Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Julie Bishop Refuses To Help Australian Journalist Imprisoned in Cambodia!

I know, this is nothing new, we know that money & power come first before the people's welfare. They have totally ignored the genocide of our WW2 West Papua Allies. This journalist was just doing his job, but perhaps because of something he saw he is now in prison & our government true to it's total corruptness is going to leave him there to die!
I have asked this many times over the years, "when are the majority of Australians going to get up on their hind legs & say ENOUGH, we are not standing for this anymore". I suppose in their own way, the majority of Australians are also corrupt. They have it sweet, & they don't want to rock the boat. I find that hard to swallow. We have come a long way from the Eureka Stockade!!!

Julie Bishop refuses to help dad - but is meeting Cambodian PM!
Roxanne Holmes
Sydney, Australia
MAR 15, 2018 — I can't believe what has happened and I'm now so desperate for your help.

Our Foreign Minister has officially refused to help my dad any further.

Four police officers arrived at dad's cell and read him a letter from Julie Bishop to her Cambodian counterpart.

It said that Australia will NOT intervene in his case.

Julie Bishop is due to meet Cambodia's PM Hun Sen at the ASEAN summit in the next day or two. Please can you call her office and ask her, the minute she shakes his hand, to release my father - an award-winning journalist whose only crime has been to be kind and truthful.

Call her today on 02 62 777 500.

Her letter told dad that the rest was up to his legal team and the wheels of justice. But there's no justice when my dad is being detained for something of which there's no evidence (spying for the Australian government). Dad has not spied for the Australian government or any government.

And Julie Bishop has the power to disprove this.

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