Friday, October 9, 2015

New Firearms Rules In West Australia. Ammo & Gunpowder.

In WA gun powder storage laws have just been changed.

You may have no more than 2 kg of gun powder in any one container.
On the outside of the container there must be a clearly visible sign saying “Explosives”.
The container must be made of, or lined with, a material other than a ferrous metal. 
You have to be able to close and lock it.
When closed, it must protect the explosive from the weather and contamination and sources of ignition; and not allow the powder to escape or leak from it.
When locked, the container must prevent removal of or access to the powder by unauthorised people.
The container must be kept closed and locked except when it needs to be opened to deal with the powder in it. Only someone with a firearms licence is to have access to the means of unlocking the container.
You may store at a place no more than 15kg “net explosive quantity” of any ammunition propellant (excluding any ammunition propellant in ammunition) but not more than 4 kg of black powder at that place.
These rules are set out in the Dangerous Goods Safety (Explosives) Regulations 2007.

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