Thursday, October 1, 2015

Petition; Please enforce the Australian Constituion & stop local councils charging illegal rates/taxes.

The Australian constitution does not allow local councils to act as government, & they have no legal right to charge rates/taxes without first contracting with the land owner or occupier for services.
But councils are charging rates/taxes without any signed contract, & they are taking peoples land for non payment of these illegal taxes. Our rates are now up to $1,000,00. We live off grid & are totally self-reliant. We do not need or want any council services, indeed we receive no such services from our local council.
Please enforce the Australian constitution & stop local councils from charging illegal rates/taxes.
PM Malcolm Turnbull:
Stop local Australian councils from charging illegal rates/taxes

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  1. Mr Turnbull, we are all hoping that you will be able to see things from the bottom of the Pyramid perspective. What we would like you to investiagte, is the fraudulent actions of the local councils. Bmcc for one gave rate payers three options for the next rates notice Period. Opt 1 was a significant increase... Opt 2 was slight... And opt 3 was for no increase... The majority of the mountain folk voted no increase. A petition was sent to ipart, who only warned council to let rate payers know what they were getting for opt 1 (which was fraudulently imposed on all of us). This must STOP... Please see things from the perspective of the majority tax and rate payers - heres hoping, and thanks