Thursday, December 24, 2015

Australian Firearms Owners Fail To Support Each Other.

This I think is a prime example of how firearms owners in Australia DO NOT support each other. Not only that, but the different factions or special interest groups within firearms associations also fail to support each other. No wonder we are slowly but surely losing our rights.
It is just about the end of another year, & this petition is now CLOSED. I would like to sincerely thank all those gun owners who supported my petition, ALL 25 OF YOU!!!
This was not only posted on facebook, but it was also posted on my blogs & other media outlets. Now whilst it is possible that many people did not agree with my petition, I find it hard to believe that I only got 25 signatures.


  1. We had the same apathetic attitude here in New Zealand when a corrupt police commissioner decided to unilaterally redefine "Military-style pistol grip" to include target stocks with a hole through them - the New Zealand Deer Stalkers Association and many other shooting organisations took the "when they came for the trade unionists I did nothing as I'm not a trade unionist" approach because "hey, screw it, we don't use rifles with a hole-through target stock, so why should we care?"

    Basically, in the case of a lot of organisations, if it's nothing to do with their small subset of the shooting disciplines (i.e. going out and getting the biggest antlers to brag about how "manly" they are), they don't give a crap if the laws shit all over other shooters.

    The various factions need to get their heads (or trophy antlers) out of their backsides and band together for the good of all shooting sports.

    - Wolf NZ Outdoors