Thursday, March 5, 2015

Tony Abbott Refuses To Save Our WW2 Allies From Genocide!!!

The Papua people were our allies in WW2, & now we are letting Indonesia exterminate them!!! We send troops to the middle east into a war, but we can't help these people??? Shame on you Abbott you gutless wonder!!!

‘Trophy’ photograph taken by an Indonesian soldier after he and his comrades murdered Ninuor Kwalik and his 12 year old nephew Daugunme. April 1998
Jeny Badi, an 18 year old Papuan student who was gang raped by the Indonesian military and then shot dead. July 2012
Papuans return to find their homes in burnt to the ground by the Indonesian army

This is happening NOW on our own doorstep!!! Why in hell are we not helping these people? Why does the Abbott government let this happen & refuse to help the Papuan people???!!!

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