Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Australian Citizens Evicted From Their Own Homes!

6 Oct 2015 — Illegal land tax/rates charges is an issue Australia wide, & yet only 47 people have signed my petition. No wonder Australia is in the mess it is, so many people just not caring. No one can become self-reliant & self sufficient whilst we still have to pay these corrupt local councils land tax/rates. These rates charges are NOT for services rendered, they are based on how much they consider the property is worth!
PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION if you haven't already. People are getting evicted from there homes & their property sold to pay unpaid rates/land tax. THIS HAS TO BE STOPPED!!!

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  1. But isn't that the point, that people don't become self-reliant? Could they be more conspicuous? My blood boils seeing and hearing this atrocity towards citizens. Spend your best years trying to prepare for your later years and here comes the asses in government (every damn government!) with their bull@=$t legal talk and justification to take your land. The resultant apathy from such treatment either experienced or witnessed is common, but then so is revolution. Sad how history repeats itself through the centuries.