Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Australia's prime Minister Tony Abbott supports Genocide in West Papua by the Indonesian Government !!!

This one would think would be the final nail in Tony Abbott's coffin, & yet he publicly admits that he supports genocide in West Papua without any hint of conscience what so ever & knowing that no one will oppose him. Is this what Australia has come to, & total disgrace? Is this what our world has come to with no one speaking out against the Australian government's support of the Indonesian government? Australia has trained Indonesian troops, & Australia is backing this Genocide against the West Papuans. 
If this was not so real, it would be totally unbelievable. I can not think of any words that adequately describe what I think of Tony Abbott & the Australian government as a whole, I am lost for words.
Tony Abbott supports the genocide in West Papua.

Men, women & children being slaughtered by Indonesian troops in West Papua. This is happening on Australia's doorstep, just 200 klm away, & Australia is allowing this to happen !!!

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