not have very long to stabilize, after that our families down the track will NOT survive!!!

So it is your decision, you can either sit back & let this happen, or you can stir up the population & take action. The World governments will NOT take action, they don't care about the people, they don't even care about their own families. Money & power are the only interests they have, & they are prepared to destroy this world to get what they want for the short period of time they have left in this world!!!
This is SERIOUS!!! Please do not dismiss this  if you care what happens to your future generations. Look at the chart, we don't have very long left. This is NOT fiction, this is NOT Bullshit, this is happening right now! Other survival scenarios may or may not arise in the future, but Global Warming is a sure thing, a very real threat!

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