Monday, October 8, 2018

Another Home Invasion. Victim or Criminal, Your Choice!

Another home invasion where a young lady ran to a house for help with men chasing her. The young man in the house gave her shelter & called the police. The police told them that they were under staffed & could not help them but to let them know how it turned out!!!

Three men broke down the door & attacked the man, he had armed himself with a kitchen knife because it was illegal for him to keep anything in the house specifically for self defence, lethal or non lethal. Minutes later two of the three intruders were dead from stab wounds, the man fighting frantically for his life against three much stronger larger attackers.

Possessing any object specifically for the purpose of self-defence, lethal or non-lethal, is a criminal offence in Australia. There are many women, raped and/or murdered, who would have been liable to prosecution had they been carrying anything that might have saved them.

‘We’ve got you now’: ironic last words before fatal Queensland home invasion.

They were told by the only officer in the town of Ayr, 15 minutes away, that there were no police available and to “just see how it went”.
“Three of them smashed through the door so Dean thought they were probably going to kill him and her. It’s completely ­destroyed him.”
Queensland Police refused to say whether it would review the local roster and declined to answer questions about the number of ­officers on duty on the night of the deaths.

We don't know how this will turn out for the victim of this home invasion, if the court decides that this kitchen knife was kept solely for self defence in the room where these young adults had retreated to for safety, then the charge could be murder. If they believe that the knife was taken from it's place in the kitchen & taken to another room, then he may not be charged.


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