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Thoughts For The Week By Ron Owen. Gun Control.

Thoughts For The Week.
“Insanity in individuals is something rare – but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule.” Friedrich Nietzsche
The Eternal Battle For Truth, Against The Onslaught Of  Prevarication.
Over the last few weeks we have all had to bear the ‘slings and arrows of outrageous fortune’. Besides being totally innocent, we as firearm owners were all found guilty of being complicit in the deaths of the concert goers in Las Vegas, to the extent that this tragedy was used to punish the innocent law abiding firearm owners of this state by the majority of the Queensland Parliament. (See Link
Firearm Owners Betrayed Again.

Mark Ryan and the Queensland Labor party, immune from any moral scruples about dancing in the blood of tragedy, grabbed the opportunity to introduce the regulations changes that it had prepared over a year ago, after when the Police Ministers COAG meeting agreed to penalise innocent Firearm Owners once again.
As Labor has a minority government it needed the support of their Lib Labs mates of their so called opposition the LNP. Up until 3 hours before the crucial vote in the house of parliament the LNP swore that they would not vote with Labor, they stated that their new policy was to protect the interests of law abiding firearm owners and would not vote for any legislation that was not ‘evidenced based’. The two Katter Party members had also the support from Steve Dickson, One Nation, and the Independent Billy Gordon. An hour before the vote the leader of the LNP Tim Nicholls emailed me and told me that they were going to vote with Labor. I emailed him back and said that I never expected, “the Leopard to Change its Spots.”
At least it Exposes the LNP to the Light.
The single lighted candle that illuminated the whole affair was that our local member, Tony Perrett was the first member of the 55th Parliament to cross the floor and vote with the Katter Party and One Nation. That took considerable fortitude to stand up for his electorate against his Party. Lets hope he stands as an independent so he get the full benefit at the electoral box. Of course his brave stand had little impact on the vote 76 to the 5 brave hero’s, but as we have an imminent State election that ‘lighted candle’ shines a clear light, a clear path to put no trust whatso ever in the LNP. It shows that it is up to ourselves the 600,000 law abiding firearm owners of Queensland to support the example of those Independents and Katter and One Nation Party to acquire more seats in this coming election. The LNP have shown that even its own elected members cannot trust what ever the LNP hierarchy says.

Tony Perrett (right) awards his prize a .30-06 Mossberg to Troy Tompkins for the most pigs, at the Queensland Big Boar Championships Gympie 2015.
We have to Act and Vote Together.
The LNP treat law abiding firearm owners as ‘kindling’ something to be gathered in, bought with false promises, then thrown piece by piece on to the fire, as a cheap political sacrifice.
We have to motivate that ‘kindling’, to stick together in a tight un-breakable bundle. Only when the law abiding firearm owners stick together and vote together will we break through the tyranny that has been imposed on us. We have the Right, we have the Might, but as yet we do not have the unity of purpose.
Those Who Pay the Piper Pick the Tune.
If you can stand to read the transcript of the speeches in parliament, even ignoring the lies and emotion you will be greatly disappointed by the treachery and ignorance of the speakers. They fall back on the insane illogical mantra, ‘Guns kill, Guns are evil, Ban Guns’. Most of the Labour parliamentarians don’t believe it themselves, but use it as a set of tools to ingratiate themselves with the Police, gain more control over the citizens, and buy gratitude from the left wing, George Sorus Foundations, such as ‘Get Up“. Money talks and buys votes.

Logic and Relevant Facts Find Truth.
Most politicians, privately will admit that there is no correlation between the availability of Trucks, Pressure Cookers, Box Cutters, Jet Planes, Machette’s, Fire (arson), Sarin Gas, Poison or Firearms and mass murder. Gun Controls are not only ‘not relevant’ to these events, the reliance on the wrong ‘fix’ increases the likelihood that they will continue to occur. In fact as firearm ownership by civilians has vastly increased since 1990 to date, correspondingly murders by firearms has reduced in the USA (see FBI statistics) and to 14 % of all homicides in Australia.

Same as there is no correlation between firearm owners and mass murderers, mass murders will use any tool at their disposal from a neck tie, to prescription drugs. Freedom is based on the principle that only the wrong doer suffers the punishment, so why turn law abiding firearm owners into victims of the State injustice?
Privately He Admits Facts and Logic Win Out.
Politicians also well know, that the purported efforts to control the criminal use of firearms by placing more restrictions on legitimate users will not achieve anything. Tim Manders MP, the LNP Shadow Minister for Police privately agrees with my statements, that the greatest danger lies, not in the ineffectiveness of such restrictions, but in a belief that they will solve the problem. Whilst this mistaken belief persists, the real problem will not receive any attention, or action which it clearly and urgently requires.
Yet Forgets The Fact, When His Party Calls.
After the lip service, he joins with his parliamentary colleagues and votes to ban guns and place more impositions on the law abiding. Tim Manders is an intelligent person capable of logical thought, so what is the agenda. I can only assume that it is power and money, and will be forced to believe that until some other evidence is produced.
Illogical Disorder.
However, we have all met what we would call kindly as ‘nincompoop’s’ (and there are a lot of them that sit in Parliament) that suffer from a mental problem, not so they could be committed as mad, but similar to anxiety disorders, schizophrenia, or addictive behaviour which is an enduring disability.

