Friday, December 18, 2015

Treason In High Places. A Facebook Post.

The Geopolitical Dynamics have changed as I have been posting for years, but now its mainstream news - the shoe is on the other foot!!! China, Russia, Iran and the other BRICS nations now Rule the future!!! The Rothschilds UK/USA/Euro Axis Is Finished - Isolated!!!
Iran has banned all USA Products LOL LOL LOL I LOVE IT!!!
The Anglo Euro/UK/USA is a Walking Dead Beast!!!
Dear Traitors in Parliament Houses across Australia, I can not wait to watch your demise you pathetic Criminals masquerading like Public Servants!!! YOUR FUCKED !!!!
I do not pity you at all - Your All heading to the Hague - by 2020 Australian Politicians will be paraded across all world news networks as the criminals they really are, along with the scum from the UK & USA!!! LOL LOL LOL
If the Aussies do not rise up with me and help me take legal action Now against our criminal unlawful government then we Aussies will be looked very bad upon by the world in years to come!!! Same go's for the British and American People!!!!
This is about correcting the past and present injustices and securing the future for all people who call this great land home!
“Australian Government Is Officially Illegal”
The recent attempts by the Tasmania State Government to amend Laws to ensure validity was a poor effort to hide the facts and legal errors of the past, but more important it shows something is not right!
In April 2015, the Tasmania GOVERNMENT oversight has cast a question mark over the appointment of the state’s magistrates, coroners and justices of the peace. In fact, this oversight applies to all state's of Australia!
Under the 1869 Promissory Oaths Act, all magistrates, coroners and justices of the peace are required to take the judicial oath tendered by the Clerk of the Executive Council and taken in the presence of the Governor or the Chief Justice or another judge of the Supreme Court.
The requirement has not been followed for 30 years.
Attorney-General Vanessa Goodwin assured the public that criminal convictions and jail sentences were still valid despite the error.
The oversight was discovered recently and the Government has promised urgent legislation to fix the loophole.
Valid Law and Government Does Not Exist In Australia, and has been noted in the UK Parliament and at the UN.
It is important to note, China has followed the legal process under international law to acquire a large part of Australia's infrastructure, including; public transport, shipping ports, major farms and much more!
On 30 October 1943, following a conference between China, the USSR, the United Kingdom and the United States, a joint declaration was issued recognizing the necessity “of establishing at the earliest practicable date a general international organization, based on the principle of the sovereign equality of all peace-loving States, and open to membership by all such States, large and small, for the maintenance of international peace and security”.
This declaration led to exchanges between the Four Powers at Dumbarton Oaks, resulting in the publication on 9 October 1944 of proposals for the establishment of a general international organization, to include an international court of justice, which later was set-up in the Hague.
In the United Nations General Assembly and Security Council, the International Court of Justice was officially formed by May 1947.
So, China has a legal stake in Australia and is a major share-holder protected under international law.
All Australian laws assented to on behalf of a British Monarch, by any non-legally appointed Governor-General of Australia since 1919, cannot hold any valid or legal executive authority, as all of the Governor-Generals appointments have been issued incorrectly.
The “Old Colonial” defunct British Constitutional law, used and applied as the basis of all law in Australia, has held no valid authority in law since 1919.
The Australian people will have to finish off what Prime Minister William Morris-Hughes set out to achieve in 1919. A “new” ALL-Australian Constitution will have to be created and voted in by the people for the people.
Australians at long last, will have the opportunity to have their say, on how they wish to be governed and taxed. British lawyers are already saying, “that a legal picnic is about to unfold.”
Those who have deliberately concealed the truth from the Australian people, will one day be called upon to answer for their actions - in the Permanent Court of International Justice (PCIJ), Hague.
“Australian Government Is Officially Illegal”.
The Australia of today has sadly lost the liberty of yesteryears. The government has not been the government of the people, consequently, the employed have become the disemployed, our industries have been moved offshore, our farmers have been forced off their land, the peoples utilities have been handed over to private investment, our wealth has been exported, the foreign debt hangs like a millstone around the neck of each Australian present and future, our very means of livelihood has been legislated away!
To learn that to become a Member of the Federal Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia is to commit an act of treason against the sovereign people of Australia will no doubt result in a reaction of incredulity.
In fact it would be reasonable to anticipate that the reader of such a statement would be inclined to immediately reject this without further examination.
Similarly, the bold assertion that the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 is invalid at first appears ludicrous. As the fundamental law of the Australian Nation, if it were invalid, then all Australian Governments - Commonwealth, State and Territorial - have no legal basis for their continued existence, no valid authority to pass and enforce legislation, and no authority to enter contracts or bind the Australian people by Treaty.
The consequences could be catastrophic, both within Australia and internationally. Yet, the consequences should not influence a disinterested analysis of the basis of that situation.
The fundamental facts which give rise to the accuracy of the above statements are indeed simple and were succinctly stated a few years ago by the late Professor G. Clements (an eminent UK QC and emeritus Professor in law at Cambridge). He summed up the situation thus;
"The continued usage of the Australian Constitution Act (UK) by the Australian Governments and the judiciary is a confidence trick of monstrous proportions played upon the Australian people with the intent of maintaining power. It remains an Act of the United Kingdom. After joining the League of Nations in 1919 Australia became a sovereign nation. It had no further legal power to use, alter or otherwise tamper with another nation’s legislation. 
Authority over the Australian Constitution Act lies not with the Australian government nor with the Australian people, it rests solely with the UK. Only they have the authority to repeal this legislation".
In other words, every Member and Senator in Australian Parliament has committed an Act of treason by swearing and subscribing to an oath to serve the government of a power foreign to Australia.

Despite all the above, our Australian dictator government is still in power & unless something drastic happens, they are likely to stay in power. The majority of Australians are too apathetic & really don't give a damn so long as they themselves are doing okay. The poor of Australia have no connection, no rallying point. Slowly but surely our rights & freedoms are being taken away from us. The Australian police service no longer represents & helps the average Australian citizen & many are just as corrupt as the government. Soon we will have no human rights left, no right to protest, no right to rally. The government is very keen to disarm the Australian public & at the same time doing nothing to curb crime. So called "Terrorism" is being used as a public scare tactic & used to justify further restrictions on our freedoms. Personally I think Australia & its citizens are STUFFED!!!

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