Thursday, October 18, 2018

Come on people, get behind this petition. Not everyone is a James Bond type!!!

More Attacks! What will it take to get more people to sign this petition?!

12-year-old girl slashed in the face 20 times
19 October 2018.
Hunt for attacker after 14-year-old schoolgirl dragged into bushland & sexually assaulted!
18 October 2018.
If these girls had been legally allowed to carry a pepper spray, they would have been able to protect themselves. 
The argument that pepper spray & tasers can be used against the victim does not stand up, which would you rather, be sprayed, tasered or slashed with a knife??? Criminals already have access to pepper spray & tasers plus knives & guns & a host of other weapons. What we are asking for is legal permission to carry an equaliser! Give us a chance to defend ourselves!

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