Hilary Clinton has that ‘glazed’ eyes look and has no reasoning ability at all.
I am sure that most firearm owners have had discussions with the rabid anti gun proscribers who instead of thinking of the facts in contention to find the reasons that we all hold things to be true, as logic is an essential importance to rationality have an inability to reason. Propositions are logical if they are “conducted or assessed according to strict principles of validity”, they are rational according to the broader requirement that they are based on reason and knowledge. Yet with these Anti Gunners suffering from ‘illogicality’ they reach conclusions that do not follow logically, they follow emotion and faulty inferences. When questioned they just repeat the mantra, such as “Guns Are Dangerous” “If there were no Guns”. They are unable to reason that to disarm one section of the community the other section Police or the State has to have guns to take them. They will not accept that people will make their own firearms. That what they crave is impossible. In their case it is an illogical disorder and they are used by the smarter creatures as pawns in their power plays.

Those suffering from this mental inability to use basic logic, cannot comprehend simple and clear statements such as ‘if we cannot blame all Muslims for the actions of a few, why blame all of Queensland’s law abiding firearm owners for the actions of one man in the USA. They cannot see the huge flaw that Guns are an inanimate object and that without human direction cannot kill, or do anything on their own they repeat their mantra ‘Guns kill, Guns are evil, Ban Guns’ ‘Get the guns out of society and stop the killing’. Even the statement, ‘Gun Control’ is illogical as it is a piece of steel, it has no mind or direction, it needs a human to move it, but it sound good so politicians and people that have an inability to think keep using it. Wouldn’t ‘Criminal Control’ be a better slogan? Surely they know that mass killings were carried out by people for thousands of years before firearms were invented.

Firearm Ownership Annual Increase for 25years.
These Anti gunners refuse to listen to the facts that show that societies with more guns like Switzerland or even New Zealand are much safer, or that as we have more firearms in Australia now, then at any time in our history and the murder rate continues to decline. Incoherently, they give credit to John Howards Gun Bans when the facts show that the numbers of firearms has increased annually ever since his Buy Back.
Another symptom of this mental disorder is in this repetition or mantra, they have reinforced from one another and hear it repeated on TV and Hollywood movies, the name of this mental disorder symptom is Palilalia (from the Greek meaning “again” and “again”) a disorder characterized by the involuntary repetition of syllables, words, or phrases.
Palilalia is defined as the repetition of the speaker’s words or phrases, often for a varying number of repeats. Palilalic repetitions are often spoken with decreasing volume and speed up over time with continual practice. Watching videos, ( I know its difficult) of Anti Gunner’s chanting slogans repetitively, with slightly glazed eyes and miserable faces convinces me that it is not just hoplophobia (a fear of guns) if they are not suffering from illogical disorder they have other worse mental problems. One thing is clear, it would be beneficial for society to address these concerns with a great deal more scrutiny than they have received thus far, especially from psychiatric and psychological perspectives. Some of what we all have to deal with in the public arena as politics is really instead, a manifestation of these psychiatric conditions. Additionally, it is the belief of many firearm owners that the political and media-driven, illogical anti-gun fanaticism contributes to the genesis and proliferation of fear of firearms in the general population.
We must Spread the Word, or Suffer the Consequences.
While media use fear to sell newspapers, or advertising and politicians are under the misunderstanding that they can use this fear to buy votes the situation is only going to continue. We have to all show our hands, not just isolated by ourselves, we have to all spread the word ensure that everyone we know, even if they do not agree with us at least understands the issues at stake. We the innocent law abiding firearm owners will not accept waiting three to six months for a shooters licence, we will not accept that we have to wait two months for a permit to acquire when we have already waited three months to get a licence. We who have done no wrong will be punished no longer.
Vote For Freedom.

Where is the best place to show our hands? Why not Queensland, we have the numbers to decide every election in this nation, but Queensland is the key. Most shooters or their children can remember being free, remember the time when identification was all that was needed to buy a firearm, a time when maniacs and criminals were kept in jail. So at this coming election please get involved contact all the candidates, tell the Greens, Labor, LNP why your Not going to vote for them and chose a Shooter Party, or Katter Party, or One Nation Party, or a pro shooting Independent instead and actively help them get elected. Don’t come complaining over the counter at your local gunshop, there is lots of truth in the saying, “You get the government you deserve”. There is only one thing that is certain, and that is that the worlds future is uncertain, yet no matter who we are, if we breath, we contribute to that future and must make that future fair and free.
There is no Spring without Winter, without Mistakes there is no Learning. There is no Life without Death, without Doubts there is no Faith. There is no Peace without War, without Fear there is no Courage. For without Mistakes, Doubts and Fears there are no pathways to Wisdom.
Ron Owen.

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